Refresh Your Kitchen with Striking Black and White Buffalo Plaid

The classic buffalo plaid pattern is having a major moment in home decor. With its retro Farmhouse vibe, this iconic black and white check print can breathe new life into any kitchen.

Incorporating buffalo plaid into your kitchen decor is an easy, affordable way to add eye-catching style. The graphic pattern pairs perfectly with rustic, vintage, and modern aesthetics alike. With just a few key accessories or bold buffalo plaid features, you can give your kitchen a stylish facelift.

Add Plaid Accents for Subtle Style

One simple way to work buffalo plaid into your kitchen is by adding small plaid accents. This allows you to incorporate the graphic print in a subtle way that won’t overwhelm the space.

black and white buffalo plaid kitchen decor

Plaid dish towels are a popular option – hang them from the oven handle or arrange neatly near the sink for a pop of pattern. Oven mitts and potholders with the classic buffalo print also add charm while being functional. Plaid napkins and placemats can level up your dining table or kitchen island with retro flair. Display them on their own or mix and match with solids and complementary patterns for an eclectic layered look.

Incorporate the buffalo check motif into utensils and kitchen tools as well. Think black and white plaid serving spoons, ladles, spatulas, and whisks. Canisters, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders and other countertop accessories also look great sporting the striking print.

The benefit of small plaid accents is they are an easy, affordable way to incorporate this timeless pattern into your kitchen’s decor. Start with just a few pieces and see how you like the look before adding more.

Declutter with Chic Plaid Storage

In addition to accents, use black and white buffalo plaid to conceal kitchen clutter in style. Bins, baskets and storage canisters with the graphic print not only corral cooking essentials and pantry items, they become part of the decor.

Keep utensils, gadgets and other frequently used items tidy in a plaid caddy or countertop organizer. Store bulk dry goods like flour, sugar and coffee in matching buffalo plaid canisters. Use fabric bins and baskets to neatly organize items like potatoes and onions. You can find buffalo plaid versions of these storage solutions or easily DIY your own.

Maximize kitchen storage space with black and white plaid drawer organizers. Use them for utensils, foil and plastic wrap, spices, or anything else that needs corralling. Make the most of the cabinet or pantry by stacking plaid storage bins and baskets. The pattern instantly elevates basic organizational tools.

Extend the plaid scheme into the fridge and freezer too. Lined baskets and bins keep produce, snacks and other cold items organized. Ice cube trays and food storage containers with the graphic print add panache to meal prep. Let buffalo plaid bring order to the chaos while kickstarting your kitchen’s style.

Create an Eye-Catching Focal Point

For a bolder look, use black and white buffalo plaid as a striking focal point in your kitchen. As a lively graphic print, buffalo plaid makes a serious style statement when used in larger applications.

One idea is to cover a wall or section of wall with bold plaid wallpaper or removable wallpaper. This instant impact doesn’t require painting or permanent changes. Alternatively, paint your accent wall or an entire wall black and use painter’s tape to create a large buffalo plaid pattern. This striking feature wall can become the heart of your kitchen’s rustic design.

Buffalo plaid also shines when used as a kitchen backsplash. Alternate black and white plaid tiles with plain white tiles for clean lines and contrast. Or cover the entire backsplash area in plaid tile – the graphic pattern is sure to inspire conversations. Extend the plaid from the backsplash to other areas like the range hood or open shelving for a pulled together look.

No matter which approach you choose, a bold buffalo plaid feature creates an eye-catching focal point without going overboard. A little buffalo plaid goes a long way, so start with one commanding element to anchor your kitchen’s new look.

Mix and Match Patterns and Textures

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures when incorporating buffalo plaid into your kitchen. Combining complementary plaids, solids, stripes, florals and other prints creates a personalized eclectic style.

Pair black and white buffalo plaid dish towels with striped oven mitts and solid colored utensils. Mix plaid placemats with patterned dinnerware for an eclectic table setting. Display casual striped stoneware dishes in a buffalo plaid hutch or plate rack. The key is finding a harmony between the different prints and finishes.

