Uncover Complete Room Darkening With Vibrant Boho Blackout Curtains

Have you ever admired the colorful, carefree style of bohemian decor? Do you also need blackout curtains to completely darken your bedroom? Now you can have the best of both worlds with boho blackout curtains!

These on-trend window treatments skillfully combine gorgeous boho-inspired patterns and textures with innovative light blocking technology. Keep reading to learn all about how to uncover complete room darkening with vibrant boho blackout curtains.

boho black out curtains

What Are Boho Blackout Curtains?

Boho blackout curtains refer to a special variety of blackout curtain panel that features colorful prints and textures associated with bohemian style. This includes:

  • Floral patterns
  • Tribal or geometric motifs
  • Paisleys
  • Mandalas
  • Ikat designs
  • Batik fabric

Though featuring vibrant colors and fun free-spirited patterns on the outside, the backside is made from innovative ultra light-blocking fabrics. These help achieve complete darkness for better sleep and privacy.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the many advantages boho blackout curtains provide over regular curtains:

Light blocking blackout fabricBlocks outside light for total darkness
Variety of boho inspired printsAligns with your personal decor aesthetic
Noise reducingHelps minimize outside sounds
InsulatingHelps regulate room temperature
Provides privacyUseful for bedrooms and dressing areas

Why Choose Boho Blackout Curtains

There are so many practical and aesthetic reasons to opt for bohemian-inspired blackout curtains. Here are some top advantages:

Bedroom Sanctuary Optimized For Sleep

The light blocking ability creates a pitch black environment where you can achieve deeper REM sleep. This helps you wake up feeling well rested.

Align With Personal Style

Express your free-spirited personality through the vast range of pattern options. Whether you love paisleys, batik ikats, or mandalas – there is a perfect print to match your boho styling sensibilities.

Timeless Yet On Trend

Bohemian style never truly goes out of fashion. These curtains let you lean into the boho trend in a subtle yet stylish way.

Where To Use Boho Blackout Curtains

Due to their decorative nature and blackout abilities, boho blackout curtains work excellently in various rooms including:


An obvious choice, helping create an ultra-dark sleep sanctuary free from light pollution and outside noise.

Home Offices

Minimize visual distractions by blocking outside views. The patterns also inspire creativity.

Media or Entertainment Rooms

Achieve cinema-like viewing conditions by eliminating light glare on screens.


Develop healthy sleep routines by creating soothing, completely dark spaces for infants.

Guest Rooms

Provide privacy and darkness for visiting friends and family trying to mitigate jet lag.

How To Style Boho Blackout Curtains

When decorating with bohemian blackout curtains, use these tips to create a holistic, curated look:

Incorporate Natural Wood Furnishings

The earthy textures of wood flooring, furniture and accent walls nicely complement the patterns while promoting eco-consciousness.

Layer In Throws and Pillows

Echo colors and patterns with coordinating cushions, pillows, throws and area rugs for a harmonized aesthetic flow.

Strategically Use Ambient Lighting

Use strands of fairy lights or paper lanterns to cast a magical glow against vibrant curtains when drawn open.

Mix and Match Prints

Don’t be afraid to combine contrasting boho patterns for an eclectic, personalized look.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

To ensure you purchase the optimal blackout curtains for your space, keep these considerations in mind:

Room Size

Measure windows accurately for perfect fitting panels that maximize blackout efficiency.

Insulation Needs

In cold climates, using layered or thermal curtain fabric helps retain warmth in the room.

Preferred Hanging Rod

Opt for the right header tape to effortlessly install panels onto ceiling, wall mount, or decorative rods.

Easy Maintenance

Check if your preferred patterns and fabrics are machine washable for convenient cleaning.

Set A Budget

Prices vary greatly based on quality, sizes, special features and customization options.

Top 5 Boho Blackout Curtain Recommendations

After extensive research, we rounded up 5 of the best-rated and most popular bohemian-inspired blackout curtains available right now.

Floral Fields Blackout Curtain Panel

Vibrant digitally printed floral pattern in shades of teal, pink and green. Available as single panels or in pairs with sizes from 63 to 108 inches.

Madison Park Annelisa Mandala

Earthy toned embroidery mandala medallion design. Features embossed print texture. Thermal insulated fabric with rod pocket headings.

Eclipse Ankara Blackout Curtains

Vintage style West African wax print pattern. Light filtering and room darkening dual layered construction. Noise reducing and insulating.

Nicolas Tribal Tassel Blackout

Tribal ikat pattern in shades of mustard, grey and blue. Includes matching tassel tiebacks. Available as panels and also wider curtain sets.

YAMICOO Bohemian Floral Blackout

Watercolor style pink floral print. High density woven fabric blocks over 99% of light. Features noise reduction and thermal insulation.

DIY Installation Made Simple

Installing blackout curtain panels is actually quite straightforward. Follow these basic steps for flawless functionality:

Measure Carefully

Use a steel tape to accurately gauge window height and width. Purchase panels at least 2 inches wider than window frames.

Assemble Rods Properly

Wall, ceiling or decorative rods must be assembled precisely level and square to window frames.

Fully close top and side hems with no outside light gaps for most effective blackout results.

Now that you know all about the joys of boho blackout curtains, it’s time to give your bedroom or living space a stylish makeover!

Bring your unique decor vision to life with gorgeous patterns that flow flawlessly into peaceful realms of complete darkness.

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