Modernize Your Kitchen With Mid Century Faucets

Mid century modern design is back in style and infusing homes with its signature vintage flair. This popular revival celebrates the clean lines, artistic shapes and refined minimalism that defined mid century style in the 1950s and 1960s.

One way to add mid century appeal to your kitchen is with a faucet that embodies the sleek, retro look of the era. From their sylphlike silhouettes to swing spouts, these faucets merge old school elegance with modern functionality.

In this article, we’ll explore what defines mid century faucets, their benefits, top features to look for, and our favorite models to consider. We’ll also share stylish ways to incorporate one of these conversational pieces into your kitchen design.

mid century modern kitchen faucet

What Is A Mid Century Modern Faucet?

Mid century faucets take inspiration from the streamlined, future-forward designs that originated in the post-war period of the mid 20th century. They embody hallmarks of the style including:

  • Clean lines and geometric shapes
  • Mix of natural materials like brass, steel and solid brass
  • Muted tones and monochromatic colors
  • Focus on silhouette and form over ornamentation
  • Blending of retro and futuristic elements

These faucets showcase an aesthetic that renowned mid century architects and designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen and Arne Jacobsen championed. They have an elemental sculptural quality that roots them in the atomic era.

While decidedly vintage, mid century faucets are not mere replicas of old styles. Many showcase updated engineering and meet today’s functionality standards. Their minimalist sensibility also pairs beautifully with contemporary kitchen elements.

Mid Century Style Origins

Mid century modern traces its origins to the 1930s-1960s. The stripped-down, future-forward look reflected post-war optimism and faith in technology to improve everyday life.

Mid century style embraced mass production and affordability, departing from the ornate designs that defined previous eras. Form took precedence over excessive ornamentation.

Now, mid century’s timeless appeal delights design lovers. Its fusion of clean lines, geometric forms and refined materials resonates in 21st century homes.

Design Hallmarks

What sets mid century faucets apart is their sculptural simplicity. Core design traits include:

  • Graceful arching spouts and lean silhouettes
  • Minimalist cross handles or lever handles in complementary metals
  • Symmetrical balance and even, weightless proportions
  • Polished metal finishes like matte brass, chrome and stainless steel
  • Modular appearance with interchangeable parts
  • Contrast of organic shapes with linear precision

These faucets showcase an artistic flair while remaining anchored in utility. Their thoughtful designs effortlessly blend vintage inspiration with contemporary living.

Benefits Of A Mid Century Faucet

What makes mid century faucets so alluring in today’s kitchens? Here are some of their top perks.

Sleek, Timeless Silhouette

Mid century faucets feature minimalist profiles with slender spouts and compact handles. Their lightweight proportions lend elegance that feels both nostalgic and current.

This versatile aesthetic complements any style, from modern to farmhouse chic. Mid century faucets introduce retro refinement without overpowering a space.

Durable Metal Materials

Mid century designs showcase metals like solid brass, stainless steel and chrome. The lustrous, durable finishes are made to withstand years of everyday use.

In addition to resilience, metals offer smooth operation. Components like lever handles, swivel spouts and side sprayers move with precision.

Flexible Swing Spout

A defining feature of mid century faucets is the graceful swing spout. This element arcs over the sink, providing full range of motion for filling, cleaning and prep work.

Swing spouts offer more maneuverability than fixed gooseneck types. They can stretch to any area of your sink, then pivot back out of the way.

Practical Minimalism

Mid century celebrates minimalism and utility over showy embellishment. The streamlined faucets simplify upkeep, with smooth surface areas that don’t trap dirt and grime.

Their lightweight profiles also leave plenty of clearance for prep work. You can go about kitchen tasks unimpeded.

Array Of Finishes

While muted metals suit mid century best, many companies now offer a spectrum of finishes. Choose from trendy black and oil-rubbed bronze to warm brass and polished chrome.

Multiple finishes make it easy to coordinate your mid century faucet with existing fixtures and appliances for a cohesive look.

Unique Talking Point

Mid century faucets lend distinct personality. Their sculptural forms spark curiosity and conversation. Guests will delight at its yesteryear charm.

At the same time, their balance of retro and contemporary elements feel right at home in modern spaces. Mid century faucets occupy a design sweet spot between past and present.

Features To Look For

Keen on obtaining a mid century sink fixture? As you browse options, keep these desirable features in mind:

Arching Swing Spout

This graceful spout is a mid century faucet’s most distinctive trait. Seek out a height and reach that accommodates your sink basin.

Look for side-to-side swivel range that makes cleaning and prep a breeze. A full 360 degrees of motion is ideal.

Metal Construction

Opt for solid brass or stainless steel for durability. Other period-appropriate options are chrome and matte black. Pass on plastic parts that will detract from the faucet’s vintage appeal.

Lever or Cross Handles

Period-perfect cross or lever handles keep the minimalist vibe. Like the spout, opt for real metals including brass, chrome and matte black.

Optional Pull-Down Sprayer

While not a must, a pull-down sprayer adds modern functionality. Choose a matching metal spray head that magnetically docks when not in use.

ADA Compliant Options

For universal design, look for mid century faucets that meet ADA compliance standards. Single lever types are often compliant, promoting easy operation for all.

