Make Your Kitchen Shine With a Stylish Oval Table for 6

Looking to upgrade your kitchen with a touch of contemporary flair? Consider an oval table that can comfortably seat six. With their unique shape and clean lines, oval tables can maximize style and seating in compact kitchen spaces.

An oval table creates a more intimate and cozy feel than a traditional rectangular table, while still providing ample room for family meals or small dinner parties. The curved edges are also more ergonomic and allow for easier reaching and conversing across the table.

Benefits of an Oval Kitchen Table for 6

There are several advantages that make oval tables a great choice for kitchens that need to seat six people:

  • Space Saving Shape – An oval shape can fit more chairs in a compact kitchen than a rectangular table of the same length.
  • Cozy Style – Oval tables have a relaxed, conversational shape perfect for family meals.
  • Easy Reaching – The continuous curved edges let you easily reach food platters and converse with guests.

With the right dimensions, an oval table can maximize your kitchen’s seating capacity and create an intimate dining experience. The flowing shape also complements contemporary and modern kitchen designs.

Things to Consider When Buying an Oval Kitchen Table

Size and Space

When shopping for an oval kitchen table to seat six, the size and dimensions are important factors. Here are some tips:

oval kitchen table for 6
  • Measure your kitchen space carefully to ensure enough room for the table and chairs.
  • Allow at least 24-30 inches per person for comfortable seating.
  • Look for tables 60-72 inches wide to accommodate six place settings.
  • Consider table height and legroom when seated.

Be sure to measure with chairs tucked in and pulled out from the table to confirm enough clearance is available. Also check that the table won’t block traffic lanes.


Oval kitchen tables come in a wide range of materials. Consider options like:

  • Wood – Oak, walnut, maple all bring natural beauty. Teak resists moisture.
  • Metal – Wrought iron and stainless steel provide industrial appeal.
  • Stone – Granite and marble look elegant but require sealing.
  • Glass – Tempered glass tops are smooth and wipeable.

The material affects the table’s durability, maintenance and style. Select one suited to your kitchen’s needs and design aesthetic.


Oval tables come in styles ranging from sleek modern to traditional. Consider how the table will coordinate with your kitchen’s current look.

  • Mid-century modern – A retro chic look with tapered legs.
  • Farmhouse – Visually warm and welcoming with wood surfaces.
  • Industrial – Bold and edgy with a metal base.
  • Rustic – Real wood grain that looks handcrafted.

Your choice of an oval table can complement your kitchen’s style – from Scandinavian to shabby chic. There are many options to mix and match!

Features to Look for in an Oval Table

Here are some key features to evaluate when selecting an oval kitchen table for six people:

  • Durable – Withstands daily use and cleans up easily.
  • Comfortable – Chairs with ample padding and back support.
  • Adjustable – Legs that can level and stabilize on uneven floors.
  • Protective – Finishes that resist stains, scratches and spills.

Well-made oval tables feature quality construction and materials made to last in busy kitchen environments. Prioritize comfort and ease of use for the best dining experience.

Decorating and Styling Your Oval Table

A stylish oval table can anchor your kitchen’s decor. Consider these tips:

  • Add a table runner or placemats to tie in your color scheme.
  • Use a bold centerpiece like a bouquet of flowers or fruit display.
  • Choose dining chairs that match or complement the table’s look.
  • Incorporate lighting like pendant lamps or sconces for ambiance.

Playing up the table’s focal point with eye-catching accessories and lighting creates an inviting kitchen dining area.

Where to Shop for Oval Kitchen Tables

You can find a wide selection of oval kitchen tables both online and in-store:

  • Specialty furniture stores like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel
  • Big box stores like IKEA and Walmart
  • Local antique shops or vintage home stores
  • Online via Amazon, Overstock, Wayfair and more

Be sure to browse multiple retailers to compare prices, styles, sizes and reviews. This helps ensure you find the perfect oval table for your kitchen and budget.

An oval kitchen table that comfortably seats six doesn’t just maximize your space, it also creates a warm, intimate ambiance for family meals. With the cozy curved shape and wide range of sizes, materials and styles available, it’s easy to find an oval table that matches your kitchen’s needs and aesthetic.

By carefully considering your kitchen’s dimensions, decor, and how you plan to use the table, you can select the ideal oval table to shine as your kitchen’s centerpiece for years to come.

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