My Search for the Perfect Extra Large Wicker Basket

My small apartment has always been a bit cluttered. Between my massive book collection, overflowing winter wardrobe, and tendency to hang on to keepsakes, every closet and shelf seems to fill up fast. This year, I was determined to finally get organized and reclaim my space. The solution? Oversized wicker baskets that could neatly store all my extras while adding a natural, rustic vibe. Little did I know finding the perfect extra large wicker basket would end up being an epic quest!

After living in disarray for too long, I was ready for baskets that could corral all my stuff in style. I started researching the best options that would meet my needs.

What Are Extra Large Wicker Baskets?

Wicker baskets are woven from flexible plant materials like willow, rattan, bamboo, and seagrass. The weaving creates breathable, versatile containers perfect for storage and organization. Extra large wicker baskets are oversized versions – bigger than the average wicker basket.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have handles or lids. Dimensions can range from 18″ tall and wide to 36″ high with ample depth. With more capacity than typical baskets, they can handle big, bulky items.

Benefits of Oversized Wicker Baskets

I was drawn to extra large wicker baskets because of the many advantages they offer:

  • More storage capacity – Better fit for large linens, blankets, and clothing items.
  • Organize bulky goods – From kids toys to sporting equipment and craft supplies.
  • Versatile uses – Suitable for nearly every room in your home.
  • Natural rustic aesthetic – Warm and inviting visual appeal.
  • Durable and long-lasting – Tightly woven wicker is extremely sturdy.

With so many perks, I was eager to pick out the perfect oversized basket for my needs.

My Storage Needs

In my small apartment, I was dealing with clutter and mess in several key areas that I hoped to fix with bigger baskets:

extra tall wicker baskets
  • Too many linens and blankets crammed on closet shelves.
  • Out-of-control books and papers taking over surfaces.
  • Disorganized wardrobe with clothes spilling everywhere.
  • General “junk drawer” chaos in the bathroom and kitchen.

I measured out each space to determine the ideal basket sizes. I also considered my home decor – I envisioned natural, neutral-toned baskets fitting right in.

Key Factors in My Basket Search

With my needs in mind, I was ready to find the perfect oversized wicker baskets. I identified these key factors to evaluate different options:

  • Size and dimensions – Baskets had to properly fit the target spaces in my home.
  • Material quality – Only tightly woven, sturdy wicker would do.
  • Style – I preferred simple, neutral designs.
  • Affordability – As a renter on a budget, I needed decent prices.
  • Availability – Wanted baskets that were readily in stock.

Armed with this criteria, I scoured all the usual stores and websites on an epic search for my ideal baskets.

The Best Extra Large Wicker Baskets

After what seemed like endless basket browsing, I narrowed it down to two stellar picks that met all my needs:

Whitmor Oversized Wicker Rattan Basket

This generously sized rectangular basket came in neutral tones like gray and tan. The hand-woven rattan offered durability. My favorite feature was the built-in fabric liner – no need to purchase separately!

Goodpick XL Decorative Storage Basket

For a jumbo basket I could use as a hamper, this was a winner. Available in espresso, navy, and natural, the stylish basket worked with any decor. Dual handles made it easy to move and carry.

I ended up getting both baskets – multiple sizes gave me flexibility. The woven wicker brought the natural texture I was going for. Within a few weeks, I completely transformed the problem areas in my apartment!

How I Styled My New Oversized Baskets

Part of the appeal of extra large wicker baskets is how versatile they are. I incorporated my new baskets into different spaces:

  • Blanket basket inside my bedroom closet to neatly store linens.
  • Clothing and hamper basket for the walk-in closet to corral wardrobe.
  • Office supply basket under my work desk to organize books and papers.
  • Bathroom basket on a shelf for rolled towels and self-care items.

To personalize the baskets even more, I lined them with decorative fabric and added a few lidded baskets for hidden storage. The natural woven texture paired perfectly with my boho-chic style.

Extra Large Baskets Transformed My Home

Bringing order to my small apartment seemed impossible before oversized wicker baskets. Now, I have a place for everything. No more endless clutter!

My spaces feel much larger since bulky mess is confined to tall, out-of-the-way baskets. I can actually see all my belongings so items don’t get lost. Thank you, wicker, for saving me from the chaos!

A few quick tips for getting the most out of extra large baskets:

  • Use removable fabric liners to easily wash baskets as needed.
  • Try different shapes and configurations to find the best fit.
  • Add lids to hide contents.
  • Layer smaller baskets inside bigger ones.
  • Display them decoratively even when not actively storing items.

If you’re struggling with clutter, oversized wicker baskets offer an attractive storage solution. With the right baskets suited to your space and needs, you can reclaim order and peace in your home!

  • Extra large wicker baskets provide ample storage capacity for bulky items.
  • They come in many sizes and styles to suit your space and decor.
  • Look for quality tight weaves and natural material like rattan.
  • Baskets can transform disorganized spaces when sized and placed properly.
  • Add liners, lids, and layered baskets to customize and maximize storage.

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