See Your Whole Outfit in This 70×30 Full Length Mirror

Getting dressed in the morning can feel like a rushed, haphazard experience. You throw on some clothes, slip on your shoes, grab your keys and rush out the door. But then you spot your outfit in a window reflection and realize your top and pants are clashing. Or your accessories are totally off. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get a full length mirror!

And not just any mirror – you need one that’s big enough to see your whole body from head to toe. That’s where the 70×30 full length mirror comes in. With dimensions of 70 inches tall by 30 inches wide, this spacious mirror becomes an essential part of your daily routine.

What is a 70×30 Full Length Mirror?

A 70×30 full length mirror refers to a mirror that is 70 inches (177.8 cm) high and 30 inches (76.2 cm) wide. This size allows you to see your entire body reflected from head to toe. No more guessing how an outfit looks or making adjustments as you run out the door!

With a 70×30 mirror, you can check out your outfit in one glance. See how the top pairs with the bottom. Make sure your shoes work with the rest of your look. Check that accessories complement each other. Even examine how colors and patterns are interacting. It gives you a complete 360 view before facing the world.

full length mirror 70 x 30

Full Floor to Ceiling Reflection

What makes the 70×30 dimensions so ideal is the floor to ceiling reflection it provides. Most standard mirrors only show a portion of your body, like from the shoulders up. But a 70 inch height encompasses the full length of an average-height person. So you can finally see if those new pants are the right length!

The 30 inch width is wide enough to fully inspect details but still compact enough to fit in most bedrooms and hallways. It’s the perfect versatile size to suit your needs.

A Must-Have for Outfit Perfection

When you can see your whole ensemble in one place, it makes a world of difference. You can instantly tell what needs adjusting, what doesn’t quite work, and if you’re 100% ready to take on the day. No more guessing or too-late realizations!

The 70×30 full length mirror gives you the complete picture. It’s truly a must-have for conquering each morning with perfect style and confidence.

Benefits of a 70×30 Full Length Mirror

Beyond just checking your daily outfits, a 70×30 full length mirror offers many practical benefits for your home and lifestyle:

Check Your Entire Outfit Instantly

This spacious mirror allows you to see your whole body at once – no more craning your neck or struggling to glimpse different parts of your outfit. You can promptly inspect from head to toe in one spot:

  • Are my shirt and pants/skirt clashing or complementing each other?
  • Do my shoes work with the rest of my look?
  • Is my jewelry and accessory combination balanced?
  • Does my outfit drape and fit the way I imagined?

Catch wardrobe malfunctions before you head out the door. Adjust lengths or pairings that seem off. Add a belt, scarf or jacket if needed. A 70×30 mirror gives you the information you need to look perfectly polished.

Visually Expand Smaller Spaces

This spacious mirror can make a smaller room appear larger. Its sleek, full-length design adds depth and dimension to create the illusion of more space. The reflective surface bounces light around, helping to brighten up any room.

Strategically placing a 70×30 mirror can also make hallways and entryways feel more open and spacious. It serves double duty as a decorative focal point and space maximizer.

Accent Your Home’s Design

A 70×30 mirror provides gorgeous visual interest in any room. It can complement a range of aesthetics from traditional to modern. Use it to reflect light, illuminate a dark corner or highlight architectural details. This striking accent piece upgrades your space instantly.

Full length mirrors are trending in home design right now. Display one prominently against a wall, lean it elegantly in a corner or mount it near seating to admire your stylish space.

Get Ready Faster Each Morning

Running late and can’t figure out what to wear? A quick glance in your 70×30 mirror solves everything. See how pieces work together, identify issues and make changes in minutes.

You can switch up outfits, mix and match items and see how formal or casual they look instantly. No more Iron Man triathlons getting ready each morning!

Best Placement Areas for Your Mirror

To enjoy the benefits of convenient outfit checks and decorative appeal, consider these ideal spots for your 70×30 full length mirror:


Bedrooms are a top spot for full length mirrors. Have one near your closet to check outfits as you get dressed. Or place it anywhere with adequate space to admire your look before heading out.

The 70×30 size takes up less wall space than larger mirrors but still provides head to toe reflection. It’s perfect for master and guest bedrooms.

Hallways & Entryways

High-traffic halls and entryways let you take advantage of your mirror. Glance at yourself as you pass through and make any last tweaks.

The sleek, modern styling also makes a great first impression for visitors. Display your 70×30 mirror proudly as a focal entryway piece.

Dressing Rooms

A dressing room or walk-in closet is the ideal spot for a full length mirror. Have ample space to try on clothes and check the fit from every angle.

The expansive reflection lets you see how the fabric drapes over your shape. You can also mix and match pieces to create new looks.

The 70×30 size is substantial enough for dressing rooms without taking up your whole space. It’s the perfect functional and stylish addition.

Buying Considerations for 70×30 Mirrors

Ready to get your own 70×30 mirror? Here are some useful buying tips:

Where to Shop

Look for full length 70×30 mirrors at home goods stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, West Elm and Pottery Barn. You can also find a great selection online at Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon and specialty retailers.

Popular Brands

Some top brands for quality full length mirrors include Umbra, Lion Mirror, Epoch Mirrors, Ashton Sutton and Sand & Stable. Look for solid wood frames, durable metals and quality craftsmanship.

Average Cost

Expect to spend $150 – $400 for a 70×30 mirror. The price range depends on the materials used. Wood, metal and faux leather frames are most common. More detailed ornate frames cost more than sleek, minimalist styles.

Installation Tips

Due to its larger size, a 70×30 mirror requires proper mounting and support. Most models come with wall mounting hardware. Ensure it’s firmly anchored into wall studs. You can also choose a free-standing mirror with an accompanying stand.

Take safety precautions during installation to avoid injury. Enlist help moving and lifting this substantial accent piece as needed.

Styling Your 70×30 Mirror

Once you’ve selected the perfect 70×30 mirror, it’s time to style it! Here are tips to create a put-together, polished look:

Ideal Placement

When determining placement, think about your room layout and existing furniture. You want adequate space to stand back and view your whole reflection.

Anchor it to the wall or position against another surface – do not lean an unsecured 70×30 mirror. Place out of direct sunlight to avoid glare on the reflective surface.

Design Inspiration

A 70×30 mirror provides great styling versatility. For traditional spaces, choose an ornate frame. Or try metal, wood, or faux leather for contemporary edge. Use a light finish to brighten up a dark room.

Lean into popular decor trends like industrial farmhouse chic. Or create bold contrast with dark walls and a sleek mirror frame.

Complementary Accents

Consider nearby furniture, artwork, lighting and other details. Add warm pendant lights overhead to illuminate your reflection. Position your mirror between windows or sconces for balanced symmetry.

Flank it with other metals and woods for a coordinated vignette. Let your mirror tie the whole space together!

Finishing Touches

Elevate your 70×30 mirror with special touches. Use it to display jewelry or fragrance. Add a console table below for storage. Install sconces or spotlights to emphasize the striking focal point.

When styled thoughtfully, your mirror creates a polished, designer look perfect for daily outfit checks!

Never again second guess your outfits, dehgkspace or struggle to get ready. The 70×30 full length mirror is an essential solution for showing your whole ensemble.

This sized mirror should be a staple in every home due to its versatile placement options, functional uses and stylish modern appeal. It’s the must-have item to make your morning routine faster, easier and infused with confidence. Don’t wait – get your perfect outfit reflection tool today!

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