Renew Your Roof with Weathered Wood Shingles

Tired of looking at the same drab asphalt shingles on your roof? Want a style upgrade that doesn’t cost a fortune or require special maintenance? Look no further than weathered wood shingles.

This increasingly popular composite roofing option mimics the natural texture and rustic appeal of real wood shakes with the durability and affordability of traditional asphalt.

What Are Weathered Wood Shingles?

Weathered wood shingles are asphalt roof shingles engineered to resemble the dimensional shape and coloring of wood shakes or shingles. They feature multiple layers of granulated coating and shadow lines to emulate the depth, texture, and color variations of real wood.

These composite shingles are constructed out of the same basic components as traditional asphalt shingles : a fiberglass base mat soaked in asphalt and topped with protective mineral granules. However, weathered wood shingle manufacturers use specialized color blends and application processes to achieve a convincingly natural, multi-tonal wood look.

weatherwood shingles on house

Key Benefits of Weathered Wood Shingles

What sets weathered woods apart from standard asphalt or real wood shakes? Here are some of the most notable advantages that make them an appealing roofing choice:


Weathered wood shingles deliver the coveted look of cedar or redwood shakes at a fraction of the investment. While real wood shakes can cost upwards of $1000 per square (100 square foot area) installed, weathered woods fall within the same range as premium architectural shingles.

Expect to budget $350-500 per square for most weathered wood shingle products – more affordable than wood, slate, metal, or tile options. And qualifying products may earn you homeowners insurance discounts over wood shakes as well!

Durability and Longevity

How long should weathered wood shingles last? Their asphalt construction makes weathered woods significantly more durable and longer-lasting than real wood shakes or shingles.

Most offer a lifetime limited warranty covering defects and failure. With proper installation and care, weathered wood shingles can provide 20-25 years of reliable performance before replacement is needed – similar to standard asphalt architectural shingles .

The layered material is resilient against hail, high winds, foot traffic, and other aging factors. Fire safety is also excellent thanks to fire-resistant mineral components.

Visual Interest and Curb Appeal

Of course, the main attraction of weathered woods lies in their realistic, textured appearance. The multi-layered dimensions enhanced with color blending and shadow lines compete with real wood in terms of natural beauty.

These shingles pair beautifully with both bold, dark exterior palettes and crisp white or cream colored homes. Rustic, charming, sophisticated – weathered woods complement almost any architectural style and color scheme imaginable!

When to Consider Installing Weathered Wood Shingles

Ready to take your roof to the next level? Here are three scenarios where weathered wood shingles can make smart, stylish sense:

  • Replacing Old Roofing – If your current roof is nearing the end of its usable life, choose weathered woods for your replacement shingles. Renew both performance and aesthetics in one go!
  • Improving Resale Value – Eye-catching curb appeal translates to bigger profits when selling your home. Weathered wood shingles are an affordable facade upgrade sure to wow buyers.
  • Complementing Other Improvements – If you’re investing in major exterior upgrades like siding replacement or exterior paint, carry over your color scheme onto a fresh roof of weathered woods as the finishing touch.

What to Look for When Shopping Weathered Wood Shingles

While aesthetics may be subjective, keep performance expectations objective by only selecting top-quality products. When comparing weathered wood shingle options, look for:

  • Brand Reputations – Trust industry leaders like GAF , Certainteed , and Owens Corning with proven histories.
  • Impact Resistance – Look for impact resistant shingles rated to withstand hail, falling branches, and foot traffic.
  • Warranty Coverage – Top-tier shingles offer lifetime limited warranties. Make sure yours adequately covers defects and labor.
  • Color/Style Options – Compare color blends like grays, browns, and woodsy hues to find your perfect match.

Final Considerations for Installation

While weathered wood shingles don’t require specialized installation, adhere to the following guidelines to ensure optimum performance:

  • Hire Professional Installers – Improper installation jeopardizes your roof’s lifespan and warranty coverage. Trust seasoned pros to get the job done right.
  • Follow Manufacturer Guidelines – Stick to application instructions for layering directions, nail placement, slope precautions, etc.
  • Plan Future Maintenance – Occasionally clean and inspect your new shingles. Budget for replacement in 25 years or so.

Weathered wood shingles offer the perfect solution for homeowners seeking to amplify their roof’s visual flair without breaking budgets. Their rugged performance, affordable pricing, and low maintenance demands check all the boxes for suitable longevity as well.

If you think weathered woods may be right for your next roofing renewal or upgrade, consult professional installers in your area to request estimates. With some expert help, you can easily trade dull asphalt for dashing, dimensional weathered wood shingles!

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