Extra Long Bolster Pillows Take King Beds to the Next Level

King size beds offer spacious comfort for sleeping, with room to stretch out. Their wide mattresses and broad headboards create a blank canvas, waiting for the right decorative accents. This is where long bolster pillows come in – these cylinder-shaped pillows can completely transform the look and enjoyment of your king bed.

Extra long bolster pillows are a step above standard sizes. With their elongated shape, they are specially proportioned for the width of king beds. Arranged horizontally, long bolsters introduce gorgeous texture while providing ample surface area for lounging back against the headboard. Paired with sleeping pillows and shams, they take your king bed from basic to spectacularly inviting.

Bolster Pillow Basics: An Elongated Shape for Form and Function

Before discussing why long bolster pillows are perfect for king beds, let’s cover some background. Bolster pillows feature a cylindrical shape that sets them apart from standard bed pillows. They are long and rounded, meant to be placed horizontally instead of vertically. Typical sizes range from 12 to 36 inches in length.

Bolster pillows offer both form and function. Visually, they provide a sculptural, decorative element against headboards. The rounded silhouette creates welcoming curves and brings opportunities for interesting textures. In terms of function, bolsters offer ample surface area for sitting up in bed to read, work on a laptop, or watch TV. The uniform cylinder shape provides consistent back support no matter how you shift position.

long bolster pillow for king bed

Materials also set bolsters apart. The outer fabric cover coordinates with other bed linens, made of materials like cotton, linen, velvet, or textured specialty fabrics. Inside, a removable insert is stuffed with soft, fluffy fibers to provide cushioning. Popular fill options include down-alternative poly fibers or all-natural kapok fiber. Well-made bolster pillows feature firmly stuffed inserts that maintain their round shape after use.

Standard Size Bolsters Too Small for Oversized King Beds

While standard 12 to 24 inch bolster pillows work well on twin, full, and perhaps queen beds, they are undersized for the expansive width of a king mattress. A stubby 2-foot bolster simply gets lost on the expansive plane of a king bed’s headboard and pillow arrangement.

Standard cylinder bolsters also fail to provide enough supportive surface area for lounging back. Their short, narrow shape does not fill the gap between your lower back and the headboard. You’re left awkwardly arching your spine to make contact. For proper ergonomic support on a king bed, an extra long bolster is a must.

Optimal Proportions: Extra Long Bolster Pillows

Extra long bolster pillows are specifically sized for king beds. Typical dimensions clock in around 14 x 36 inches. This elongated proportion stretches perfectly from one edge of the king headboard to the other, introducing welcome consistency.

The extended 36-inch length also supplies substantially more surface area to rest against. Stretch out with a book or tablet feeling fully supported, no uncomfortable gaps. The full-body support allows you to shift position without losing lumbar support behind you. Even better, the smooth cylindrical shape lets you slowly recline all the way down to sleeping position.

A Luxe Look and Lounge Appeal: The Benefits of Long Bolsters on King Beds

Using an extra long bolster pillow on your king-sized bed offers a variety of advantages:

  • Brings a polished, elegant look reminiscent of boutique hotels
  • Visually appears more well-scaled and proportional
  • Creates a welcoming vibe and irresistible texture
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing shams and pillows
  • Provides ample supportive surface for sitting up in bed
  • Allows stretching out fully while enjoying media
  • Enhances overall comfort and relaxation

Beyond aesthetics, long bolster pillows supply important ergonomic support. The full-body cushioning correctly aligns your spine whether sitting upright or reclining slightly back. This spinal alignment helps relieve pressure in the lower lumbar region to prevent soreness or stiffness.

Finally, extra long bolster pillows refresh your bedroom decor affordably. Swapping standard pillows for extended cylindrical bolsters immediately shifts the vibe. It’s a budget friendly trick to renew the look without investing in a whole new bedding set or headboard.

