Save Space And Reduce Mess With A Queen Platform Bed Base Offering Discreet Compartments

Finding enough storage space in a small bedroom can feel like an impossible task. Between clothing, linens, decorations, hobby supplies, and everything else we accumulate, our living spaces often become cluttered and disorganized no matter how hard we try to keep things tidy. But what if your queen size bed frame itself could provide a secret storage solution right within its design?

The Amish Aragon Platform Lift Storage Bed offers exactly that through a unique base that lifts to reveal out-of-sight storage compartments underneath. Custom made by Amish craftsmen using quality woodworking techniques, this bed frame maximizes every inch of bedroom real estate. The lifting platform design allows over a foot of storage height while only requiring the typical platform bed clearance when closed. Discreetly stashing away off-season apparel, extra blankets, travel luggage, and more, this storage bed helps conquer clutter while retaining a stylish, minimalist look.

Detailed Overview of the Amish Aragon Platform Lift Storage Bed

Handmade by Amish woodworkers in Ohio, the Aragon Platform Lift Storage Bed displays exceptional carpentry and finishing touches. Available in queen, twin, full, and king mattress sizes, a customizable wood stain can match any bedroom’s color scheme and style. Expertly constructed from durable woods like oak or maple, the frame accommodates a wide array of mattress types up to 18″ in height. For convenience, mattresses are sold separately allowing you to choose your preferred comfort and support specifications.

Key Features:

  • Lift-up platform base operated by gas strut supports on both sides
  • 14-inch tall storage compartment underneath platform
  • Storage area divided into two equal sections by a wood divider
  • Works with any queen mattress up to 18″ thick
  • Hand-crafted in Amish woodshops in Ohio
  • Constructed from durable oak or maple woods
  • Customizable stain colors and finishes
  • Delivered fully assembled to your home

Unlike cumbersome underbed storage containers that must be pulled out and sorted through, this platform lift design enables instant top-down organization while maximizing vertical space. The gas struts smoothly raise the mattress platform base to reveal the entire storage cavity underneath without needing to move mattresses. Partitioned evenly down the center, the two compartments keep contents separated and tidy. This configuration also allows easy access without overstraining to reach items pushed towards the back wall or bed legs.

How The Lift Platform Storage Works

Operating the Amish bed’s lift storage system is simple. Gripping either side of the platform edge, gently upwards pressure engages the gas struts to gently start elevating the base. The struts then take over, slowly and steadily lifting the full weight of mattress and bedding up to access the storage space underneath. To close, carefully press down on the platform edges until detecting the hiss of the struts recompressing. At maximum height, the platform locks in place, allowing bedding to be smoothly replaced before lowering the lifted section.

Step-By-Step Guidance on Opening and Closing The Lift Platform:

  1. Stand alongside your bed platform and place hands underneath outer edge
  2. Steadily push upwards to engage lifting struts until platform begins rising
  3. Allow struts to completely lift platform and lock it into upright position
  4. Access storage cavity then replace bedding before closing
  5. Gently but firmly press down on platform edge to disengage locks
  6. Control descent by keeping light pressure as struts compress
  7. Halt lowering platform once completely reseated back into closed position

The divided storage area helps organize contents whether clothing, linens, or miscellaneous items. Placing related objects within the same side compartment avoids a jumble of overflow spilling out. For safety, do not exceed the recommended 30 pound weight capacity per section. Too many heavy objects could overburden the lift supports and prevent smooth operation.

Ideal Uses For The Underbed Storage Space

That spacious 14 inch tall cubic footage underneath a queen size mattress enables storing pretty much anything out of sight but within reach. Here are some smart ideas for utilizing every inch of the divided storage compartments:

Clothing and Linens

Use compartments to independently categorize off-season clothing items like sweaters or bathing suits away from their counterparts. The dividing partition prevents confusion keeping types of apparel neatly organized. Additionally, the generous vertical clearance has room to stand rolled towels, blankets and pillows on end for quick retrieval later.

queen platform bed with storage no headboard

Games, Books, and Hobby Supplies

Tuck away infrequently used items like board games, craft supplies, yoga mats, or even the kids’ toy box. Retrieve art and school supplies or reading materials easily when inspiration strikes. The discreet yet handy positioning right under the bed beats digging through hall closets or cluttered garage shelves.

Decorations and Holiday Collections

Minimize visual clutter from seasonal wreaths, garlands, and tree trimmings by making the storage bed their home the rest of the year. Protect delicate ornaments and decor in cushioned containers that slide directly under the bed platform safely out of harm’s way until next usage.

Key Reasons To Choose This Queen Platform Bed

This high functioning platform bed base takes bedroom storage solutions to the next level both spatially through pure vertical cubic footage and convenience lifting equipment. But even beyond its storage perks, the Amish Aragon lift design offers other advantages too:

Space Saving Footprint

The storage bed platform lowers back to standard height in its closed stance. No need to sacrifice precious floor area that bulky chests or shelving units consume. This compact, low profile footprint blends seamlessly into room dimensions and layouts.

Reduced Visible Clutter

Forget messy piles or overloaded bookcases showcasing all your stuff. This discreet bed frame hides away twice the contents unseen behind closed lift doors. The minimalist platform design looks crisp and orderly with everyday items stashed completely out of view.

Flexible Mattress Compatibility

Since you choose and purchase the mattress separately, take advantage by selecting your ideal comfort preferences. No limitations on thickness, materials, or mattress dimensions affect the storage bed’s smooth operation.

Customizable Configuration Options

Made-to-order through the Amish workshops allows tailoring the bed to your exacting specifications. Opt for pull-out trundle drawers instead of lift-up doors, add a headboard or footboard, or select premium wood species like rustic hickory or weathered barnwood.

Costs, Shipping and Purchase Process

This handmade furnishing commands a higher cost than mass produced platform beds. But buyers receive a heirloom quality investment built to last generations. Amish craftsmanship combined with seamlessly integrated storage make the expense worthwhile.


A full-size Aragon storage bed starts around $3,000. Queen and king sizes range from $3,500 up to $4,800 depending on woods used and accompanying custom details selected. The gas struts, hardware, and storage compartment materials add expense compared to basic platform bed frames.

Production Timelines

Hand finishing and artisanal construction take patience, with completion spanning between 2 to 3 months once ordered. However, you’ll cherish the quality carpentry and functionality lasting for decades to come.

Delivery and Setup

The Amish woodshops pre-assemble the entire bed prior to white glove home delivery. No IKEA-like hassles exist trying to decipher complicated instructions and bolting together components. Instead, craftsmen simply place the storage platform bed fully intact wherever works best then conduct brief orientation on smoothly operating the lift mechanism.

For anyone struggling to contain their bedroom belongings scattered about in various containers and cabinets, this queen platform frame with dual storage compartments presents an ideal consolidation solution. The Amish handiwork ensures enduring quality with innovative space maximization built right in. No longer must you sacrifice style for function – this multi-purpose piece artfully combines both while reducing clutter. We highly recommend the Aragon lift storage bed to experience refreshed living spaces and sleeping sanctuaries.

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