Pier One Floor Lamps – Versatile Style For Every Room

Pier One has a large selection of floor lamps that are easy to find. From traditional designs with stained glass shades to modern metallic lamps with clean lines, Pier One’s floor lamps span a range of aesthetics to coordinate with any decor.

We’ll explore the variety of Pier One floor lamps ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right height and proportions. Read on to discover how Pier One’s quality, budget-friendly lighting can elevate your space.

Traditional Charm

Channeling old-world charm, Pier One’s traditional floor lamps often feature fabric shades, bronze finishes, and decorative details. The Abby Floor Lamp has a removable huckleberry blue shade with matching finial accents. Its slender profile saves space while casting a soft glow. For amber ambient lighting, the Marlowe Floor Lamp features an acorn-shaped textured base and linen drum shade. Its pull chain allows easy control over the mood.

Bring Vintage Flair

Vintage-style floor lamps from Pier One’s exclusive Harbourside Collection introduce a well-loved look. The Harbourside Glass Floor Lamp features an aged antique brass base and seeded glass for dispersion. Its wide shade shows off the decorative font across it reading “Pier One Imports”.

Distressed wood bases also provide a timeworn appearance. The Paulo Floor Lamp has a whitewashed finish to contrast its burlap drum shade. Its metal pulley lift mechanism allows variable height adjustments.

pier one floor lamps

Contemporary Minimalism

Without excessive ornamentation, Pier One’s selection of modern floor lamps spotlights simplicity. Clean lines, metallic elements, and solid tinted shades define these contemporary styles. The Two Tone Metal Floor Lamp has a matte black column base supporting a polished steel drum shade. Its industrial aesthetic works in urban rooms.

Artistic Touches

Some modern floor lamp options from Pier One add artistic flourishes. The Round Bubble Glass Floor Lamp features an orb-shaped frosted glass diffuser with an internal layer of bubbles for visual interest. Its weighted round base provides sturdiness and balance.

The skinny frame of the Abbotsford Floor Lamp allows its slick cylindrical shade to take center stage. Vertical ridges texture its ivory faux alabaster acrylic shade to refract soft illumination. Its dimmer switch enables adjustable brightness.

Transitional Flexibility

Blending modern and traditional elements, Pier One’s transitional floor lamps have adaptable styles for variance. They often combine straight lines with curved silhouettes along with an interplay of materials. The Multi-Colored Glass Floor Lamp has a metal frame housing a colorful glass vase-shaped shade. The organic shape teams with the structured pole for the mixed aesthetic.

Merging Old and New

Some transitional floor lamp options artfully fuse aged and contemporary aspects. The Smoked Ombre Glass Floor Lamp pairs an industrial-style matte black iron base with a gradient smoked glass shade from dark gray at the top to light gray at the bottom for an ombre effect.

The Stainless Steel/Wood Floor Lamp also meshes a sleek hollow body metal structure with an organic mango wood circular base. Its linen shade incorporates both fabrics and metal materials.

Novelty & Themed Statements

Playing with color, shape, and motifs, Pier One offers novelty and themed floor lamps to infuse personality. The Turquoise Table Torchiere Lamp has a tapered turquoise glass base resembling a genie’s lamp for magical whimsy. Geometric patterns decorated the Hourglass Table Torchiere Lamp’s azure glass body to coordinate with graphic prints.

Coastal and Natural Motifs

Nautical and natural themes also inspire some Pier One designs. The Sea Grass Twist Floor Lamp uses woven seagrass around its linen shade, perfect for beach-themed rooms. The Brown Leaves Table Torchiere Lamp features metallic foliage shapes rising up its clear glass base for an organic look.

Novelty animal prints can also make a statement, like the metallic gold leopard pattern gracing the Leopard Table Torchiere Lamp’s hourglass-shaped frosted white glass frame and shade.

Living Room Illumination

Positioned next to seating areas, floor lamps in living rooms provide both ambient and task lighting. For focused beams when reading or working, adjustable swing arm floor lamps allow directional functionality. The Abbotsford Floor Lamp’s arm hinges in and out to place light right where it’s needed.

Enhance Entertainment Setups

To spotlight media centers without glare on screens, floor lamps behind sectionals or chairs cast helpful glow. Swing arm styles like the Wood Arm Pharmacy Floor Lamp extend over shoulders. Its vintage pharmacy-style milk glass shade has a nostalgic feel.

Dimmable floor lamps also allow easy light level adjustments depending on activities. The 3-Way Metal/Marble Table Torchiere Lamp’s touch sensor switch cycles from bright to low illumination.

Bedroom Retreats

Soothing sanctuary lighting helps bedrooms feel like personal retreats. Floor lamps placed beside nightstands or in corners offer soft, diffuse radiance. The Round Rattan Table Torchiere Lamp has an easy-to-reach bottom dial controlling its dimmable natural woven lamp shade.

Accent Furniture

Unique floor lamps placed near seating areas or beside dressers provide charming accent illumination. The Scalloped Ceramic Table Lamp has a beautiful baby blue glazed ceramic base with charming curves. Its oval hemp shade incorporates natural texture.

Bold floor lamps can also make distinctive style statements, like the Large Spiral Glass Floor Lamp. Its towering frame supports blue, yellow, and green twisted glass traversing up its spiral column.

Home Office Helpers

Directing light right where you need it most, floor lamps are productive home office additions. The swing arm Wood Arm Pharmacy Floor Lamp focuses adjustable illumination over desktop work zones when pulled close.

Brighten Bookcases

Positioned near shelving, floor lamps spotlight book and accessory displays. The Harper Glass Floor Lamp stands over 5 feet tall, perfect for taller bookcases. Its beautiful mouth-blown seeded glass base displays visual texture.

Timber textures also coordinate with wood furniture. The Carved Wood Floor Lamp has an intricately latticed hardwood base with a matching finial supporting its tapered drum shade.

Choosing Proportions

Consider floor lamp heights in proportion to ceilings for optimal illumination spread. Standard 8 to 9 foot ceilings pair well with 60 to 70 inch lamps. The 6 foot Sea Glass Mosaic Floor Lamp suits this scale. Size shade width for sufficient glow distribution without overwhelming rooms.

Balance Bulb Wattage

Bulb wattage impacts brightness. Scale wattage based on shade size and lamp use. For focused task lighting, use higher wattage around 60 watts. Lower 15 watt bulbs better suit small ambient light shades. LED bulbs provide energy savings.

Style Your Space Affordably

Compared to high-end designer brands, Pier One floor lamps provide stylish lighting at just a fraction of the price. Keep an eye out for frequent sales, online promo codes, and clearance deals for extra savings on quality floor lamps to match your budget.

The variety at Pier One also makes coordinating floor lamps across different rooms simple. Maintain cohesion with complementary metal finishes and matching natural wood elements. Or create an eclectic look by intentionally pairing contrasting designs for visual interest.

Pier One has expertise that spans over 50 years. Their floor lamps introduce vintage charm, modern personality, and novelty depending on your needs. Illuminate and elevate your home beautifully without breaking budgets.

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