Artful Arrangements: Positioning Your Extra Long Bolster

One decorative pillow does not an arrangement make. To unlock the full visual impact, display your long bolster thoughtfully among complementary pieces:

Orientation: Horizontal at the Head of Bed

Extra long bolster pillows make the biggest statement placed horizontally. Set your 36-inch pillow at the head of your bed, either centered on the wall or tucked right under the headboard lip. The elongated shape and sleek silhouette introduce intriguing lines compared to stacked standard pillows.

Layer Heights for Balance and Support

Behind your horizontal bolster, arrange standard king pillows where you actually lay your head to sleep. Size these support pillows to create an even tiered effect. For example, place two oversized king pillows (20 x 36 inches) flanked by a pair of standard pillows (20 x 30 inches). Top with decorative king shams to continue visual flow.

In front of the long bolster, pile on mix of throw pillows, lumbar pillows, or larger 26 to 28 inch square euro pillows. Varying heights, shapes and textures keeps the arrangement intriguing.

Proportion Is Key

When designing your layered arrangement, aim for well-balanced proportions. If your bolster size is 14 x 36 inches, for example, choose pillows for the second row with a similar height, around 12 to 14 inches tall. Stack the front row slightly shorter, limiting heights to 6 to 8 inches. The graduated heights keep things visually cohesive.

Likewise, pay attention to pillow widths. Pair your 14-inch wide bolster with euro pillows around 26 to 36 inches wide for harmonious dimensions.

Details to Consider When Shopping

As you search for the perfect long bolster pillow, keep the following details in mind:

Plush and Breathable Fill Material

Check the type of fill material inside the removable insert. Down alternative poly fiber offers allergen-free affordability, while natural kapok provides equal plushness more sustainably. Well-stuffed yet breathable inserts retain the bolster’s round shape.

Removable, Washable Outer Cover

Look for a removable outer cover that unzips for cleaning. Durable cotton canvas holds up well, while soft linen or textured boucle weaves add sophistication. Make sure the color palette enhances your existing bedding.

Evaluate Stitching and Construction

Inspect the seam stitching closely before purchasing. High quality bolsters feature tightly stitched seams with no loose threads. Edges should maintain their shape without sagging or collapsing to ensure lasting enjoyment.

Inspiring Style Ideas for Every Decor Approach

Searching for inspiration on how to style your extra long bolster? Consider the following ideas:

Modern Refinement

For contemporary bedrooms with plain padded headboards, elongate the lines with a sharply geometric bolster. Choose knife-edge styling for boldly squared-off ends. Pair with grid-stitched euro shams in lush velvet or menswear hopsack weave.

Rustic Lodge Charm

In a woodsy cabin-style retreat, lightly textured bolster fabrics enhance the natural vibe. Try washed linen covers in creamy ivory, or softly nubby cotton throws. Set against reclaimed barn board headboards for organic contrast.

Glitzy Sophistication

For seriously fancy spaces with tufted or upholstered headboards, introduce opulent shimmer. Opt for a crushed velvet bolster with crystal button accents. Sprinkle the arrangement with petite glass beads or jewel-toned embroidery for luxury hotel richness.

Crisp and Contemporary

Box-edged long bolsters supply stark simplicity for modern spaces. Their sharply perfect cylindrical shape plays beautifully against platform beds with geometric headboards. Continue the vibe with pile-textured euro shams in dove grey or slate blue.

Beyond tailored edges, customize contemporary style with fab bolster fabrics. Brand recognition anyone?commission limited edition iconic prints, from Warhol-esque Campbell’s Soup Cans to Keith Haring figures to succulent-filled Chanel logos.

In short, extra long bolster pillows introduce show-stopping style to king beds. Their extended cylindrical shape fills out proportions, while providing plenty of lounge-worthy real estate. Arrange artfully among coordinating pillows and shams to create a welcoming oasis.

Visually, long bolsters add luxe hotel richness, with textures limited only by your imagination. Ergonomically, they deliver ample support for sitting up comfortably without compromising the alignment of your back and neck.

At just a fraction of the investment of a new mattress or headboard upgrade, long bolster pillows supply serious styling potential. So go ahead – take your king bed to the next level with these room-enhancing additions!

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