Shelve It! Cool Shelving Ideas to Liven Up Any Living Room

Looking to maximize storage and style in your living room? Shelving is the perfect solution! With the right shelving ideas, you can organize your space and display your favorite items with flair. Read on for cool shelving inspiration to liven up your living room.

Why Shelving is Key for Living Room Storage and Decor

Shelving is a smart choice for any living room for a few key reasons:

  • It maximizes vertical space by taking advantage of wall areas instead of taking up valuable floor space. This leaves room for other essential furniture pieces.
  • Shelves are ideal for displaying treasured items like books, collectibles, photos, art, and more. They allow you to showcase your style and personality.
  • Shelving is extremely flexible and customizable. Adjustable shelves can adapt to changing storage needs. You can mix and match open and enclosed units for the right balance. There are countless styles to complement any decor.

Popular Living Room Shelving Ideas

Stylish Open Shelving

Open shelving creates an airy, accessible display for everyday living room items. Floating wall-mounted shelves make a particularly modern statement. Use materials like wood, metal, or glass combined in creative ways. Don’t forget to incorporate lighting for drama!

Enclosed Storage Units

For a tidier look, enclosed storage units like cabinets, hutches, and media consoles conceal clutter while providing plenty of storage capacity. Place an enclosed unit against an empty wall to serve as a room divider. The clean lines provide a polished look.

Fun Unique Shelving Ideas

Looking for something unexpected? DIY shelving using fun found objects or repurposed materials is an easy way to create eye-catching statement pieces. Try ladder shelves, crates, plumbing pipes, rods, rails, and more. Use vintage windows for eclectic shelving with loads of charm.

ideas for shelving in living room

Design and Installation Tips

Proper planning is key for a seamless shelving installation:

  • Measure carefully and check for studs. Use drywall anchors if needed for a secure mount.
  • Leave a little wiggle room in your measurements to allow for adjustments.
  • Mixing wood, metal, and glass shelving together creates an eclectic yet cohesive look.
  • Contrasting finishes like pale wood with dark wood also adds visual interest.
  • Strategic lighting is crucial for highlighting displays. Try wall-mounted swing arm sconces or undercabinet lighting.
  • Style collections artfully – keep frequently used items within easy reach and group treasured objects together.

Shelving Solutions for Any Space

With creative planning, you can find shelving solutions for any living room.

Small Living Rooms

Floating corner shelves are space-savvy, keeping the room open. Tall narrow shelving units that extend floor to ceiling also maximize precious vertical storage.

Large Living Rooms

Take advantage of all that square footage! Sprawling floor-to-ceiling built-in wall units make a bold style statement. Back-to-back bookcases as room dividers provide plenty of storage while delineating space.

High Ceilings

Use that lofty ceiling height to your advantage. Try incorporating towering bookcases and multi-level wall mounts with shelving at different heights.

Create symmetrical built-ins flanking the fireplace. The repetition looks cohesive and balanced. Under a mantel, a media console offers discreet storage without detracting from the focal point.

You can organize media, display treasures and enhance your living room style with the right shelving solutions. Get inspired by these cool shelving ideas, get creative with arrangements and materials, and transform your space today!

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