Relax in Style with Ledge Loungers’ Poolside Indulgences

Lounging by the pool is one of life’s great simple pleasures. But why settle for only putting our feet in the water when we can relax in total poolside luxury with the indulgent comfort of ledge loungers?

Going beyond standard pool chairs, ledge loungers let you languish in a half-submerged seat right in the water. Read on as we dive into everything you need to know about these poolside thrones and how to relax in style all summer long.

What Are Ledge Loungers and How Are They Used?

Ledge loungers are specialty relaxation chairs designed to sit partially in the water on built-in pool ledges, also called tanning ledges or swim-out benches. The ledges act as an in-pool shelf, allowing the lounger to be semi-submerged for an immersive seating experience.

While traditional upright lounge chairs rest poolside, ledge loungers are made to be gently positioned just at the water’s surface. This lets you relax in cool comfort without ever leaving the pool itself.

Benefits Over Standard Pool Chairs

Ledge loungers offer indulgent advantages not found on regular loungers:

ledge loungers for pools
  • Built-in comfort features like cup holders, headrests, and adjustable reclining back rests
  • Customizable height adjustments to suit your pool’s ledge depth
  • High-quality weatherproof materials like UV-resistant mesh and all-weather wicker
  • Luxurious aesthetics that enhance the beauty of your backyard poolscape
  • Specialized in-water design perfect for staying cool on hot summer days

For those longing for a little poolside pampering, ledge loungers deliver relaxation in style.

Popular High-End Brand: Ledge Lounger

The appropriately named Ledge Lounger brand offers gorgeous customizable models focusing on upscale comfort. Their chairs feature padded cushions, aluminum or resin frames, and decorative touches like drink holders and faux wooden accents.

With superior materials built to last in harsh pool environments, Ledge Lounger products promise durability along with beauty. Their chairs mix form and function, enhancing pools with both visual appeal and indulgent amenities.

Ideal Ledge Placement and Proper Positioning

To work properly, ledge loungers must integrate correctly with your pool’s built-in benches. Fortunately, this is usually a simple process.

Most ledges range from 6-18 inches in depth. Lounge chairs should be partially submerged with 2-6 inches of water covering their surface. This supports the body while allowing legs to dangle comfortably in deeper water.

Using Risers for Proper Chair Height

For very deep ledges exceeding a foot in depth, adjustable risers can lift loungers into perfect position. Risers slide easily under the legs, providing a few extra inches to constrain the chair at just the right immersion level.

Risers allow the lounger to function on ledges of any depth. They also make shifting the chair straightforward if you later change ledges or alter water levels.

Single-Person Setup

Though bulky, most standard ledge loungers are relatively lightweight at under 30 pounds. This makes solo setup fairly simple without requiring extra assistance.

Carefully set the rear legs in place on the ledge first before easing the front legs down. Ensure ample stability and check that all legs make flush contact before taking a seat.

With easy one-person installation, you can start relaxing on your new lounger almost immediately after delivery.

Stylish Options: Frames, Fabrics, and Features

Today’s ledge loungers infuse luxury right into the pool. Various styles exist to complement your backyard decor.

Durable Frame Materials

Aluminum, resin, HDPE, wrought iron, and reinforced PVC comprise common lounger frame options. Each works well in outdoor environments, resisting humidity, chemicals, and UV rays.

Aluminum offers contemporary beauty through sleek lines and metals hues while still proving featherlight. For more traditional designs, wood-tone resin exudes backyard warmth.

Plush, Quick-Drying Cushions

Mesh fabric covers padded cushions, promoting airflow and quick drying. The resultant seating stays comfortable wet or dry. Removable covers allow easy cleaning to prevent fungus or mildew growth.

Many companies offer color customization across two-tone combos like ivory and cocoa. This allows matching poolside decor for a cohesive look.

Convenient Amenities

From cup holders to storage pockets to built-in Bluetooth speakers, ledge lounger features enhance leisurely enjoyment.

Side tables provide space for drinks, books, and mobile devices. Meanwhile, lumbar pillows lend extra support for prolonged relaxation. The options for amenity add-ons are virtually endless.

Cost Considerations and Ordering

Prices for basic aluminum models start around $120, with more lavish leather or acrylic ledge loungers running $1500 or more. Expect to budget $250-500 for most quality cushioned resin lounger styles with nice amenities.

