Learn How to Pick Fade-Resistant Exterior Paint Colors From Dunn Edwards

Repainting the exterior of your home can completely transform its curb appeal. However, when undertaking an exterior painting project, it’s important to choose paint colors wisely. The intense sunlight and heat of the desert Southwest can cause exterior paints to fade prematurely if they aren’t formulated for maximum fade resistance.

Factors That Cause Exterior Paint to Fade

Sun Exposure

The most significant contributor to exterior paint fading is exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The intense sunlight in hot, arid climates like the Southwest degrades paint pigments over time. South or west facing walls typically receive the most direct sun exposure and are most vulnerable to fading.

The heat that builds up on exterior surfaces under sunlight also accelerates the breakdown of paint binders. Higher temperatures cause paint films to become more brittle and porous over time.

Surface Material and Prep

The underlying exterior surface material affects how prone the paint is to fading. For example, wood siding is more absorbent than brick or stucco, so paint adheres less effectively, allowing UV rays to penetrate deeper. Proper surface prep and priming for each material is crucial to get maximum paint adhesion and longevity against the elements.

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Alkalinity and Moisture

Higher pH levels make exterior paints more susceptible to fading. Alkaline materials like stucco, concrete, and masonry can cause chemical reactions that degrade paint pigments faster. Preventing excess moisture buildup on exterior walls also improves paint durability.

Insufficient Coats

Applying only one coat of paint often leads to premature fading and failure. Multiple coats create a thicker film build, preventing UV rays from penetrating down to the substrate. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended application guidelines for full coverage.

Tips for Picking Fade-Resistant Dunn Edwards Exterior Paint Colors

Evaluate Color Tones

Some hues are more prone to fading than others. For example, pastel pinks, light blues, and buttery yellows have weaker pigments that break down faster in the sun. Darker, more saturated colors like deep greens, navy blues, or bold reds hold up better.

Review Dunn Edwards Specifications

Dunn Edwards provides specs on lightfastness and fade resistance for each exterior paint color. Check the color codes and descriptions for notes on how prone to fading it is expected to be. The specs also indicate recommended surfaces.

Focus on Quality Lines

Premium exterior paint lines like Dunn Edwards Aristoshield offer maximum fade and UV resistance compared to standard or economy paint grades. Upgrading to a high quality paint designed for durability provides long term exterior color protection.

Prioritize Darker Shades

As mentioned above, deeper, darker exterior colors stand up to fading better than lighter, brighter shades. Strategic placement is also key – use vulnerable lighter colors on protected areas like porch ceilings and highlight more durable darker shades on sun-exposed walls.

Use Heat Reflective Paints

Specialized exterior paints like Dunn Edwards Thermal Coatings reflect solar heat, helping surfaces stay cooler and reducing the breakdown of binders. They also containingredients like zinc oxide to boost UV ray protection.

Compare Different Finishes

Gloss and semi-gloss exterior paint finishes offer more protection than flat or matte paints. The higher sheen creates a harder finish that resists penetration from the sun’s rays better. But glossier paints also show flaws more.

Ask About Fade Warranties

Some premium exterior paints include fade coverage under their paint warranties. Make sure you understand the terms, duration, limitations, and claims process before relying on this protection.

Work With Professionals for Exterior Painting

Hire Experienced Painters

Professional painting contractors are highly skilled at properly prepping and applying paint on exterior surfaces. They know techniques for evening out porosity and creating a smooth, consistent topcoat. This prevents UV hot spots and damage.

Consult Local Dunn Edwards Representatives

The local Dunn Edwards representatives have extensive knowledge of the exterior paints that perform best in your specific environment. They can offer guidance on countering common regional issues like heavy alkalinity or moisture exposure.

Have Them Apply Primer and Multiple Coats

Experienced painters will start by applying a quality primer tailored to your exterior surface material. Then they’ll use proper application techniques like backrolling to build up the recommended 2-3 coats of top-quality exterior paint.

Choosing fade-resistant exterior paint colors from Dunn Edwards ensures your home’s new look will last for many sunny days to come. Evaluate color tones, surface material, paint quality, and sheen to pick durable hues. And team up with knowledgeable paint specialists to get your project prepped and finished right.

Fresh new colors that will hold up beautifully against the blazing Southwest sun can be refreshed with strategic color selection.

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