Refresh Your Home’s Look with Weathered Wood Shingles

If your home’s exterior is looking tired and dated, a fresh new roof can make a dramatic difference in its appearance. Weathered wood shingles offer a wonderfully rustic aesthetic that can give your home a charming, outdoorsy vibe. With their textured look mimicking the natural patina of aged wood, these shingles infuse homes with cozy warmth and timeless appeal.

From achievable DIY projects to full roof replacements, you’ll learn just how much of a transformation weathered shingles can bring.

What are Weathered Wood Shingles?

Weathered wood shingles are designed to replicate the look of wood that has been naturally weathered and worn over time. Using a specialized manufacturing process, the shingles are imprinted with variegated colors and textures to achieve an aged, timeworn appearance.

Compared to natural wood shakes and shingles, weathered wood versions offer greater affordability and longevity. And brands like GAF, Tamko, and CertainTeed have perfected the weathering process to capture authentic old wood charm.

Ideal for Rustic Home Aesthetics

With their rustic, textured facade mimicking the colors of driftingwood, weathered wood shingles are perfectly suited for homes with cozy cabin or lodge-inspired architecture. They coordinate beautifully with natural stone and wood accents.

weathered wood shingles on house

Farmhouses and rural properties also benefit from the welcoming, time-honored look of weathered wood shingles. Their faded colors and charmingly irregular textures blend with pastoral surroundings.

Choosing Complementary Siding Colors

When pairing siding with weathered wood shingles, earthy neutral colors tend to have the best visual impact. Shades of grey, brown, beige, and white complement the multi-toned, naturally-weathered shingles.

For a subtle accent, a warm sage or olive green can provide an appealing pop of color. But avoid bright, bold hues, which tend to clash with the weathered wood aesthetic.

Installing Weathered Wood Shingles

While professional installation is recommended for most homeowners, DIYers can tackle replacing weathered wood shingles on smaller sloped roofs. The process involves removing existing shingles, preparing the roof deck, installing underlayment, and nailing new shingles in rows from the bottom up.

Proper ventilation is crucial, so make sure to install ridge vents. Flashing should also be integrated with roof edges and protrusions. Overall costs range from $350-500 per square for materials, with labor adding $150-300 per square if hiring a contractor.

Maintenance Tips

Expect weathered wood shingles to last around 20-30 years with proper care. To maximize their lifespan:

  • Inspect shingles annually and replace damaged ones
  • Clean debris from the roof and gutters regularly
  • Apply moss killer treatments if needed
  • Avoid excessive foot traffic on the roof

The Weathered Wood Look on a Budget

Genuine weathered wood shingles can be pricey, but you can mimic their aesthetic for less with faux options. Composite shingles with layered color blends achieve a similar multi-dimensional patina for 30-50% less.

On a tight budget? Stains that add gray woodgrain textures also generate the weathered shingle look. Or opt for vinyl or fiber cement siding boards with driftwood-mimicking color variations.

Ready to revamp your home’s whole exterior? Weathered wood shingles can take your curb appeal to the next level when combined with complementary design updates.

Along with a full roof replacement, consider adding stone accents, neutral colored siding, and natural landscaping. You’ll enjoy an exterior with cohesive modern-rustic flair.

Let weathered wood shingles infuse your home withnature-inspired warmth and beauty. Their textured facade lends back-in-time character while still feeling crisp and refreshed.

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