Sage Green Pillows – The Secret to a Serene Outdoor Space

A patio or backyard deck can be transformed into a peaceful oasis with the simple addition of sage green pillows. This mellow green hue has an inherent tranquility that brings the serenity of nature right into your outdoor living space. Sage green has an understated elegance that complements both traditional and contemporary styles. It’s versatile enough to fit casual gatherings but refined enough for entertaining high-end clients. Read on to discover why sage green is the insider’s secret for creating outdoor sanctuaries.

Why Choose Sage Green for Outdoors

Sage green sits in the middle of the color spectrum between gray and green. Its muted gray undertones give it sophistication without being cold. The touch of green adds life without being overpowering. This blend makes sage green ideal for coordinating with the colors found in outdoor landscapes from grass and trees to stone and wood accents. It has an organic vibe, bringing the essence of nature into any al fresco setting.

Different shades range from almost-gray muted sage to more vivid green-gray combinations. Lighter sage greens pair well with creams and tans, making a soothing oasis vibe. Deeper sage greens pop against white but still remain calm and relaxing. For drama, combine deep sage pillows with black and wood tones. The versatile sage green palette blends beautifully with other popular outdoor colors like coral, yellow, turquoise and navy.

sage green outdoor pillows

Color Scheme Examples

Here are some examples of how sage greens can enhance outdoor color schemes:

  • Sage green, ivory, and terracotta create a Tuscan courtyard feel
  • Sage green, navy, and pale yellow for a preppy nautical look
  • Sage green, light wood, and sky blue for a peaceful Zen aesthetic
  • Sage green, coral, and white for tropical vibes

Different Types of Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to mix, match and customize your space.

Common Shapes

Some of the most popular outdoor pillow shapes include:

  • Square – The classic outdoor pillow, these have straight sides and right angles. They tuck nicely into corners.
  • Lumbar – Long rectangular pillows designed to support lower backs. Great for outdoor loungers.
  • Bolster – Cylindrical floor pillows that are perfect focal points.
  • Floor – Large, flat square floor pillows that can act as ottomans.


Outdoor pillows typically range in size from 12 to 26 inches square. Some common sizes are:

  • 12 x 12 in
  • 14 x 14 in
  • 16 x 16 in
  • 18 x 18 in
  • 20 x 20 in
  • 22 x 22 in
  • 24 x 24 in
  • 26 x 26 in


There are also different outdoor pillow styles, such as:

  • Toss pillows – Standard pillows meant for tossing onto furniture
  • Outdoor accent pillows – Decorative accents for pops of color
  • Patio throw pillows – Casual pillows for lounging and relaxation
  • Outdoor pillow shams – Protective covers without an insert

Outdoor Pillow Materials

Choosing the right materials is key for pillows that will live outdoors. The fabrics and fill need to be weather-resistant and durable.


Outdoor pillow covers are typically made from synthetic fabrics like:

  • Polyester – Colorfast, mold/mildew resistant and quick drying
  • Olefin – Woven for strength, stain resistant
  • Acrylic – Resists fading with UV coating
  • Cotton canvas – Gets softer over time if treated


The pillow fill options include:

  • Polyester fiberfill – Lightweight and resilient loft
  • Down alternative – Hypoallergenic synthetic down feel
  • Shredded foam – Maintains shape in high traffic areas

These materials are fade-resistant, mildew-proof and allow water to pass through. The result is durable, all-weather pillows.

Design and Pattern Options

Sage green outdoor pillows are available in solids, stripes, florals and other prints ranging from subtle to bold. This variety allows you to develop a cohesive palette or vibrant mix-and-match style.


Solid sage green pillows are versatile basics that are easy to coordinate. Different shades can provide contrast and visual interest.


Sage green stripe pillows, especially nautical designs, lend a casual coastal vibe. Pair them with solids in coordinating colors.

Florals and Prints

Small-scale floral prints with greens, blues and lavenders have a romantic cottage feel. Larger tropical florals create exotic flair. Geometric and paisley prints make eye-catching accents.

Tips for Combining Colors and Prints

Here are some tips for coordinating sage green pillows:

  • Repeat colors from prints in solids for cohesion
  • Layer textures like flat weave with fluffy ruffles
  • Limit patterns to 3 or less for balance
  • Vary sizes and shapes for dimension
  • Tie colors together with patio umbrellas and rugs

Quality and Construction

Outdoor use requires pillows that are made to last. Quality construction and workmanship ensure durability.


Premium fabric and fill will be more resilient despite weather exposure and regular use. Reinforced seams prevent splitting. Rust-proof zippers make covers easy to remove for cleaning.

Handmade vs Mass Produced

Many mass retailers offer affordable outdoor pillows. However, supporting local or American-made products means knowing exactly how the pillows were constructed. Skilled craftspeople take pride in creating quality merchandise built to endure years outdoors.

Shopping Considerations

With endless options available, here are some factors to consider when shopping for sage green outdoor pillows.

Price Range

Outdoor pillow prices run the gamut from budget-friendly to luxury:

  • Basic polyfill pillows under $25 at big box stores
  • Designer 18-inch pillows from $30 – $60
  • Premium down-alternative inserts from $70 – $150+

Watch for sales around holidays and change of seasons for deals.

Where to Buy

Popular retailers include:

  • Big box: Target, Walmart, Kohl’s
  • Online: Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon
  • Home stores: Home Depot, Lowe’s
  • Specialty: Frontgate, Ballard Designs

Online vs In Store

Shopping online provides convenience and selection for doorstep delivery. Seeing and touching options in store help assess quality. Many retailers now offer both online and in store purchasing with in store pickup.

Caring for Outdoor Pillows

Proper care extends the life of outdoor sage green pillows.


Spot clean spills and stains promptly with a mild detergent and damp sponge or cloth. Check tags and only machine wash if recommended.


Bring pillows inside when not in use to prevent fading and minimize mold and mildew buildup. Store in a dry spot.

Using Covers

For extra protection, use removable outdoor pillow covers over the decorative covers when pillows are outdoors. Velcro or zipper closures make swapping covers easy.

Decorating with Sage Green Pillows

Strategically placed sage green pillows can completely transform your patio, porch or deck into an urban oasis or garden sanctuary. Here are some tips for stylish decor.

Outdoor Furniture

Place sage green pillows on outdoor sofas, chairs, daybeds, hammocks and loungers. Vary shapes and pile high for plush comfort.

Layers and Textures

Mix fabrics like flat weaves with fluffy ruffles. Combine matelasse and nubby cottons. Play with different scales of prints and solids.

Focal Points

Use large floor pillows as ottomans or make a bold statement with oversized patterns. Contrast lumbar bolster shapes.

Seasonal Touches

Change pillows out with the seasons. Light colors for summer, deep hues for fall and patterns for year-round interest.

Finishing Details

Add final touches like tossing lumbar pillows onto bench cushions or draping floor pillows in corners to soften hard edges.

Sage green is a sophisticated color that brings tranquility to outdoor living spaces. Outdoor pillows in shades of sage green offer a quick and easy way to create a relaxing sanctuary right outside your home. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and styles, sage green outdoor pillows provide plush comfort and sophisticated, organic style. Choosing weather-resistant materials ensures durability to enhance your patio furnishings for years of enjoyment. Incorporating sage green outdoor pillows into your al fresco decor opens up a world of stylish possibilities for a serene outdoor living space.

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