Make Your Kitchen Cozy With Farmhouse Tables and Benches

The heart of every home is the kitchen. This space for cooking, eating, and gathering with loved ones should feel warm, cozy, and full of life. An excellent way to create this ambiance is by incorporating a farmhouse style table and bench set. Farmhouse kitchen tables with benches add vintage charm while providing a versatile, durable gathering place for your family.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about choosing the perfect farmhouse table and benches to make your kitchen as welcoming as can be. You’ll learn about size options, materials, companion decor ideas, styling tips, and creative ways to use farmhouse tables throughout your home. Let’s get started creating your dream farmhouse kitchen oasis!

Choosing the Right Farmhouse Table for Your Kitchen

Farmhouse style dining tables come in a range of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Consider the size of your space, seating needs, and aesthetic when selecting a farmhouse kitchen table.

Size Options

Typical farmhouse kitchen tables range between 4-6 feet long. Measure your existing kitchen or dining area to ensure enough room for the table size you prefer. Keep in mind accessibility around the chairs and who will be regularly seated. For most families of 4-6 people, a 6 foot farmhouse table is ideal.

Shape and Style Varieties

While rectangular is the most popular farmhouse table shape, you can also find round, square, and oval styles to fit your tastes. Farmhouse tables come in designs like trestle pedestal bases, turned legs, and sleek metal legs. Mix up materials for added visual interest.

farmhouse kitchen tables with bench

Finishes and Distressing

From natural wood stains to painted finishes in any color, farmhouse tables provide endless options to suit your style. Many feature intentional distressing and weathered elements, along with visible wood grain. Salvaged wood recycled from old barns or buildings is also commonly used.

Complementary Bench Styles and Arrangements

The right bench is key to completing your farmhouse table setup. You’ll want to choose a style, dimensions, and arrangement that perfectly fits your space and needs.

Built-In vs. Moveable Benches

Farmhouse benches come in both attached and detached styles. Built-in benches save space but movable benches allow more flexibility. If you anticipate changing up seating often, go for a moveable bench.

Bench Dimensions

Standard farmhouse bench dimensions range from 36-60 inches long and 12-20 inches deep. Make sure to allow enough leg and elbow room for all seated individuals. Measure existing chairs to select a bench width that aligns.

Cohesive Design Factors

When selecting a bench, complement the style of your farmhouse table. Aim for cohesive design between the finishes, materials, and size of the table and bench pieces.

Tips for Styling Your Farmhouse Table

The finishing touches complete the cozy farmhouse kitchen aesthetic. Use these tips to style your table with rustic charm.

Choosing Complementary Decor

Place decor on your farmhouse table that reflects its laid-back style. Galvanized metal containers, burlap runners, and recycled crates make excellent accessories. Simple white dishes pop against distressed wood. Create miniature vignettes using vintage elements like bottles, books, or candles clustered on the tabletop. Fresh wildflowers or herbs in mason jars add organic flair.

Incorporating Texture and Nature

Layer table linens like cotton quilts or lace throws over your farmhouse table for comfy texture. Wicker or wood baskets filled with fruits make attractive and edible centerpieces. Greens like eucalyptus or rosemary sprigs in small vases provide an earthy touch.

Creating Family Traditions

Make your farmhouse table the heart of your family bonding. Host special weekend breakfasts or craft projects at the table. Start holiday traditions like decorating sugar cookies together. Set the table with DIY name cards, flowers from your garden, and your favorite recipes passed down through generations.

The Many Uses of Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse tables aren’t just for dining. Here are creative ways to utilize your table throughout your home.

Family Gathering Spot

With an antique, lived-in feel, farmhouse tables create a relaxed atmosphere perfect for family hangouts. The generous size provides plenty of space for board games, working on projects side-by-side, or gathering for casual meals.

Homework Station

Let kids spread out homework, crafts, or other projects at the farmhouse table. The spacious surface offers room to work. Pair it with stools for a makeshift homework counter when you need a quick bite.

Entryway Furniture

Farmhouse entryway tables provide a place to drop keys, store mail, and kick off shoes while entering your home. The vintage farmhouse style sets a welcoming tone right from the start.

Incorporating a farmhouse kitchen table and bench set into your home is a warm way to relax. Now that you know about the many size, shape, finish, and style options, you can find the perfect farmhouse dining setup to gather loved ones in your kitchen for years to come. Create cherished memories and new traditions around your farmhouse table.

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