Refresh Your Red Brick Exterior with Stylish Blue Siding

Red brick homes are always in style. But even classic exteriors can use a refresh now and then. Adding blue siding introduces eye-catching contrast while modernizing the look of your home’s facade.

Vibrant navy blue paired with red brick creates curb appeal that captivates. Soothing robin’s egg blue brings out the best in traditional red brickwork. Whether you prefer a subtle or striking exterior transformation, blue siding has the versatility to complement this iconic construction material.

Choosing a Blue Shade to Complement Red Brick

Selecting the right hue is key for ensuring blue siding flatters, not fights, the red brick palette. Here are some of the most complementary shades to consider:

blue siding with red brick

Light Blue Tones

Soft and airy light blues blend beautifully with red brick:

  • Sky blue with its peaceful, calming effect
  • Robin’s egg blue bringing a touch of retro flair
  • Blue tones with cream or gray undertones to align with red brick

Dark Blue Tones

Deeper shades can make the red brick pop:

  • Vibrant navy blue for striking color-blocked style
  • Cobalt blue for a bolder, downtown look

Key Considerations

Focus more on undertone harmony than matching brightness levels. View proposed color pairings outside in natural daylight during planning when possible.

Accent Colors to Bridge the Gap

To balance the dynamic between cooler blue siding and warm red brick, incorporate bridging accent colors like:

  • White or cream trim
  • Tan or gray roofing
  • Neutral doors and window coverings

Painting the front door a harmonious blue hue can further unify the scheme.

Incorporating Texture with Blue Siding Styles

Varying materials and finishes breaks up siding expanses for more depth and visual interest. Popular textural options include:

Board-and-Batten Vertical Siding

The traditional board-and-batten look gains modern flair dressed in shades of blue. Shadow lines add dimension to flat red brick walls. The vertical orientation draws the eyes upwards.

Shake Siding

With its rustic, undulating form, shake siding introduces charming cottage character. Wide exposure and varied widths add irregularity. Use natural cedar or cement versions painted blue.

Stucco Finishes

Durable stucco coats red brick surfaces for a streamlined southwest vibe. The mottled texture and weather-worn patina infuse romantic Old World charm.

Landscaping Tips for a Cohesive Look

Strategically placed foliage and architectural accents connect the red brick and blue siding for holistic curb appeal:

  • Evergreen shrubs with cool blue foliage or purplish blooms
  • Blue river rocks, glass chips, or shredded bark mulch in planting beds
  • House number plaques or decorative address tiles painted blue
Do:Use white flowering vines to link red brick with blue board-and-batten siding
Don’t:Plant red flowers near navy blue shake siding

Preparing a Red Brick Surface for New Siding

To ensure proper adhesion and unified appearance, prepare existing red brick walls:

  1. Power wash surfaces then repair and repoint deteriorating mortar joints
  2. Inspect for structural issues like cracks or moisture damage before installing new blue siding
  3. Apply masonry primer to bricks to improve bonding and provide a neutral base hue

The vivid contrast of blue siding styles paired with traditional red brick crafts a custom exterior that retains period charm while feeling fresh and contemporary. Beyond aesthetic appeal, this updated look improves insulation and curb appeal, preparing homes for resale.

Whether an intense color-blocked statement with navy blue shakes or a subtle brick enhancement with robin’s egg board-and-batten, stylish siding solutions prove red brick and blue hues can live together in perfect harmony while increasing a home’s value.

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