Energize Your Farmhouse Kitchen with Beautiful Backsplash Ideas

If you love the warm, rustic vibe of farmhouse style but feel your kitchen needs a refresh, installing a new backsplash is a fantastic way to add personality and beauty. With so many materials and colors to choose from, backsplashes present an opportunity to energize your farmhouse kitchen with just the right amount of texture, brightness, or vintage character. From tried-and-true subway tile to reclaimed wood planks and everything in between, you’re sure to find inspiring backsplash ideas to make your space shine.

We’ll look at creative ways to use color, patterns, and different materials to create a backsplash that energizes your entire kitchen with the beauty and charm of farmhouse style. Read on for ideas that will help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again!

Defining the Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Before diving into backsplash possibilities, it helps to define the core elements that characterize farmhouse kitchens. This classic style is known for its warm, welcoming simplicity. Natural textures, vintage accents, an earthy color palette, and rustic materials all create a cozy feel reminiscent of old-world agriculture. While contemporary conveniences and appliances may be present, the overall vibe is one of understated charm and comfort.

Farmhouse kitchens frequently feature wood cabinetry and floors to add organic texture. Countertops may be wood, butcher block, or stone. Tin ceiling tiles, subway tile, farm sinks, and vintage-look hardware all help establish the old-fashioned aesthetic. Colors tend toward neutral hues of white, black, gray, and brown punctuated by natural tones of sage, sky blue, or sunflower yellow. The right backsplash can harmoniously bring together these elements into a space that feels like home.

Backsplash Materials for Farmhouse Kitchens

Subway Tile

Subway tiles remain a popular backsplash choice because of their versatility and timeless appeal. The rectangular shape andclassic brick pattern provide subtle texture and movement. Subway tiles come in glossy or matte finishes and endless color options to suit any design scheme.

backsplash ideas for farmhouse kitchen

For farmhouse kitchens, subway tiles in creamy whites, light grays, or soft blue-greens blend beautifully with worn, vintage-look cabinetry and furnishings. Stack the tiles in a straight brick pattern or get creative with patterns like herringbone. Finish with classic black grout or choose a tan mortar color for added warmth and an antique feel.

Pro Tip: Stick with a basic 3×6 size tile and minimal grout lines between tiles to mimic old-fashioned brickwork. Install subway tiles from counter to ceiling for a seamless look.

Wood Planks

Wood introduces natural warmth and texture perfect for the cozy farmhouse style. Reclaimed wood backsplashes bring lovely aged character from weathering, knots, and imperfections. Whitewashed planks keep things light and airy. Try mixing reclaimed barn wood with shiplap or tongue-and-groove boards for dimensional intrigue.

Wood backsplashes come in an array of stained, painted, or raw finishes to complement your cabinets and flooring. For a bright and cheerful contrast, opt for crisp white planks against deep green or navy cabinetry. Or blend wood tones for a harmonious look. Keep lines and grout simple to let the wood grain beauty shine.

Pro Tip: Use varying plank widths and lengths for an authentic salvaged wood appearance. Incorporate oak, cedar, pine, or teak for gorgeous grain patterns.


For the ultimate farmhouse statement, brick backsplashes bring delightful old-world character. Genuine salvaged brick with worn edges and faded colors tells the story of its history. Lay bricks in classic patterns like stack bond or running bond, leaving the natural ragged edges intact for a textural look.

While authentic reclaimed brick achieves the dream backsplash, faux brick alternatives offer similar visual appeal at less cost. Faux bricks made of clay or ceramic with realistic textures, or brick veneers applied to tiles, provide the look without the weight. Even brick wallpaper or stenciled patterns capture the spirit.

Pro Tip: Use dark mortar between bricks for striking contrast. Ivory, gray, or umber colored mortar limits contrast for a more well-worn appearance.

Cement Tile

For an unexpected twist, turn to patterned cement tile backsplashes. Geometric and Moroccan designs inject bright pops of color and graphic visual interest to liven up farmhouse kitchens. Use vibrant tiles sparingly against neutral white or wood backdrops to give them dramatic impact.

Handpainted floral cement tiles also captures farmhouse charm with their delicate blooms and trailing vines. Pair these with plain white subway tiles for a mismatched look. Varying the grout color from gray to black or ivory affects the vibrancy and contrast of the tiles’ decoration.

Pro Tip: Green, blue, and yellow floral motifs complement the earthy farmhouse palette. For pattern inspiration, look to vintage French, Spanish, and Mexican design motifs.

Creative Touches to Energize Your Backsplash

While traditional materials create the farmhouse foundation, creative details take the backsplash to energizing new heights. Thoughtful use of color, varied textures, and purposeful layers gives backsplashes character. Here are ideas to inspire you.

Infuse Pops of Color

Inject backsplashes with pops of happy color to refreshing effect. Try bold emerald or sapphire tiles against bright white. Radiant yellow stenciled designs energize against neutral brick. Or pick out accent colors in patterned cement tiles to dramatize.

Vivid red grout lines electrify neutral subway tiles. Contrasting grout in general adds punch, so have fun and choose a shade that excites you. Coordinating your grout color to adjacent cabinetry or countertops also creates a custom, cohesive look.

Mix and Match Patterns

Nothing energizes a backsplash like creative use of varied shapes and patterns. Pair classic subway tiles with Moroccan cement tiles. Combine rectangular brick with triangular wood mosaic tiles. Introduce whimsical handpainted ceramic designs alongside traditional materials.

Create geometric interest by laying rectangular wood or subway tiles on the diagonal. Line up vertical and horizontal sections for a mod change of pace. Shiplap planks laid perpendicular to subway tiles makes for exciting contrast. Herringbone patterns energize through their interlocking dynamic movement.

Layer Materials

Think outside a single material and try layering complementary textures and colors. Stack rough wood planks atop pristine subway tiles for an organic-meets-modern dynamic. Arrange reclaimed tin ceiling tiles over brick to multiply the rustic attitude.

Create a framed look by surrounding vibrant patterned tile sections with solid wood trim. Use wood privacy panels or framed chalkboard as a bolder focal point amid subtler subway tiles. The design options are endless for blending textures and visual styles.

Incorporate Farmhouse Decor

Make your backsplash shimmer by incorporating farmhouse decor elements into the design. Hang vintage tin stars, ceramic chickens, spring flower wreaths, or a classic farmhouse clock right on your backsplash. Attach a miniature pot rack or herbs-in-jars display for old-fashioned flare.

Paint backsplashes with chalkboard paint and include lists or designs that reflect your life and style. Stencil farm animals or botanical motifs along your tiles. Let your backsplash decorate itself with reminders of all you hold dear.

With limitless colors, textures, and materials to explore, you’re sure to find beautiful backsplash ideas to breath new life into your farmhouse kitchen. Classic white subway tile, reclaimed wood planking, authentic brick, or handpainted cement tile each contribute their own flair while maintaining the cozy farmhouse atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to get creative with colors, patterns, and arranging layers of materials. The right backsplash harmonizes with your existing decor while adding that special pinch of personality.

As you consider backsplash options, think about the textures, colors, and accents already at play in your farmhouse kitchen. Choose materials and hues that feel cohesive. Create vintage inspiration boards focused on the style you find most energizing. Our favorite farmhouse backsplash ideas reflect the very best of this beloved design aesthetic – durability, craftsmanship, comfort, and most importantly, beauty. Enjoy dreaming up your perfect farmhouse kitchen revival!

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