Skip the Hassle of Tile – The Ease of Installing a Molded Stone Shower Base

Tired of constantly replacing cracked and stained shower tiles? Are you fed up with mold invading the porous grout lines, no matter how much you scrub? If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider switching to a molded stone shower base for your next bathroom remodel or new construction project.

Unlike traditional ceramic tile, molded stone shower bases are impervious to the issues that plague tile over time. Made from an innovative blend of natural dolomite stone and resin, these bases offer superior durability, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance compared to tile – minus the headaches.

molded stone shower bases

The Drawbacks of Using Tile in Showers

Tile has been the go-to shower surface material for many years. But looks can be deceiving. While tile might initially give your bathroom a sleek, high-end look, the Pesky problems start to pop up down the road:

  • Grout is porous – This allows water, soap scum, mildew and mold to seep into the grout lines, requiring frequent scrubbing and bleaching to keep clean.
  • Tiles can crack and chip easily – Dropped bottles of shampoo and bending to shave legs eventually takes a toll.
  • Tiles need frequent replacement – The average tile shower must be retiled every 5-10 years.

The Benefits of Choosing a Molded Stone Shower Base

Molded stone bases provide an elegant, waterproof alternative to traditional tile showers:

Non-porousThe composite stone material resists staining, mildew, and mold
Extremely durableWithstands decades of daily use without cracking or chipping
Low maintenanceJust wipe clean with a mild cleaner – no need for repeated scrubbing or bleaching

What is Molded Stone Made Of?

Molded stone shower bases combine the best attributes of natural stone and advanced resin technology. The bases start with an eco-friendly blend of dolomite mineral stone and polyester resin. This unique composite provides the look and feel of real stone while delivering enhanced durability and stain resistance.

The manufacturing process results in zero hazardous emissions, and bases come in a variety of natural stone colors and matte or glossy finishes. You can enjoy an authentic stone shower base without compromising on quality or environmental impact.

Design the Shower of Your Dreams

Another advantage of molded stone bases is the endless customization options. With the ability to mold the bases into nearly any shape or size, you can create a shower specifically tailored to your space.

Choose from popular sizes like 36″ x 48″ and 48″ x 60″ rectangles or neo-angled designs. Or work with a manufacturer’s design team to create a fully customized curbless shower, sized precisely for your bathroom layout.

Molded stone bases are the perfect choice for creating a luxurious, spa-like retreat in your own home.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing a molded stone shower base is a DIY project that most homeowners can tackle successfully. Here’s a quick overview of the easy installation process:

  • Bases come pre-sloped for proper drainage – no need to fuss with pitch and slope.
  • Lightweight construction allows 1-2 people to maneuver into place.
  • Detailed instructions walk you through each step.
  • No special tools or skills required – just follow directions.
  • Save thousands by installing yourself vs. hiring a contractor.

Enjoy Years of Low Maintenance

Once installed, a molded stone shower base practically takes care of itself. The non-porous material keeps your shower pristine with just simple wipe downs.

No more endless scrubbing of grimy grout or repeated bleaching to combat mold and mildew. Just a quick wipe with a mild cleaner keeps your stone base sparkling and sanitary for decades.

While more expensive initially than tile, molded stone bases are a long-term investment that can actually increase the value of your home. The upscale, spa-like aesthetic and extremely durable construction make these bases a huge selling point for potential buyers.

Factor in the lack of ongoing tile repair and replacement costs, and molded stone bases offer an affordable luxury that lasts.

Ditch the endless headaches of tile and choose a molded stone base for your next shower project. Your only regret will be not doing it sooner!

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