Must-Have Blackout Curtains For Renters And Dorms

Finding affordable yet effective blackout curtains can be a challenge, especially for renters and dorm dwellers on a budget. But blackout curtains are a must-have for better sleep, privacy, and light and noise control. The good news is that there are quality budget-friendly options available – you just need to know what to look for.

Why You Need Blackout Curtains

There are several key reasons to invest in blackout curtains:

  • Block external light for less sleep disruption
  • Provide insulation for improved temperature regulation
  • Reduce outside noise for a quieter indoor area
  • Create privacy day and night
  • Ideal for media rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and more

Renters and dorm residents typically can’t make major changes like installing room darkening shades or blinds. But portable blackout curtains offer an affordable solution to meet all of the above needs.

Cheap vs. Quality Blackout Curtains

What makes a quality blackout curtain?

The best blackout curtains feature certain characteristics to completely block light.

  • Thick, layered fabrics like polyester or velvet
  • Tightly woven fibers fill any holes
  • Side channels, Velcro edges, or backing provide full light blocking

Without these features, cheap blackout curtains often disappoint despite promising truly blacked out rooms. Sheer, loose weaves allow light bleed. Low-cost materials easily tear or fade with washing. Plus they lack the density and insulation for sound dampening.

Why cheap blackout curtains disappoint

While affordable options exist, many cheap blackout curtains fall short in these frustrating ways:

  • Sheer fabrics or loose weaves allow external light bleed
  • Don’t stand up well to machine washing
  • Lack insulation qualities necessary for noise dampening

Fortunately the Amazon Basics blackout curtains balance cost, quality construction, and light blocking effectiveness.

Best Affordable Blackout Curtains – Amazon Basics


  • Budget-friendly price point for value
  • Set includes two panels for typical window
  • Made from durable yet soft polyester
  • Features triple weave layered fabrication


The Amazon Basics blackout curtains check all the boxes:

cheap blackout curtains 2 panels
  • Deliver room darkening effectiveness
  • Provide some noise reduction
  • Variety of colors and patterns suit any decor
  • Durable construction stands up over time
  • Easy to care for and machine wash
  • Ships fast with Amazon Prime

While basic, they deliver on functionality and bang for your buck.

Tips for proper installation

To ensure full light blocking, mount the blackout curtains:

  • High and wide enough for full window coverage
  • Using included Velcro side ties to close gaps
  • Behind additional aesthetic curtains if desired for decoration

Other Quality Budget Blackout Curtains

If you want an alternate affordable blackout curtain, also consider:

  • Mainstays Blackout Curtains from Walmart
  • SafeRest Premium Quality Blackout Curtains
  • NICETOWN Blackout Curtains with thermal insulation

Each delivers solid performance based on durability, light blocking, and noise reduction testing.

Still have questions? Common blackout curtain queries include:

  • Do blackout curtains need special backing?
  • What’s the best way to wash blackout curtains?
  • Can I return blackout curtains if the fit is off?
  • Are custom blackout curtain sizes available?

When selecting budget-friendly blackout curtains for dorms, apartments, or rental properties, prioritize quality construction for durability and light blocking capabilities. With the right affordable choice like the Amazon Basics blackout curtains, you can easily darken any room.

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