Set Your Outdoor Bar Apart with Striking, Super Tall Bar Stools

Outdoor bars have become increasingly popular spaces for entertaining and relaxing at home. And what better way to elevate your outdoor bar experience than with a set of super tall bar stools.

Extra tall bar stools that stand over 36 inches high create a striking look for your outdoor area. Their lofty height positions them at the ideal level for outdoor counters and bars, enabling you and your guests to sit or stand comfortably. The stools lend a stylish flair while facilitating socializing and mingling.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the perfect extra tall bar stools to suit your space? This guide covers the key factors to consider for maximizing comfort, safety, durability, and style.

What Makes Bar Stools “Extra Tall”?

Standard bar stools typically range between 24 and 30 inches in height. Extra tall bar stools start at 36 inches and go above 42 inches. This puts them at an ideal height to align with outdoor bars and counters, which are often around 50 inches high.

The increased stool height creates a standing experience rather than a sit-down one. It facilitates conversation and connection as guests can comfortably lean on the counter or bar. Extra tall stools transform the feel of an outdoor bar into an inviting, energetic social hub.

Key Factors To Consider

Durability for Outdoor Use

When choosing bar stools destined for the outdoors, durability is a prime consideration. The stools need to withstand exposure to sun, rain, snow, and other elements.

extra tall outdoor bar stools

Look for stools constructed from weather-resistant materials like powder-coated aluminum, synthetic wicker, and stainless steel. Rust-resistant hardware and durable fabric cushions are also ideal for longevity.


Given their lofty height, comfort becomes especially important with extra tall bar stools. Padded seats and lumbar support provide cozy spots to perch. Armrests make getting in and out of the seat easier.

Some outdoor models also offer adjustable seat heights to accommodate guests of varying heights. This flexibility ensures everyone can find a comfortable position.


The additional height of extra tall bar stools necessitates a stable, tip-proof base. Choose options with wide-legged bases and sturdy construction to prevent wobbling or falling.

Backrests are also a must for safety. They provide support and prevent the user from falling backwards off the high seat, which is a risk, especially after one too many drinks.


While functionality is important, you also want your outdoor bar stools to look fabulous. Materials like wicker, bamboo, and matte or glossy metal provide eye-catching texture and sleek style.

Play with shape, color, and design to complement your outdoor aesthetic. Curvy silhouettes and brightly hued fabrics infuse personality into the space.

Choose Ideal Height

Standard outdoor counter height is usually around 42 inches, while bar height is often 50 inches or more. Consider the average heights of the people using your outdoor bar most when deciding on stool height.

Adjustable-height stools provide flexibility to meet varying needs. Or go for a fixed bar-height option that enables both sitting and standing.

Allow Proper Spacing

Since extra tall bar stools have a larger footprint, it’s important to space them appropriately to allow freedom of movement. Plan for 26-30 inches between the center of each stool.

Adequate spacing makes it easy for users to get in and out of the seats without bumping into each other or feeling cramped.

Top Brands and Styles

Highly rated brands like Christopher Knight Home, Best Choice Products, and Armen Living offer a range of fabulous extra tall outdoor bar stool options to consider.

Synthetic wicker styles provide weather-resistant durability with breezy, casual appeal. Woven bar stools complement outdoor spaces beautifully.

Sleek metal frames and plush cushioned seats offer both style and comfort. Materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and iron ensure lasting quality.

Style Your Outdoor Bar Area

Once you’ve selected super tall bar stools that match your aesthetic, think about how to style the surrounding space. Complement with plush outdoor rugs and decorative throw pillows for accent seating. String lights or lanterns above the bar area add ambiance after dusk.

Grouping the tall stools around a central fire pit or chat table fosters intimate conversation nooks within the larger space. Umbrellas provide shade on sunny days. And fertilizer keeps potted plants around the bar looking lush.

The right set of extra tall bar stools can instantly transform your outdoor bar into an inviting hotspot for entertaining. Keep durability, comfort, spacing, and style top of mind when selecting options that match your personal needs and aesthetic.

The tall bar stools allow you to create an outdoor space where friends will gather. Choose your favorites and get ready to take your outdoor bar to spectacular new heights this season.

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