Variety Of Finishes

Beyond classic chrome, many mid century style faucets come in trending finish options like matte brass, oiled bronze and brushed nickel. The right finish pulls the vintage look together.

Top Mid Century Faucet Picks

Smitten with mid century style? Here are some of our top faucet recommendations to recreate the look.

Best Overall: Dishmaster Mid Century Kitchen Faucet

Our top choice is the Dishmaster Mid Century Kitchen Faucet. This high performing faucet brilliantly blends retro style with modern upgrades.

The look stays true to mid century design with its arching brass swing spout and cross handles. Angled anodized aluminum lines add flair.

Yet it also delivers smart features like a magnetic docking sprayer, durable ceramic disc valve and DIAMOND Seal Technology. An included soap dispenser completes the package.

With stunning form and function, the Dishmaster faucet brings authentic mid century style to contemporary life.


  • Iconic mid century profile
  • Brass and aluminum construction
  • High performing components
  • Matching soap dispenser included
  • Lifetime warranty


  • On the higher end price-wise
  • Tricky for DIY installation

For the best overall blend of retro design and modern innovation, the Dishmaster Mid Century Kitchen Faucet is our top recommendation.

Best Budget: Villa Mid Century Kitchen Faucet

The Villa Mid Century Kitchen Faucet proves you can recreate mid century appeal on a budget. Its sleek form disguises its wallet-friendly price.

The Villa faucet mimics iconic mid century style with its chrome arching neck and cross handles. Its clean, streamlined look works with any decor.

While affordable, it still provides conveniences like a side sprayer, two-function sprayer, and high arc spout. For cost-conscious buyers, the Villa faucet hits the mid century sweet spot.


  • Very affordable price point
  • Sleek chrome profile
  • Includes side sprayer
  • Easy self-installation


  • Plastic parts affect durability
  • Less swivel range than pricier models

The Villa Mid Century Kitchen Faucet brings on-trend mid century style to any budget. Despite its low cost, its charming looks elevate kitchen sinks.

Best High End: Crespo Solid Brass Faucet

For an elevated mid century look, the Crespo Solid Brass Faucet is a showstopper. It brings serious vintage inspiration through high end materials and quality.

True to mid century appeal, the Crespo features a single lever handle and an arched swing spout. Its beautiful brass construction is built to endure years of use.

Thoughtful details like the optional matching side sprayer and soap dispenser make coordinated looks effortless. For luxury mid century style, the Crespo faucet shines.


  • Solid brass construction
  • Premium swing spout design
  • Matching accessories available
  • ADA compliant


  • Hefty investment
  • Limited finish options

For uncompromising vintage appeal, the solid brass Crespo Mid Century Kitchen Faucet raises the bar on elegance and performance.

Best Color Options: Ominous Mid-Mod Faucet

Add a pop of color to your mid century kitchen with the Ominous Mid-Mod Faucet. Its spectrum of trend-right finishes brings vintage style into the twenty-first century.

The Ominous fits the mid century mold with its gentle arching spout and cross handles. Then it modernizes things with on-trend finishes like matte black, brushed gold and living coral.

The combination of retro form and contemporary hues gives this faucet broad appeal. Express yourself with the Ominous faucet’s color possibilities.


  • Variety of trendy color finishes
  • Arching spout and cross handle design
  • Also available in chrome
  • DIY-friendly installation


  • Plastic handles and sprayer
  • Limited swivel range

The Ominous Mid-Mod Faucet brings mid century flair to life through contemporary color. Its spectrum of finishes lets you customize your retro revival.

Design Ideas And Styling Tips

A mid century modern faucet introduces showstopping style. But how do you play up its retro charm in your space? Here are some ideas.

Pair With Other Mid Century Elements

Build a cohesive mid century kitchen by pairing your faucet with complementary accents. Think pendant lighting, Sputnik chandeliers, floating shelves and metallic accents.

Warm Wood or Sleek Concrete Countertops

Mid century style celebrates natural textures. Opt for countertops in warm wood tones or concrete for an organic contrast to the faucet’s gleam.

Allow Faucet To Stand Out

Keep other fixtures and backsplashes understated. This allows the sculptural faucet to shine as the focal point rather than compete visually.

Consider Wall-Mount For Extra Minimalism

For a super streamlined look, opt for a wall-mounted mid century faucet. This removal of the base plays up the futuristic simplicity.

Versatile For Many Design Aesthetics

Beyond mid century spaces, these faucets also thrive in modern, transitional, industrial and bohemian kitchens.

Amidst today’s revival, mid century modern faucets embed kitchens with artistic flair. Their sculptural silhouettes and fusion of heritage with innovation feel at once nostalgic and forward-thinking.

When selecting your mid century faucet, opt for genuine metals and a swing spout for authenticity. Look for smart features like an easy-clean coatings and pull-down sprayer for modern convenience.

Complete your kitchen’s retro renewal by pairing your statement faucet with other mid century details. Then stand back and enjoy your revamped space.

For more kitchen inspiration, explore our blog to discover pendant lighting, backsplash and tile ideas, kitchen island concepts and other interior design topics. We hope these mid century faucet recommendations set your remodel on the path to vintage-inspired style.

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