Shipping and Availability

Standard no-frills loungers ship via regular ground delivery, arriving within 5-7 business days. Buyers pay shipping costs based on chair dimensions and weight.

For feature-packed models like cup-holder-equipped Ledge Loungers, build times reach 2-3 weeks. Shipping bumps to semi-truck freight due to larger product bulk.

White Glove Installation

Select high-end manufacturers offer white-glove delivery with full custom placement. This convenient service brings your lounger right to the pool’s edge and sets it perfectly in place on the ledge.

While costlier, white glove treatment simplifies getting luxury ledge loungers home and ready to use immediately.

Care and Maintenance for Long-Lasting Enjoyment

With routine care, quality ledge loungers withstand years of wet/dry cycles and chemical exposure.

Regular Cleanings

About once weekly, give frame and fabric a thorough cleaning using a soft brush and mild detergent. This prevents buildup of oils, lotions, and other grime that promotes staining.

Take special care to rinse crevices where cushion covers attach. These hide debris and encourage mold if ignored. Allow all components to fully air dry before replacing cushion covers or returning chair to the pool.

Yearly Deep Cleaning

Annually, ledge loungers benefit from a deeper scrub down. Use a stiff scrub brush and cleaning agents containing enzymes or bleach to address heavier staining and residue.

This intensive cleaning renews chairs to like-new condition. It also reduces risks of permanent damage from years of sunscreen, grass clippings, and other grimy waterborne contaminants.

Offseason Storage Best Practices

During winter or for long stretches of pool closure, properly store loungers away from unsafe weather and chemicals.

Disassemble chairs, dry all parts fully, and apply protective covers before placing in a shed or garage. Avoid outside storage, which exposes materials to extreme cold, heat, and moisture.

With conscientious care and maintenance habits, high-performance ledge loungers easily outlive their warranties.

Safety First: Tips for Secure Lounger Use

When positioned and maintained correctly, ledge loungers promote safe relaxation year after year.

Weight Limits and Occupancy

Ledge lounger weight capacity typically falls between 225-300 pounds. Limit occupants to one average-sized person at a time, as exceeding recommendations risks frame damage or collapse.

supervision, as unexpected rocking or instability may lead to injury. Ensure all chair feet maintain solid contact with pool ledge at all times.

Entering and Exiting Properly

When moving in and out of loungers, use caution. Grip arms securely, plant both feet firmly on the pool floor, and shift weight gradually to avoid tipping. Ensure no small children or pets play nearby who could be harmed by a moving chair.

Additionally, watch pinch points around adjustable or folding components during transitions. Molded handles and protective guards on superior models minimize this hazard.

Designer Inspiration: Gorgeous Ledge Loungers in Backyard Retreats

Need a little eye candy to fuel ledge lounger cravings? Check out these stunning designer backyard getaways perfect for poolside pampering:

Contemporary Minimalist

This modern pool area features sleek gray ledge loungers matching the cool color scheme. Neutral taupe cushions keep things minimal while a convenient side table offers space for books and beverages.

Luxury Resort-Style

Echoing luxury travel destinations, this poolscape pairs warm-hued rattan loungers with breezy cabana shades. Colorful throw pillows up the coziness for five-star backyard indulgence.


Evoking European elegance, a stunning infinity pool holds symmetric white loungers topped with navy cushions. Terra cotta tile connects the chairs to the villa-like aesthetic.

From contemporary to classic, ledge loungers infuse luxury into pool areas of every style.

Frequently Asked Ledge Lounger Questions

Still seeking info about these indulgent pool accessories? Check out answers to these commonly asked ledge lounger FAQs:

Are ledge loungers difficult to get out of?

Quality loungers feature handles and low, sloping backs easing transitions to exit. However, those with mobility challenges may prefer upright chairs requiring less maneuvering.

Can you put ledge loungers in chlorinated pools?

Yes, provided frames feature chlorine-resistant finishes. Look for aluminum, resin, or reinforced PVC materials optimally formulated for pool use.

Fully dry chairs, cover with waterproof casing, and store in a garage or shed safe from extremes. Never leave in the elements, as moisture destroys frames and fabrics.

Ready to make some waves with luxury poolside furniture? Ledge loungers deliver indulgence, style, and total relaxation as you languish poolside all summer long. Dive into designer options perfect for creating your own backyard resort oasis!

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