Shutters Add Warmth And Texture To Transform Walls

If your home’s interior walls lack visual interest, installing decorative shutters provides an easy upgrade. More than just window coverings, indoor shutters create warmth, texture, and flair when mounted on walls. Popular shutter styles made from natural wood, metal, and other materials effortlessly complement your existing decor. Explore different arrangement ideas to make an artful statement in any room.

Rustic Wood Shutters Infuse Coziness

For a cozy farmhouse or vintage vibe, rough-hewn wood shutters appeal beautifully. Salvaged and reclaimed wood with visible cracks, knots, and imperfections provide natural texture. Unfinished, distressed wood in hues like weathered gray and driftwood add rustic charm. Whitewashed or bleached wood lends an airy cottage feel. Try mounting reclaimed cedar or pine wood shutters with an aged patina in a kitchen or bedroom for an instant sense of homeyness. If you love fix-it-up projects, DIY shutters from old barn board or fencing make great wall decor.

Rough-Hewn Appeal

Instead of paint or stain, apply a clear sealer or whitewashing technique to maintain the raw, organic qualities of salvaged wood. A set of two X-style or Z-style shutters with overlapping louvers has dimensional appeal on a living room accent wall. Lean into outdoorsy chic by flanking your fireplace with bold single-panel rough wood shutters. For small exposures of texture, cluster mini-size board and batten style shutters.

indoor shutter wall decor

Finish Options

Refinished cottage style pine shutters add provincial beauty when stained in subdued hues like cottonwood or whitewashed in an airy, sun-bleached effect. Try soft gray paint on distressed shutters for a weathered patina. Evergreen, navy, or black paint provides traditional contrast on louvered oak shutters styled symmetrically. Even unfinished shutters offer visual warmth and raw authenticity.

Louvered and Paneled Shutters Offer Timeless Allure

Indoor shutters with traditional louvers or panels establish enduring classic appeal. Popular real wood options like poplar, red cedar, and pine have a rich patina. For a lightweight budget option, basswood shutters have similar visual impact. Whether mounted singly or in pairs, adjustable louvered shutters or paneled varieties make a sophisticated statement.

Stained and Painted Finishes

Deep espresso or mocha stained shutters pair beautifully with creamy neutrals and metallics for a striking pop of color. For an airy, beachy vibe try weathered whitewashed shutters to complement coastal hues. Painted finishes offer unlimited possibilities – try bold colors for kid-friendly whimsy or soft neutrals for serene retreats. Keep walls light to allow the richness of wood to shine.

Versatile Arrangements

To create a focal point, flank your bed with matching louvered shutters or dramatic single panel shutters in a bold citrine yellow. Define small reading nooks or office desks with sparse panel shutters overhead. For built-in symmetry, mount cafe-style shutters to top or bottom halves of a window exposure. Try working in textures like woven blinds between the slats.

Oversized and Statement Shutters Make an Impact

Large scale shutters telegraph major design prowess, guaranteed to ignite conversations. From grand, ceiling grazing sizes in minimalist black to modern materials like fiberglass composite, they transforms blank expanses into art. Incorporate outsized shutters to infuse soft spaces with an industrial edge or glam up eclectic rooms.

Modern Materials

Heavy duty man-made composite shutters offer design flexibility in terms of size and shape without warping. For contemporary edge, try textured faux woodgrain options in charcoal or opt for sleek, matte black. Metal shutters like rust-finished steel and antique bronze iron have an industrial aesthetic. For bohemian luxe, etched Moroccan or Middle Eastern inspired shutters dazzle.

Creative Applications

Make a spectacular first impression by flanking your front door with oversized shutters. Use heavyweight styles to ground light ethereal bedrooms. Incorporate quirky details like diamond or moon-shaped cutouts. Float clusters of petite shutters to soften their largeness. Or try pairing slimmer styles to exaggerate the grand scale of wider designs.

Shutter Styles and Arrangements for Maximum Impact

From layout to mounting techniques, shutter design choices dramatically affect the vibe. Follow basic design “rules” for foolproof symmetry or purposefully break them for eclectic panache. Leverage your arrangement, scale, and finish selections to create diverse textures and visual interest.

Replicate Windows or Break the Rules

For built-in balance mount shutter pairs to replicate window exposures, even on solid walls. Try working in trim and framing for added architectural detail. On the flip side, asymmetric clusters and irregular arrangements feel delightfully unscripted. Lean into happy “accidents” with imperfect pairings or miss-matched pieces.

Overlapping and Depth

Add the illusion of depth and dimension with layered shutter styles. The iconic X-design formed by two overlapping louvered shutters works in any setting. For lots of shadow-play, Z-style shutters mounted closely stagger in a slight open zig-zag. If wall space is tight, install shutters on hinges to allow them to pivot or fold.

Warm Up Any Room with Wall-Mounted Shutters

Seeking clever ways to incorporate shutters beyond windows? Their versatility allows you to add texture virtually anywhere. Use shutters to define spaces, provide privacy, or simply as decorative accent walls. Here are some creative applications for shutters in often overlooked rooms.

Living Room Accent Wall

An empty living room wall screams for attention. Warm it up fast with a textural focal point of reclaimed wood shutters flanking your mantel or mounted artfully around your flatscreen. For small living rooms, try a mini-shutter mosaic to add visual punch without dominating. The natural richness of wood shutters offsets sleek lacquered cabinets or stark contemporary furniture.

Kitchen Backsplash Alternative

Tiled backsplashes demand commitment. For a temporary non-permanent option, install decorative shutters as a charming chalkboard-style backsplash. Group louvered shutters behind sinks for a cottage feel or mount bold stationary panels in lieu of an upper backsplash. Use durable faux woodgrain shutters that withstand splashes.

Bedroom Headboard Replacement

Trade basic builder-grade headboards for wonderful wood shutters flanking your bed. Solo travelers can lean into the asymmetrical look with a single shutter “headboard”. Hang sets inside bed frames for quick no-nail updates in rentals and dorms. Opt for lightweight synthetic shutters you can mount with heavy duty removable adhesive.

Decorating with Indoor Shutters

To highlight shutters’ inherent beauty, pay attention to materiality and styling. Natural wood shutters shine when illuminated and textured, so use striking sconces or spotlights. Incorporate complementary decorative finishes and direct attention with framed wall space. A few simple principles enhance their visual impact.

Materials and Finishes

Highlight the wood grain’s organic variation with crossbeam spotlights. Raw cedar and pine showcase rustic knots, while oak has refined striping. Whitewashed salvaged shutters have chips that catch shadows beautifully. For vintage appeal, chippy distressed paint makes shutters pop off bright walls. Add light wax to amplify depth of finish.

What to Hang Above

Draw the eye upwards by mounting slim floating shelves, wall-mounted reading lamps, or modern artwork above the shutters. For cottage-chic style, overlap with a vintage carved frame or embroidery hoop wreath. Simple high-low pairs like shutters and macrame make charming mixed media accents.

Styling Tips and Tricks

To make shutters the star, keep surrounding decor simple. Stacked stone, textured wallpaper, or bold paint swatches accent their texture beautifully. Incorporate natural elements like hanging dried botanicals or rattan pendant lights. Repetition of finishes like matte black knobs and shutter hinges polishes the look.

Designing with shutters engages the imagination. Beyond their practical window-covering functions, creatively arranged indoor shutters provide warmth, depth, and texture when thoughtfully incorporated into interior walls. Their adaptable size, shape, layout options, and diverse materiality allow for personalized expressions. Let shutters inspire you to rethink the potential of blank walls and overlooked spaces.

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