Save Floor Space with Dining Tables Featuring Underneath Wine Racks

Entertaining guests for dinner parties and holidays often means every square inch of space comes at a premium. From extra chairs crowded around the table to bottles of wine competing for room on the counter or in the cabinet, it’s a constant battle to accommodate everything needed for delightful gatherings.

The solution? Dining tables featuring built-in wine racks tucked neatly underneath the tabletop. These space-saving furnishings combine two key pieces of dining room decor into one, offering homeowners an efficient way to store and serve wine without monopolizing floor area better utilized for mingling guests.

dining table with wine rack underneath

Main Types of Dining Tables with Underneath Wine Racks

Freestanding Tables

Freestanding dining tables with underneath wine storage make excellent additions to dining rooms or eat-in kitchens. They typically feature four legs plus an integrated wine rack with room for 6-12 standard 750 mL wine bottles. The simple, clean lines blend effortlessly into both contemporary and traditional home decor styles.

We particularly like the Minimalist Solid Wood Dining Table from Article. This table seats up to six people comfortably while discreetly storing wine below the reactive stain walnut veneer tabletop. Other freestanding options like the Lenix Dining Table from Wayfair feature a metal frame paired with faux marble tabletops for a lighter, airier aesthetic.

Counter Height Tables

For a casual dining area or kitchen, a counter height dining table with wine storage below offers the perfect solution. In addition to keeping wine bottles out of the way but still easily accessible, the taller table height makes for comfortable eating whether you sit or stand.

Counter height dining tables cater to both wine lovers and those simply needing extra surface area. For example, the Mccleskey Counter Height Dining Table provides not only an under-table wine rack but also features a built-in lazy Susan for optimized kitchen storage. Or keep it simple with the sleek Dining Table from Food52, which pairs a solid mango wood countertop with a handy metal rack below for up to 12 of your favorite wine bottles.

Tables with Additional Storage

Some dining tables feature wine racks nestled beneath the top plus include extra storage for table linens, dining ware or additional wine. The Convene 7 Piece Dining Set from Wayfair fits both criteria. This rectangular table comes with a pedestal wine rack holding 8 bottles. Two drawers built into the base offer room for napkins, tablecloths and more.

For even more storage, the Redmond Counter Height Dining Table contains an open wine rack for display and easy selection of favorite bottles. The cabinet below the rack provides concealed storage to reduce tabletop clutter. Or select The Buffer from Article for its extended tabletop offering plenty of room for multiple dinner platters plus a drawer for stashing away wine accoutrements.

Key Features to Consider

Wine Storage Capacity

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a dining table with an integrated wine rack is the built-in storage. So be sure to note the bottle capacity to ensure your wine collection fits comfortably beneath the tabletop. Typically underneath wine racks hold 6-12 standard 750 mL bottles. Larger tables or those with multi-layered racks can store even more.

If you want to include larger format bottles in your collection, measure the dimensions of magnums or jeroboams to confirm your prospective dining table can accommodate them. Also note if the wine rack allows storage for accessories like foil cutters or wine stoppers. Glass racks in particular provide visibility of these extra items.

Table Size and Shape

Like shopping for any dining table, pay attention to the size and shape that best fits your needs when choosing an option with an integrated wine rack. Consider the dimensions of your dining room or kitchen to make sure the table leaves sufficient room for moving around it. Standard rectangular or round pedestal tables provide versatility for both large formal dining rooms and smaller eat-in kitchens.

For compact spaces, oval or space-saving leaf dining tables maximize seating capacity without overwhelming the overall floorplan. Or make use of awkward angle corners by selecting a table specially designed to snugly fit into the unique contours of your individual room.

Material and Style

Dining tables featuring underneath wine storage are available in a wide range of materials like wood, metal, glass, marble, and more to match any style preference. Warm, eco-friendly mango, acacia or rubberwood tables bring beautiful natural grain patterns that enhance rooms in an organic way. We especially like mixed media tables that combine, for example, the sleek modernity of a metal base with a gorgeous solid wood tabletop for visual interest.

Glass wine racks contribute a lightweight, airy quality while also prominently displaying favorite wine bottles. For contemporary dwellings, concrete tables provide an edgy, urban vibe. Or make a sophisticated style statement with the exquisite veining of marble or quartz dining table tops.

Additional Storage

As mentioned previously, some dining tables do double duty not only storing wine but also offering extra built-in storage for tableware, linens and dining accessories. Concealed storage helps minimize visual clutter to keep your dining space looking tidy. Test drawers, cabinets and other compartments prior to purchase to ensure they glide smoothly and close securely.

