Semi Inground Pool Pavers – Maximizing Style and Function

For homeowners with semi inground pools, the pool deck material is an important decision. The area surrounding the pool sees a lot of foot traffic and water exposure, so durability and aesthetic appeal are key factors. Concrete has traditionally been the default choice, providing a seamless look that withstands the elements. However, concrete has its drawbacks when used on semi inground pools. The loose fill required around the partially buried walls can settle unevenly, causing cracks and raising safety concerns. This is where pavers offer an attractive alternative.

With the right precautions taken during installation, pavers can provide both visual pop and long-lasting functionality for semi inground pool decks. From endless design options to easier maintenance, pavers maximize the style and performance of these unique pool structures. By understanding the benefits and challenges, homeowners can make an informed decision about using pavers to take their semi inground pool surround to the next level.

Benefits of Pavers for Semi Inground Pool Decks

For starters, pavers open up a wider world of design choices compared to plain concrete. With options like brick, natural stone, and concrete pavers, homeowners can select from an array of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Curvy patterns, mosaics, even custom logos are possible. This allows the pool deck to integrate with existing landscaping or make a bold statement all its own.

semi inground pool with pavers

Pavers also hold up better to the inevitable repairs and replacements needed for any pool deck. Should a section become damaged, the affected pavers can be removed and switched out. With concrete, large areas often need to be jackhammered out and re-poured to fix cracks and flaws. Pavers make it feasible to gradually refresh small sections at a time, keeping the look consistent.

Softer Surface

Unlike hard concrete, pavers provide a little more cushioning underfoot, an important consideration for an area where kids play and people go barefoot. The textured surface has better traction when exiting the pool as well. These safety factors shouldn’t be overlooked.

Design Flexibility

Pavers enable homeowners to extend design elements from elsewhere on the property, like patios and garden walls, creating cohesion. Or make the pool deck a showcase feature by using more ornate pavers as a contrast to simpler landscaping. The shape of the pool itself can be echoed or complemented. With so many ways to mix and match patterns, textures, and colors, imagination is the only limit.

Challenges of Using Pavers on Semi Inground Pools

However, some special considerations come with pairing pavers and semi inground pools. First, the loose gravel fill surrounding the partial in-ground structure may compact and settle unevenly. This can lead to shifting pavers and an uneven surface. Regular maintenance is required to realign settled areas.

Demolishing a concrete deck also runs the risk of damaging the typically thinner walls of this type of vinyl liner or fiberglass pool. The base below the concrete may also be too loose to sufficiently support pavers without excavating and re-compacting the soil.

Lack of Contractor Experience

Additionally, many landscapers recommend pavers for pool decks without experience addressing the engineering issues unique to semi inground structures. The aesthetic appeal can outweigh proper structural preparations.

Best Practices for Paver Installation Around Semi Inground Pools

While pavers bring challenges, proper installation techniques can ensure they live up to their potential. The keys are allowing for adequate ground settlement and preventing shifting. Excavating under any existing concrete and re-compacting with gravel provides a stable base. Adding edge restraints also helps lock pavers in place.

Hiring an experienced pool builder is advised to get structural prep right. Pavers should only be installed after some settling has occurred. With good drainage, compression strength, and restraints, pavers can provide both beauty and performance to maximize enjoyment of the backyard oasis.

Pavers undoubtedly dial up the style when used on semi inground pool decks. But the smart homeowner understands that extra steps must be taken to account for the engineering realities of this pool type. Addressing loose fill challenges is well worth the effort to unlock the benefits of dazzling design options and easier upkeep.

By starting with proper base preparations, utilizing restraints, and working with knowledgeable pros, pavers can deliver their full potential for aesthetics and functionality. With the right approach, there’s no reason this stylish and versatile material can’t excel for upgrading semi inground pool decks.

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