Give Your Bathroom a Makeover With These Toilet Tank Tray Ideas

Is your bathroom cluttered with lotions, toilet paper rolls, and miscellaneous knick-knacks? Are you looking for an easy way to organize your space and give it a mini makeover? Adding a toilet tank tray is a simple solution that can help declutter while also providing convenient storage right within arm’s reach.

A toilet tank tray sits on top of the tank and acts as a platform for holding bathroom essentials or decorative touches. With so many creative ways to use them, these trays are the perfect organizational tool and decor accent to freshen up your bathroom.

Why Use a Toilet Tank Tray?

Toilet tank trays offer a variety of benefits for any bathroom:

  • Convenient storage for items you use frequently like extra toilet paper, soap, cotton balls, and more.
  • Provides an easy way to organize small objects that tend to clutter counter space.
  • Creates a clean, clutter-free look by tucking away unnecessary items.
  • Frees up counter area and storage under the sink.
  • Keeps necessities within arm’s reach so you don’t have to rummage around.

Whether your goal is to neatly organize bathroom essentials or display decorative accents, a toilet tank tray is an excellent solution. The vertical space on top of your toilet tank is prime real estate that often goes unused. Take advantage of this spot to create a neatly organized area while adding style.

Choosing a Toilet Tank Tray

With so many options available, keep these factors in mind when choosing a toilet tank tray:

toilet tank tray ideas

Size and Shape

Be sure to measure the top of your toilet tank to find a tray that fits perfectly. Trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes including:

  • Rectangular – Best for maximizing storage space.
  • Square – Equal dimensions for a balanced look.
  • Oval – Smooth rounded edges for a softer style.
  • Round – Saves space in smaller tanks.

Consider the size and shape of items you want to store when deciding on dimensions. Trays that are too big may look bulky, while trays too small won’t hold many items.


Toilet tank trays come in a range of materials such as:

  • Metal: Often made of iron, tin or aluminum for an industrial look. Offers durability.
  • Wood: Classic material that adds warmth. Choose sealed wood that resists water damage.
  • Plastic: Affordable lightweight option available in many colors.
  • Concrete: Provides a modern, minimalist look with heft.
  • Ceramic: Lovely for a vintage or cottage-inspired bathroom.
  • Seagrass: Natural woven texture for a breezy, beachy feel.

Consider where the tray will be placed and how much weight it needs to hold. Make sure to choose a material that can withstand moisture and humidity.

Design and Style

Select a toilet tank tray design and style that matches your bathroom decor. Look for options that complement your color scheme and theme, such as:

  • Minimalist: Clean, simple metal, concrete or wood trays.
  • Modern: Sleek geometric shaped trays in white, black or bold colors.
  • Rustic: Rough-hewn wood tray for a farmhouse feel.
  • Vintage: Floral etched metal or distressed ceramic tray.

Whether you want an understated look or ornate decorative accent, there are endless toilet tank trays to suit your style.

Clever Toilet Tank Tray Ideas

Looking for ways to put your new toilet tank tray to good use? Here are some clever ideas for organizing bathroom items:

Storing Bathroom Essentials

Keep necessities right at your fingertips. Toilet tank trays are perfect for holding:

  • Extra toilet paper rolls or boxes of tissues
  • Soaps, lotions and hand sanitizers
  • Shaving supplies – disposable razors, shaving cream
  • Cotton swabs, cotton balls, dental floss
  • Hair accessories like brush, comb, hair ties
  • Candles, reed diffusers or air fresheners

Having these items stored neatly on your toilet tank means no more rummaging under the sink or in drawers when you need them.

Organizing Jewelry and Accessories

A tray on your toilet tank in the master bathroom or powder room doubles as a jewelry organizer for storing:

  • Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces
  • Hair clips, bands and bobby pins
  • Watches and sunglasses

Keep your cherished jewelry and accessories tidy in one place instead of scattering them around the bathroom.

Displaying Decorative Touches

Show off your style with decorative accents arranged beautifully on your tray such as:

  • Seashells, pretty stones, figurines or mini vases
  • Artificial floral arrangements, succulents or small plants
  • Folded washcloths or rolled hand towels
  • Perfumes, diffusers or aromatic candles

A tray styled with decorative items can give your bathroom a refreshed, spa-like feel.

Creative Craft Storage

Toilet tank trays aren’t just for boring bath essentials. Use them to store fun craft supplies or pampering products like:

  • Nail polish, nail files, polish remover and clippers
  • Makeup brushes, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc.
  • Coloring books, crayons, markers, pencils
  • Journals, mini notepads, pens

Stash your crafting goodies on your tray so they’re easily accessible for your next artistic endeavor in the bathtub.

Design Inspiration for Toilet Tank Trays

Need some visual inspiration for styling your toilet tank tray? Here are beautiful examples of trays used creatively in bathrooms:

  • A rectangular wood tray topped with a miniature succulent garden creates an organic look against subway tile.
  • A round hammered metal tray provides an industrial vibe while holding jewelry and hair accessories.
  • An oval ceramic tray with blue floral etchings matches vintage inspired shower curtains.
  • A sleek concrete tray accented with a single white candle complements modern black and white decor.

When selecting a tray, think about how you can coordinate it with other bathroom details like towels, rug, shower curtain and wall art. A cohesive look pulls the whole room together.


What are some good items to store on a toilet tank tray?

Great options are spare toilet paper rolls, soap, shampoo, razors, cotton swabs, Q-tips, lotions, candles, jewelry, hair accessories, small decor items, and toiletries you use frequently in the bathroom.

What materials are best for toilet tank trays?

Popular materials are metal, wood, plastic, concrete, ceramic, and woven seagrass. Metal and wood provide a vintage look while concrete and ceramics are modern. Seagrass gives a breezy, beach-inspired vibe.

How can I use a toilet tank tray decoratively?

Choose a tray with a beautiful design or color. Fill it with faux flowers, succulents, candles, sea shells, decorative objects, rolled towels, or arrangements to make it visually appealing.

What shape toilet tank tray should I choose?

Common shapes include rectangular, square, oval and round. Take measurements to find a shape that fits your tank. Rectangular or oval trays maximize space while round trays are great for smaller tanks.

Should my toilet tank tray match my bathroom?

It looks most cohesive when your tray coordinates with the color scheme or ties into the style of your bathroom. However, sometimes contrasting colors can make the tray pop as a focal point.

With so many practical uses and style options, it’s easy to see why toilet tank trays are a fantastic way to add organization and a decorative touch in your bathroom. They offer convenient, accessible storage while freeing up counter space and giving your room a tidy, put-together look.

Ready to get creative with your own toilet tank tray? Measure your space, pick a size, shape, and style you love, and start decluttering your countertops. With a tray in place, you’ll have a new favorite spot to Store daily essentials or display decorative accents.

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