Textural contrast also brings depth to a mixed pattern space. Combine natural materials like wood, metal and leather with the graphic plaid print. A wooden block utensil holder pops against black and white plaid kitchen towels. Iron wall hooks make buffalo plaid curtains or a valance stand out. The more you layer, the more personal the look.

When mixing patterns, maintain balance so the space doesn’t feel too busy. Anchor one bold print like buffalo plaid with solid neutrals and gradually add smallerscale patterns. Keep some breathing room between prints. Most importantly, reflect your own personal style in how you artfully combine patterns and textures.

Give Vintage Finds a Facelift

Buffalo plaid’s retro vibe makes it perfect for giving lackluster vintage kitchen items new life. With a little creativity, you can transform flea market finds with a fresh plaid makeover.

Try painting or stenciling the classic buffalo check pattern onto old mixing bowls, utensils and dishes. This simple DIY project lets you customize dishware to match your kitchen’s new look. For fabric items like chair cushions or cafe curtains, use black and white plaid duct tape to reupholster them with a modern twist.

Accessories like canisters, bread boxes and napkin holders also gain new appeal when decoupaged with scrapbook paper or fabric in a buffalo plaid print. Even unloved silverware trays and serving pieces can be stripped and stenciled with a coat of bold black and white plaid.

Revitalizing old kitchen finds with an iconic buffalo plaid pattern update allows you to repurpose beloved pieces instead of replacing them. Give tired items renewed purpose and your kitchen a stylish new look on a budget.

DIY Plaid Decor on a Budget

Speaking of budget, you don’t have to splurge to bring buffalo plaid style into your kitchen. With a few simple DIY projects, you can make stunning plaid decor at home.

One of the easiest ways is no-sew throw pillows. Use iron-on adhesive to seal pre-cut squares of black and white buffalo plaid fabric. Stuff with pillow stuffing and cover the seams with ribbon or trim. Voila – custom pillows at a fraction of the price.

For instant buffalo plaid art, purchase an affordable frame. Carefully wrap the glass with plaid scrapbook paper or fabric and insert it into the frame. Optional: Add a monochrome photo or inspirational quote underneath the glass for a layered look.

Raid your recycling bin for glass jars, tins and boxes. Decoupage them with mod podge and scraps of black and white plaid paper to create charming canisters and catchalls. Even a basic vase gains eye-catching appeal wrapped in this graphic print.

With a creative spirit and minimal cash, you can craft stunning DIY buffalo plaid decor. Embrace your inner maker and give lackluster items a free plaid makeover.

Holiday Style with Buffalo Plaid

Fun fact: Buffalo plaid gained popularity because lumberjacks and other outdoor workers relied on these wool shirts and coats to keep warm in harsh weather. So it’s only natural this cozy pattern shines during the holiday season.

Incorporate buffalo plaid into your Christmas kitchen decor for a rustic holiday look. Plaid dish towels with retro kitchen references like “Peace, Love and Apple Pie” capture the nostalgic mood. Display freshly baked treats on a rolling buffalo plaid pantry cart or serving buffet. Tie plaid ribbon around glass canisters filled with candy canes and other homemade sweets.

When hosting Thanksgiving dinner, dress up your harvest table with plaid runners, napkins tied with raffia and a centerpiece featuring mini pumpkins and gourds. Serve up autumnal cocktails in mason jars wrapped with black and white buffalo plaid fabric. Lean into the cozy cabin vibes with plaid accoutrements.

Best of all, these seasonal touches of plaid work beyond the holidays. Keep your Christmas plaid on display year round for cozy Farmhouse character. Let buffalo plaid staples like dish towels, oven mitts and potholders pull double duty after the holidays. It’s the print that gives all year!

Buffalo plaid’s graphic charm and rustic spirit never go out of style. Whether you add subtle plaid accents or make it the star with an accent wall, this iconic print packs decorating power. Tailor your plaid kitchen details to your personal taste and the space will feel welcoming for years to come.

Revive your kitchen with easy black and white buffalo plaid updates. Then sit back and admire its striking new style over homecooked meals and memorable gatherings. Here’s to making your house a home with this timeless black and white check!

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