Lazy susans are another popular storage addition, allowing easy access to items by spinning the platter as needed. Or maximize use of awkward narrow spaces between permanent kitchen features with slide-out storage units.

Perfect for Entertaining and Everyday Dining

A dining table featuring an integrated wine rack serves dual purposes for both festive entertaining and casual family meals. When hosting, conveniently access a pre-selected wine without even getting up from the table. Guests will also appreciate the subtle sophistication. Built-in storage keeps additional bottles elegantly concealed but within reach.

For regular use, enjoy an uncluttered dining area for homework, paying bills or sharing casual bites. Stash nicer stemware inside cabinet storage to prevent damage so it’s party ready at a moment’s notice. With everything stored conveniently in one piece of furniture, quickly convert the space to suit your needs.

Design Ideas for Stylishly Incorporating Wine Racks

Complement Your Decor

One of the best ways to seamlessly incorporate a dining table with integrated wine storage is choosing a style that complements your existing furnishings and home architecture. For example, a reclaimed wood dining table adds comfortable warmth to a cottage kitchen. Or pick a sleek glass top table with metal accents to match similar modern decor elements, like pendant lighting fixtures.

If your style leans more traditional, select a classic farmhouse silhouette featuring curved legs, beaded detailing and a natural wood stain. For urban lofts or contemporary spaces, an acrylic table makes a chic, eye-catching statement. When chosen intentionally, furniture with purposeful wine storage fits right in.

Make a Statement

While matching a dining table’s style to your current decor scheme imparts an elegant cohesiveness, sometimes the objective is making an exciting splash. So be adventurous with shape or colors to infuse personality into your dining space! Hexagon tables instantly capture attention with their unique geometry. Bold crimson or even neon painted bases bring playful pops of color.

Or incorporate an eclectic fusion of materials, like pairing a reclaimed wood plank tabletop with sleek metallic legs. This type of purposefully curated mash-up of styles and textures exudes confidence and charm.

Maximize Small Spaces

For city dwellers and those living in modest square footage, a dining table maximizing every inch matters. Nestled underneath the tabletop, wine racks act like built-in storage to optimize room usage. Additionally, bench seating or rounded corner banquettes promote space efficiency in diminutive dining areas.

Pedestal tables with unobstructed leg room also minimize visual bulkiness to avoid cramping precious real estate in efficiency apartments or small starter homes. For pick-up dining, a drop-leaf table tucks discretely out of site against the wall until needed.

Shopping Tips and Recommendations

Ready to shop for the perfect dining table with integrated wine storage? Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Measure the room first to ensure an accurately sized table
  • Note ceiling height if considering a taller counter height option
  • Read product details closely to compare bottle capacity, features, etc.
  • Examine product images for a sense of true color, visual scale, etc.
  • Purchase swatches if available to match colors/patterns to current decor

While in-stock options provide faster shipping, custom furniture allows tailoring the size, shape and material to your unique needs. Expect to pay more for customization along with longer 2-3 month delivery timeframes. Another smart approach is retrofitting an existing table with a DIY underneath wine rack using materials like wood or metal tubing.

Inspiring Examples of Dining Rooms with Under-Table Wine Racks

[Photo 1] The Redmond Counter Height Dining Table pairs a clean-lined tabletop with a contemporary yet cozy banquette bench, softened by ambient lighting. An open wine rack displays bottles as functional art while closed storage keeps tabletop accessories concealed but within reach.

[Photo 2] The Brynlee Patio 7 Piece Dining Set transports al fresco dining from the hip Brooklyn eatery scene right into your own backyard. This collection features an airy yet durable aluminum frame with all-weather composite wood tabletops. An integrated wine rack keeps favorite bottles on ice outside.

[Photo 3] Complementing the array of plants in this urban loft, The Buffer from Article brings fluid rounded corners softened by an acoustic felt pad underneath. Tuck away wine in the pull-out drawer or keep stemware at the ready on the convenient shelf.

Creative dining tables that incorporate subtle wine racks provide the best of both form and function. Keep favorite bottles stored conveniently within reach without monopolizing valuable floor space better utilized for moving around the room.

Integrated storage pieces channel purpose as an artform, with styles from modern sculptural statements to classic farmhouse silhouettes. Space maximization allows better flow for gathering around and fostering connections over delicious food, refreshing drinks…and maybe a little eavesdropping from the kids’ table!

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