Painted Kitchen Counters: The Affordable Countertop Solution You Need

If your kitchen feels tired and dated, a full countertop replacement can cost thousands. Painting existing laminate counters offers a budget-friendly DIY upgrade for only a fraction of the price. Learn how a simple coat of paint can transform your kitchen counters without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Paint for Kitchen Counters?

Paint provides an affordable way to give outdated counters a fresh, modern look. Compared to traditional countertop replacement, painting has many advantages:

  • Significantly lower cost – only a few hundred dollars vs. thousands for new stone or quartz
  • Much faster project timeline – paint in a weekend instead of weeklong installation
  • Available in any color to match your style
  • Minimal commitment since its not a permanent change

The lower cost and quicker timeline make painting a practical choice for renters or homeowners on a tight budget. And with the right prep and paint products, painted counters can last for years with minimal upkeep.

paint for kitchen counters

Prepping Your Counters for a Long-Lasting Paint Finish

While painting counters seems straightforward, proper prep is crucial for best results. Carefully prepare your existing laminate counters by:

  1. Cleaning counters thoroughly then lightly sanding for texture
  2. Applying bonding primer to help paint adhere
  3. Caulking edges and seams to prevent moisture damage

This prep provides the ideal foundation so your freshly painted counters will withstand heavy daily use.

Product Recommendations: Paints, Primers & Sealers

When researching paint for kitchen counters, focus less on the specific paint type and more on choosing products that feature maximum durability. The key is using quality primer and sealer that protects the paint.

Paint Options

For the paint itself, many homeowners use leftover latex wall paint or acrylic craft paint with great success. Specialty countertop paints ensure optimal adhesion and include integrated primers. We chose acrylic craft paint for wider color selection and cost savings compared to a specialty paint.

The Importance of Primer & Sealer

No matter what paint you choose, invest in a solid primer and protective sealer:

  • Primers – Allow paint to properly bond with laminate surface
  • Sealers – Create protective top barrier against damage from daily wear and tear

We used a fast-drying water-based primer and a two-part resin sealer that exceeded our expectations for durability. The resin has held up beautifully against spills, splatters, scratches and more with no signs of wear.

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 PrimerBonds paint to laminate counters
Behr Premium Interior PaintBase paint for color and coverage
Parks Super Glaze Resin TopcoatClear sealer for protection

Maintaining Your Gorgeous Painted Counters

Once your counters are prepped, painted and sealed, just allow one week for the paint to fully cure before regular use. Then simply clean as usual with soap and water or disinfecting wipes.

Our painted counters have held up beautifully for over 5 years now. We’ve touched up a few minor scratches by lightly sanding the spot then brushing on extra sealant resin.

In total we spent around $350 on paint, tools, primer and sealers. Compare that to quotes of $5,000+ for new stone counters. We recouped our small investment in lower homeowner insurance rates thanks to our kitchen upgrade.

Bottom line – with some elbow grease, painting existing counters delivers stunning results that look like high-end stone at a fraction of the replacement cost. Were thrilled with how our painted counters modernized our kitchen and added to our homes value for less.

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