Our Review of Gioia’s Steel Accent Cabinet

Finding the perfect accent cabinet to add decorative flair while offering functional storage can be a challenge. The vast options of materials, sizes, and styles make narrowing down your choice overwhelming. That’s why we were intrigued when we discovered Gioia’s steel 2-door accent cabinet. Its quality steel construction in a compact, versatile size seemed an ideal accent furnishing to evaluate. We ordered Gioia’s accent cabinet to style our living room and were impressed by its chic yet sturdy build. Read on for our full review detailing the storage capabilities, assembly, and ideal placements for this accent cabinet that punches above its weight.


Accent cabinets bridge the gap between fashion and function. Meant to complement room design as standalone pieces or part of a coordinated furniture set, accent cabinets provide decorative visual appeal. Unlike bulky storage units, they tuck neatly into small unused spaces. Their smaller storage capacity meets needs to organize items you access regularly. From displaying cherished dishware to stowing remote controls, accent cabinets organize essentials behind closed doors.

Gioia is a maker of boutique steel furnishings, specializing in handcrafted cabinets and shelving. They construct statement-making fixtures known for durability, thanks to their steel foundation. We were seeking an accent cabinet to add storage without crowding our compact living area. Gioia’s steel accent offering caught our eye for its vertical orientation and handsome mixed materials. Keep reading for a breakdown of what makes this accent cabinet a versatile storage solution for small spaces.

About the Gioia Brand

Years in Business

Gioia launched in 2010, the artisanal vision of husband-and-wife co-founders, Gianna and Giovanni Russo. What began as hand-building custom steel creations from their home garage grew into a widely respected brand for high-quality steel furniture. Over a decade later, Gioia operates their bespoke workshop powered by skilled steel workers and artisans. They’ve stayed true to fine craftsmanship and their signature material – steel.

Other Product Offerings

While accent cabinets are newer offerings, Gioia established authority constructing steel furnishings. Their current catalogue spans dining tables, console tables, platform beds, sideboards, and media consoles. Each displays meticulous steel fabrication – mitred corners, reinforced joins, bespoke hardware. Beyond expertise working in steel, Gioia also thoughtfully incorporates other materials like wood or marble. We particular love their steel framed mirrors and kitchen carts which exhibit their range. Known for customization, most products come in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes.

gioia steel 2 - door accent cabinet

Reasons to Trust Their Craftsmanship

Gioia is recognized by top industry publications for masterful steel construction. Their products meet strict quality guidelines – GreenGuard Gold certification, CARB compliance, plus sustainability manufacturing standards. Each piece exceeds 100 lbs stress tests. Items ship with protection plans against defects plus damage coverage. Owners cite durability and longevity, with minimal upkeep aside from occasional polishing. We felt confident Gioia’s build quality could withstand everyday use.

Introducing the 2-Door Steel Accent Cabinet

Accent cabinets serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Visually, they inject personality into any space as a decorative focal point. Functionally, they tuck away essentials conveniently behind closed doors. Gioia’s two-door cabinet impresses on both fronts. Its vertical silhouette spotlights quality steel fabrication mixed with wood shelving. Ample storage capacity organizes items within reach. Neutral, vintage-inspired colors suit a variety of decors. Quality steel paneling assures durability to become a staple furnishing for years.

Sleek Steel Construction

True to Gioia’s specialty, this cabinet features steel framework construction. The exterior cabinet facade sports powder-coated steel paneling in various rich neutral hues. Steel doors provide discreet access, mixing materials with wooden pulls. Vertical steel supports reinforce the cabinet structure. Internally, adjustable shelving spans steel side rails to enable customizable configurations. Durable steel ensures this space-saving cabinet withstands busy households or workspaces.

Spacious Storage Options

Despite a compact silhouette, two generous shelves behind two doors create ample organized storage. Shelves easily shift to accommodate different item sizes. The lower shelf stores bulkier items like boxes, while the upper fits smaller objects. For additional storage, a discreet rolled door hides a vertical cubby. This accent cabinet comfortably houses items for dinner parties, home offices, craft corners, and beyond. Its storage capacity maximizes often neglected space behind furnishings, in hallways, or next to doorways.

Double Doors for Convenient Access

Discreet double doors enable access without sacrificing style. Expertly constructed steel doors feature subtle beveled detailing. Discreet circular wooden pulls echo the warm mixed material accents. Doors open a full 180 degrees thanks to durable hidden hinges, enabling easy interior access. Closing flush to the cabinet, doors conceal contents tidily. Choose between a magnetic self-close mechanism or manual operation for ease entering and exiting.

