Rest Easy with 22 Inch Sheets – Made to Fit Thicker Mattresses Perfectly

If you’ve invested in a high-quality pillowtop, hybrid, or adjustable air mattress, you know that a restful night’s sleep is priceless. But ill-fitting sheets that slip and bunch during the night can interrupt your slumber and leave you feeling frustrated come morning.

The solution? Deep pocket sheets with elasticized edges that extend 22 inches deep to cocoon your extra thick mattress in soft, wrinkle-free comfort. Keep reading to learn why 22 inch sheets are a must-have for your bedroom and how to find the perfect set to enhance your sleep experience.

When You Need 22 Inch Deep Pocket Sheets

Standard fitted sheets are designed to accommodate mattresses up to 12 inches tall. While this suits traditional innerspring mattresses, it’s not enough coverage for today’s thicker mattress options. If you’ve purchased any of the following, 22 inch deep pocket sheets are for you:

  • Mattresses deeper than 12 inches – Many modern mattresses exceed 12 inches. A 22 inch pocket sheet is needed to avoid slipping.
  • Thick mattress toppers – Adding a plush topper can add 3-5 inches. Get sheets long enough to tuck under the topper’s edges.
  • Pillowtop mattresses – With their extra cushion layer, pillowtops range from 14-22 inches thick. Regular sheets easily pop off these.
  • Hybrid and innerspring mattresses – Multi-layer construction makes these thicker than average. They benefit from the extra stretch of 22 inch pockets.
  • Adjustable air beds – Inflated air chambers on these beds add height. 22 inch elastic pockets accommodate changing loft.

How to Measure Mattress Depth

Not sure exactly how thick your mattress is? It’s simple to measure.

22 inch extra deep pocket fitted sheets

Use a soft tape measure and run it from the top of the mattress to the foundation or bottom. Round up to the nearest inch. Anything over 12 inches will need deep pocket sheets, with 15+ inches requiring 22 inch or more depth.

Armed with the measurements, you can shop for sheets to correctly fit your mattress height for a smooth look and great night’s sleep.

Features of 22 Inch Deep Pocket Sheets

Designed with extra-deep side pockets and tailored construction, 22 inch sheets offer advantages over regular or even standard deep pocket sheets. Here’s how they’re engineered for the best fit:

Extra deep pockets Fitted sheets are cut wider and pockets extend up to 22 inches deep to accommodate thicker mattresses.
Snug fit All-around elastic grips thick mattresses securely to prevent untucking and slipping during sleep.
High quality materials Typically made of soft yet durable cotton, microfiber, or cotton/microfiber blends for comfort.
Specific care Follow instructions on fabric type, wash cycles, drying and more to maximize longevity.
Major brands Companies like Malouf, Mellanni, and Nestl specialize in 22 inch sheets to fit thicker mattresses.
Size options Available in all standard mattress sizes, from twin to California king, splitting and overhang is avoided.

Noteworthy Innovations

Savvy manufacturers are also expanding 22 inch deep pocket sheets with design upgrades like:

  • Moisture-wicking and temperature regulating fabrics to prevent overheating
  • Pattern and color options beyond basic white for added style
  • Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and TENCELTM derived from wood pulp
  • Super soft finishes through brushed and sateen weaving methods
  • Deep product lines that include fitted sheets, top sheets, duvet covers, shams and more for entire bed sets

Benefits of Proper Fit with 22 Inch Sheets

A proper sheet fit makes all the difference when it comes to comfort and preventing mattress wear. With 22 inch deep pocket sheets tailored to your exact mattress height, you’ll enjoy these advantages:

Uninterrupted Sleep

There’s nothing worse than waking up to find your sheets have slipped or bunched during the night. The extra deep elastic pockets on 22 inch sheets grip your mattress securely to prevent untucking and disruption.

Reduced Frustration

No more wrestling to get ill-fitting sheets to stay tucked under thick mattresses! The custom deep pockets on 22 inch sheets provide a smooth, wrinkle-free fit you can rely on.

A Hotel-Style Experience

Enjoy bedding with a crisp, tailored appearance every night. 22 inch sheets prevent slipping and creasing to give your bed that luxe hotel bed feeling.

Neat and Tidy Look

With their extra deep pockets, 22 inch sheets stay tidy on your mattress. No more bunching around the corners or ripples across the bed’s surface.

Flexibility as Mattress Height Changes

As mattress padding compresses over time or you adjust an air bed’s inflation, 22 inch sheets still fit securely thanks to their deep elastic pockets that cling to changing mattress depths.

What to Look for When Buying

Not all 22 inch deep pocket sheets are created equal. Get the best fit and value by considering these factors:

Precise Mattress Measurements

Measure mattress height and width/length so sheets will fit correctly. Make sure to account for any thick toppers too.

Matching Sheet Dimensions

Choose sheet size (twin, queen, etc.) to align with your mattress dimensions for a smooth look.

Material Preference

Choose soft, durable materials like cotton, microfiber or blends based on feel. Some like ultra-soft sateen weaves.

Neutral Color Options

Stick to versatile colors like white or ivory for easiest matching with existing bedding decor.

Top Brand Names

Shop options from top rated brands known for extra deep pocket sheets like Utopia Bedding, Mellanni or LuxClub.

Price Comparisons

Don’t overpay. Compare prices on sites like Amazon, Walmart and specialty retailers.

Caring for Your 22 Inch Deep Pocket Sheets

Follow these care steps to keep 22 inch sheets looking and feeling their best:

Follow Care Instructions

Check labels for directions on washing, drying, ironing and more based on fabric content.

Wash Regularly

Launder sheets at least every 2 weeks, or more if you sweat a lot during sleep.

Use Gentle Cycles

Choose a delicate or permanent press setting to avoid damage during washing.

Line Dry or Low Heat

Limit dryer use to low heat. Line or flat drying is best to avoid extreme heat.

Skip Harsh Products

Avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets which can wear down elasticity.

Enjoying the Benefits of Your Purchase

Complement your 22 inch sheet investment with more sleep enhancing upgrades:

Soothing Bedtime Routine

Set yourself up for sound slumber with soothing music, meditation apps and lavender aromatherapy.

Supportive Pillows

Evaluate pillow height, fill and firmness to ensure proper spinal alignment.

Natural Sleep Aids

Consider supplements like magnesium or melatonin if you still have trouble sleeping.

Mattress Protector

A waterproof protector maintains the mattress surface under your 22 inch deep pocket sheets.

Mattress Topper

Add a plush topper for more cushioning. Just get sheets with pockets deep enough to still fit.

If you’ve invested in an extra thick, comfortable mattress, complete the experience with bedding that fits it perfectly. 22 inch deep pocket sheets are expertly designed to accommodate mattresses over 15 inches deep without slipping or bunching.

These sheets have extra deep elasticized pockets, a tailored fit and high quality fabrics that make them feel like a hotel. Rest easy knowing you’ve found the perfect bedding solution to get the most from your plush mattress.

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