Pitch Perfect: Showering in Style Under Your Slanted Roof

Have you ever dreamed of showering under the stars? For those with a slanted, pitched, or sloped ceiling, this vision can become a reality by installing a shower designed to fit the unique architecture. With careful planning and customization, you can create an eye-catching, spa-like shower space under your angled roof. From picking the right enclosure to positioning the shower head, we will explore how to make the most of your awkward ceiling for a gorgeous, functional shower you’ll love.

Measure Carefully for Shower Height

The first and most important step for an angled ceiling shower is to accurately measure the height. For most people to stand comfortably under the shower head, you need around 2 meters (6.5 feet) of clear space above the floor. This minimum height must accommodate the shower fixtures, any plumbing, and the enclosure if you choose one.

shower with slanted ceiling

Be sure to measure at multiple points – the height may vary across the ceiling slope. Note the lowest and highest measurements to find your workable shower space. Use a laser level to get precise readings. Allow around 20 cm (8 inches) above your ceiling heights for shower plumbing and the enclosure. Remember, you can always make the shower floor lower if needed by excavating the subfloor. Just ensure appropriate ceiling clearance remains.

Choose the Right Shower Enclosure

Choosing the optimal shower enclosure for your angled ceiling takes careful consideration. Here are some of the main options along with the pros and cons:

Angled Shower Cabins

A prefabricated shower cabin with walls designed specifically for sloped ceilings can save installation time. Custom shower cabins come in a range of dimensions to fit different ceiling heights and layouts. Just ensure the enclosure size allows ample interior space. The downside is that ordering custom means a longer lead time and higher cost.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless glass enclosure panels give a sleek, modern look. They can be ordered to fit the exact slope of your ceiling. Using glass on the walls keeps the space feeling open. The frameless style avoids visual barriers. However, glass panels alone don’t offer as much water protection. You’ll need to properly slope the floor and consider using a shower curtain.

Walk-in Showers

If your angled ceiling has at least 2 meters (6.5 feet) of clearance at the lowest point, you can install a walk-in shower. With no doors or enclosure, this free-flowing option can make the space feel more spacious. Ensure the ceiling is waterproofed well. Also consider adding decorative glass walls or a privacy curtain. The open design means splashing water needs extra precaution. Proper drainage is a must.

Visit showrooms to view enclosure options and visualize them in your space. In a sloped ceiling shower, every centimeter matters, so be picky! Don’t be afraid to customize and combine enclosure styles for your situation.

Customize Your Shower Floor

With a sloped ceiling, you’ll likely need a shower floor that sits at an angle or slopes down with the roofline. This allows optimal ceiling clearance. Here are some sloped shower floor options to consider:

Tiled Shower Floors

The shower floor itself can be tiled at an angle to match your ceiling slope. The tile layout can even mimic the ceiling shape. Use a waterproof membrane beneath the tiles. Ensure proper drainage slopes toward the drain. Tile allows a fully custom shower pan angle. Just prepare for extensive tile work.

Prefabricated Shower Pans

Prefabricated acrylic or resin shower pans come ready to install. Some types can be subtly angled or tapered to sit lower along one side. This subtly sloped design can work for mild ceiling angles. Check that the ceiling height remains workable. You’ll still need to waterproof and tile around the pan.

Custom Shower Trays

For the perfect fit, order a shower tray custom made for your ceiling slope. Provide the angles and dimensions. Custom trays can be built from various materials like acrylic, resin, or even fiberglass. With the pan in place, you can tile the surrounding floor. This option saves tiling time. Just prepare to pay more for a tailored shower tray.

When shaping your sloped shower floor, place the linear drain near the lowest point. Make sure the floor slope directs water runoff properly towards the drain. Aim for a slope of 1/4 inch per foot as a minimum.

Carefully Position the Shower Head

Since your slanted ceiling may limit shower head height, you’ll need to find the sweet spot for comfort and drenching water flow. Here are some sloped ceiling-friendly options:

Adjustable Height

Look for a shower head with an adjustable slide bar or ceiling mount arm. This flexibility allows you to tweak the height and angle as needed. Just ensure it reaches high enough for ample coverage given your ceiling situation.

Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads allow you to control the water flow and easily direct it where needed. The wand can be mounted in a holder but detached for mobility. Great for bathing kids or pets! For sloped ceilings, position the holder as high as comfortably possible.

Overhead Rainfall Shower Heads

An overhead rainfall shower head can still work with careful positioning. Place it near the ceiling’s highest point. Use an articulated arm for precise angle adjustment. Consider a rectangular rainfall head shape to maximize coverage.

Don’t shy away from trying a hybrid approach by installing both overhead and handheld shower heads. This allows flexible functionality for sloped ceiling spaces.

Complement with the Right Bathroom Features

To complete your sloped ceiling bathroom, choose complementary fixtures and features that work with the limited space.

Bathroom Vanity

When picking a vanity, ensure there is adequate clearance from the sink and countertop to the lowest point of the ceiling. Measure carefully to find a vanity that fits. Wall mounted and pedestal sinks open up floor space. Floating vanities can visually expand the room.


If ceiling height allows, you can add a bathtub to your slanted ceiling bathroom. Alcove tubs fit nicely into sloped spaces. Make sure to measure ceiling clearance for entry and exit. A freestanding tub is another option if you have the floor space. Position it wisely to allow sitting clearance underneath the ceiling slope.

Storage Solutions

Maximize every bit of available space with storage solutions designed for angled ceilings. Corner shelves, narrow shelving units, and customized cabinetry all come in handy. Baskets, floating shelves, and over-the-toilet storage provide additional spots to tuck away bathroom necessities.

Decorating for an Open, Spacious Feel

Visually expanding the limited space in your sloped ceiling bathroom comes down to strategic design choices.

Use Light Colors

Paint the ceiling and walls in light, pale hues like white, light gray, or soft blue. Avoid dark colors which will make the space feel smaller. The high ceiling also allows for more vivid paint on the upper portion of walls.

Incorporate Glass

Adding glass elements like shower walls, mirrors, and vanity surfaces makes the room feel airier and larger. Glass reflects light effectively in a bathroom with limited natural light.

Keep Fixtures Minimal

Prevent clutter by choosing sleek, low-profile fixtures. Frameless showers, floating vanities, and unobtrusive shelving keep the room looking spacious and airy.

Use Proper Lighting

Properly placed lighting makes all the difference in an angled bathroom. Pot lights and directional fixtures targeted to illuminate the shower and vanity provide ample task lighting. Additional ambient lighting like pendant lights or LED strips open up the space.

Even under a challenging slanted ceiling, your dream shower can become a reality with careful prep work. Accurate measurements, a tailored enclosure, and cleverly positioned fixtures allow you to overcome height restrictions with style. Don’t be deterred by the sloped angles – think of them as an opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind bathroom oasis. Just be sure to waterproof thoroughly and position that shower head perfectly! With the right pitch-perfect planning, you’ll be showering in comfort and luxury beneath your slanted ceiling.

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