Neutral and Vintage Finish Choices

Gioia’s accent cabinet shines in an array of muted tones suiting varied decors and color schemes. Ranging from matte black to bright white and multiple wood tone stains in-between, the finish options span modern chic to refined rustic. The metal cabinet body coordinates with wooden shelves and hardware for cohesive two-tone allure. Distressed paint techniques and rubbed edges create depth replicating beloved antiques. Yet its full steel body assures this accent cabinet withstands everyday use without fading.

Compact, Clever Dimensions

Measuring at 26″ tall x 18″ wide x 14″ deep, this scaled accent furnishing squeezes into tight spaces. Its vertical orientation enables tucking in niches aside existing storage units or furniture. Compact yet mighty, the cabinet maximizes often overlooked vacant areas while increasing storage. For small homes or offices, this versatile cabinet becomes a storage life-saver. Style it alone highlighting its cleanly fabricated lines or grouped with coordinating decor.

Assembly and Installation

Gioia ships furniture pieces unassembled with detailed instructions for assembly. Constructed from quality materials, their products are designed for intuitive home construction. Their accent cabinet assembles with common household tools in under an hour. Packaged components ship protected inside a single box conveniently delivered curbside. Follow included directions to merge solid wooden shelves, steel framed cabinet and hardware into this storage solution suitable for showcasing.

Packaging and Contents

The Gioia accent cabinet ships as a 35 lb. cardboard box containing cabinet components and hardware. Contents include a steel case, two steel vertical supports, two wooden fixed shelves, two steel hinged doors, two circular wooden door pulls, door hinges plus screws. An instruction guide, household hardware and Allen wrench help construct the cabinet. Cardboard brace inserts and foam protect parts in transit. Simply unpack boxes and lay out materials to begin.

Step-by-Step Assembly

Detailed instructions walk through constructing the accent cabinet using provided and household hardware. First, attach cabinet back and sides to strong steel frame using specialist screws and wrench. Next, slide shelving into position along the steel side rails evenly spaced to preference. Then align pre-hung steel door panels and affix to the cabinet box utilizing door hinges. Lastly, insert circular wooden door pulls into pre-drilled holes to complete the build. Voila – your storage solution is ready for styling!

Necessary Tools

Gioia provides the necessary Allen wrench plus screws to assemble their steel accent cabinet. You’ll also need a power drill with Phillips-head attachment to secure shelving and doors. A rubber mallet helps gently tap shelving and components into alignment. pledge or other wipe protects the finish from scratches during construction. Then style your organized storage solution to suit your space!

Where This Accent Cabinet Shines

We love this accent cabinet for its durability and storage capacity masked in a scaled furnishing. Its steel body, convenient double doors and adjustable interior make it versatile for tucking items away while complementing your existing decor. We found it optimal staged in the following locations:

  • Living Room – Stash barware, linens, records behind the doors without clutter
  • Entryway – Conceal mail, keys, leashes neatly when not in use
  • Office – File paperwork, supplies behind closed doors to keep your workspace tidy
  • Bedroom – Store extra linens, accessories conveniently when floor space is sparse
  • Kitchen – Cleverly stash lesser used appliances off countertops until needed

We particularly love using it in our living area next to our media console. It enables organizing video game controllers, streaming devices and headphones out of sight. Its durable steel build even enables using the cabinet top as an occasional side table when entertaining guests. Thoughtful interior storage options keep our living space tidy.

Alternatives to Consider

If Gioia’s two-door steel accent cabinet doesn’t meet your needs, consider alternatives offering similar storage and style. Here’s how others compare:

IkeaLowerEngineered Wood1 Adjustable Shelf
West ElmHigherSolid Wood1 Fixed Shelf
World MarketSimilarMDF with Veneer2 Fixed Shelves

While other accent cabinets come with attractive elements, Gioia’s steel construction ensures longevity not matched by engineered or veneered products. Fine details like adjustable shelves, durable steel doors and mixed material appeal make this accent cabinet a sound investment.

Cost Analysis and Warranty

Priced at $350 with free shipping, Gioia’s two-door steel accent cabinet comes competitively priced compared to similar size yet lesser quality counterparts. With discounted bulk pricing offered, their products provide exceptional value given top-tier steel construction. Gioia protects investments with a one year manufacturer warranty covering defects and damage. Consider cost per use over the lifetime of this cabinet, and Gioia’s durable offerings shine.

For compact storage that impresses, choose Gioia’s 2-door steel accent cabinet. Cleverly designed with style and function in mind, this space-saving furnishing tucks neatly into small unused spaces. Durable steel construction assures decades of use while adjustable wooden shelving organizes interiors to suit needs. Neutral andnature-inspired finishes blend into both rustic cottage and modern industrial decors seamlessly. For the price, you’ll be hard pressed to find the storage capabilities, resilience and decor appeal offered in Gioia’s scaled cabinet.

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