Mix Roundup Concentrate Plus Properly for Maximum Weed Control

Keeping your lawn and garden areas weed-free can be a constant battle. Pesky weeds seem to pop up overnight and can quickly take over if left unchecked. Roundup Concentrate Plus weed killer is a powerful weapon against unwanted plants, but only if you use it properly. Mixing the concentrate correctly is crucial for safety and getting the best results. Follow the directions closely – the right Roundup Concentrate Plus mix ratio means effectively killing weeds without harming surrounding plants.

Roundup Concentrate Plus Mixing Instructions

Using the right ratio when mixing Roundup Concentrate Plus concentrate with water is critical. The standard, recommended rate is:

Standard Mix Ratio

6 oz concentrate per 1 gallon of water

This mix ratio is intended for most general weed control needs, like maintaining your lawn, landscaping beds, under trees and shrubs, etc. It delivers enough concentration to kill established weeds without risking damage to desired grass and plants.

Before mixing, make sure you have the necessary equipment:

roundup concentrate plus mix ratio

Equipment Needed

  • Roundup(r) Premium Sprayer – designed to precisely mix and apply Roundup products
  • Mixing container – usually a 1-2 gallon bucket or tank
  • Measuring cup – transparent cups make it easy to measure exact amounts

Follow these step-by-step instructions for mixing:

Step-by-Step Mixing Directions

  1. Start by measuring out the required amount of clean water into your mixing container using a measuring cup. For the 6:1 ratio, you’ll need 1 gallon of water.
  2. Using your measuring cup, carefully measure out 6 oz of Roundup Concentrate Plus.
  3. Add the concentrate into the water slowly, avoiding splashing.
  4. Thoroughly mix the solution by stirring or shaking the container.
  5. Pour the mixed solution from the container into your sprayer tank, passing it through a filter if needed.

Follow these tips for proper mixing:

Mixing Tips

  • Always start with clean water – impurities can reduce effectiveness
  • Mix only the amount of solution needed for the job – leftover mixed herbicide may lose potency over time
  • Precisely measure concentrate and water amounts for the 6:1 ratio – inaccuracies affect results

Where to Use the Mixed Herbicide

Applying Roundup Concentrate Plus properly starts with choosing appropriate locations. The standard mix ratio is intended for use in certain areas:

Recommended Locations

  • Lawn renovations and replacements
  • Preparing garden plots or planting beds
  • Around trees, shrubs, patios, walkways, driveways, etc.

Avoid using the mixed solution in these sensitive areas:

Areas to Avoid

  • Flower and planting beds
  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Around fruits, vegetables and other edible plants

Spot treating weeds in and near delicate gardens requires special care. Consider alternate weed control methods or targeted use of a lower concentration mix.

Applying Roundup Concentrate Plus

For the best results, carefully apply the mixed herbicide solution using proper technique:

Types of Application

  • Spot treatment: Precisely spraying individual weeds or patches of weeds
  • Broadcast spraying: Uniformly coating an entire area with herbicide

Match your application method to the location and weed growth. Spot treat near desirable plants. Broadcast spray for large areas overrun by weeds.


  • Apply an even, consistent coat – avoid heavy streams or drips
  • Avoid runoff to non-target areas like gardens and lawn
  • Multiple light coats work better than a single heavy coat

Use the right equipment to maximize results:


  • Use Roundup(r) brand sprayers designed for herbicide solutions
  • Choose a fan spray nozzle for the most even dispersion
  • Calibrate sprayer before starting to ensure proper flow rate

Effectiveness and Results

When mixed and applied correctly, Roundup Concentrate Plus delivers fast and lasting control of unwanted weeds and grasses.

Fast-Acting Formula

  • Rainproof in as little as 30 minutes
  • Visible effects in as soon as 9 hours

Achieve the best possible results by:

Ensure Max Performance

  • Carefully measuring mix ratio amounts
  • Avoid diluting concentrate with excess water
  • Thoroughly coating all weed leaves and stems

If you don’t get the results expected, the problem may be:


  • Improper mixing – double check measurements
  • Insufficient coverage – spray more thoroughly
  • Rain washed herbicide away before drying – reapply if needed
  • Resistant weeds – may require stronger concentration

Depending on the cause, you may need to reapply the herbicide to get desired control.

Mix Safely

Although Roundup Concentrate Plus is considered low in toxicity for humans and pets when used as directed, take appropriate precautions when mixing and applying:

Use Proper Protective Gear

  • Wear gloves, long sleeves, closed-toe shoes, and safety glasses
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact with concentrated or mixed solution

Take extra care in areas where fruits and vegetables are grown:

Care Around Homegrown Edibles

  • Do not use Roundup Concentrate Plus around existing edible plants
  • Use extreme caution if spraying near fruits, vegetables and herbs

Getting the most out of Roundup Concentrate Plus requires carefully following the label directions. Take the time to properly measure, mix, and apply the herbicide solution. The right Roundup Concentrate Plus mix ratio leads to effective weed control without harming lawn grasses and landscape plants.

Pay close attention to where you are spraying – stay away from flower beds and vegetable gardens. Match your application method and equipment to the job. Remember, visible effects can show in as little as 9 hours when you mix and spray correctly.

Roundup Concentrate Plus is a powerful tool for winning the battle against weeds. Follow the instructions closely and achieve a lush, weed-free yard and garden.

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