Linen Tower Bath Vanities: Storage & Style for Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom cluttered with stacks of towels and toiletries? Are you looking for a storage solution that also adds style? Linen tower bath vanities provide the best of both worlds – extra storage space housed in an attractive cabinet. Keep reading to learn all about the many benefits of bath vanities with linen towers!

Different Types of Linen Tower Vanities

There are a few different configurations when it comes to linen tower vanities. The tower can be a standalone cabinet or attached to the main vanity. Here are some of the most popular setups:

Freestanding Linen Cabinets

A freestanding linen cabinet provides ample storage on its own without being connected to the vanity. This is a great option if you already have a vanity that you love, but just need more space. Freestanding towers come in various heights, widths, and depths to fit different room sizes. Often the cabinet will have doors or drawers to conceal the interior storage space. The style options are endless – you can find freestanding linen cabinets with modern, traditional, or farmhouse designs to match your current bathroom aesthetic.

Freestanding linen cabinets provide plenty of versatile storage. You can stash rolled towels, washcloths, extra toilet paper, bath rugs, and bathroom cleaning supplies inside. Some models have adjustable shelves, so you can customize the layout. A key benefit is that freestanding towers give you extra storage without taking up counter space on top like a traditional vanity would.

Vanity with Attached Linen Tower

Another option is choosing a vanity that comes with an attached matching linen tower. This could be a single vanity with a slim tower on one side, or a double vanity with a tower in the middle. The tower cabinet shares the same finish and styling as the main vanity for a cohesive, built-in look. An attached tower takes up less floor space than a freestanding cabinet. This setup provides both counter space and ample storage for rolled linens, toiletries, and bathroom supplies.

There are so many choices when it comes to style – from modern floating vanities with sleek towers to ornate traditional vanities with detailed towers. The key benefit of an attached tower is a seamless, polished look. It appears custom-built for your bathroom design.

Vanity with Side Linen Towers

For even more storage, some bathroom vanities have a linen tower cabinet on each side. This trio creates a symmetrical look and truly maximizes your storage. The two linen towers bookend the central vanity and counter space. It is a statement option for larger bathrooms. The three pieces tend to share a cohesive style and finish. You could also opt for mirrored towers to enhance the sense of space.

bathroom vanities with tower storage

Side linen towers work with modern, transitional, and traditional vanity looks. They provide tons of storage for a family or for anyone wanting their bathroom essentials neatly organized. The linen cabinets become almost like built-in closets on each side of the vanity. This tower configuration may cost more but delivers ample storage and style.

Key Benefits of Linen Tower Vanities

Why should you consider adding a linen tower when shopping for a new bathroom vanity? Here are some of the top benefits that linen tower vanities offer:

Additional Bathroom Storage

One of the biggest advantages of a linen tower is the abundance of extra storage space. While a standard vanity offers some storage under the sink or in small drawers, a linen tower adds a few feet of vertical storage. You can neatly store all your rolled bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, bath mats and more inside the linen cabinet.

Have a narrow bathroom? A tall, narrow linen tower is a great option to maximize every inch. The vertical storage helps organize your space without taking up valuable floor area. Even in a small powder room, a slim linen tower can make a surprising difference.

Linen towers also provide a designated space for all your toiletries and bathroom supplies. Extra shampoo bottles, soaps, cotton swabs, and cleaning products can be stashed in the tower drawers or shelves. No more cramming under your sink! With a linen tower, everything has a proper place.

Complement Bathroom Design

In addition to being functional storage solutions, linen tower vanities also enhance the look of your bathroom. The linen tower and main vanity share the same finish, color, and architectural style. This makes them appear like a cohesive set – almost like customized built-ins.

Whatever your bathroom’s decor – modern, contemporary, traditional or farmhouse – you can likely find a matching vanity and linen tower. The continuous lines, details, and finishes tie the whole look together beautifully. It’s a polished, upscale design element.

Durability & Quality Materials

Unlike flimsy plastic organizational units, linen tower vanities are constructed from quality durable materials. Solid hardwoods, engineered stone, and metal are commonly used. These high-end materials are selected both for aesthetics and durability in high-moisture bathroom environments.

Many linen towers feature full-extension drawers on metal glides along with adjustable cabinet shelves. This quality construction enables the towers to withstand everyday use and last for many years. When selecting a linen tower, look for water-resistant finishes and materials that will hold up over time.

Convenience & Accessibility

Linen tower vanities create handy vertical storage that does not require bending down or crouching like under-sink cabinets do. The tower height makes storing and grabbing items convenient – no more rummaging way under your vanity!

Many linen tower designs incorporate easy-access features like pull-out drawers, adjustable shelves, and doors/baskets for rolled linens. Everything stored inside has optimal visibility and accessibility. You can customize the configuration based on your needs.

The floor-to-ceiling height also makes regular cleaning and dusting easy. Linen towers often have finished backs as well, so they can also serve as freestanding room dividers if needed.

Tower Storage Ideas and Tips

Once you have a linen tower vanity installed, how do you make the most of the ample storage space? Here are some tips:

What to Store

Linen towers are perfect for holding all bathroom linens like:

  • Washcloths
  • Hand towels
  • Bath towels
  • Bath sheets
  • Bath rugs

Other bath essentials ideal for linen tower storage:

  • Extra toilet paper
  • Tissues
  • Cotton swabs
  • First aid supplies
  • Candles/diffusers
  • Cleaning products
  • Hair styling products
  • Skin care products
  • Shampoos
  • Soaps
  • Lotions

Sizing Tips

How big should your linen tower be? That depends on your bathroom size and how many people live in your home. For a powder room or master bath used by 1-2 people, a tower with 2-3 shelves/drawers is usually sufficient. For a shared main bathroom in a family home, opt for a larger double vanity with a full-height linen tower that has 4-5 shelves.

Measure the height, width, and available floor area in your bathroom. That will help determine the maximum dimensions for your vanity and linen tower. Don’t overcrowd a small space – leave enough clearance around pieces.

Placement and Layout

When planning where to place your linen tower, here are some tips:

  • Position it to the side of the main vanity for ease of access.
  • Ensure doors/drawers can fully open without obstructing traffic paths.
  • Allow plenty of clearance from the shower, tub, and toilet areas.
  • Adding lighting above or inside the tower improves visibility.

Try experimenting with different layouts once you have the measurements. This will give you an idea of what works best. Having a linen tower near the vanity makes grabbing fresh towels easy.

Style Considerations

To make your linen tower blend seamlessly into your bathroom design, choose a style that coordinates with your vanity. For example, opt for similar colors, finishes, hardware, and silhouettes. If your vanity has a transitional look with arched cabinet doors, select a linen tower with the same details. Maintaining a cohesive style makes the vanity and linen tower appear like a single integrated unit.

Shopping Tips and Recommendations

Ready to shop for your dream linen tower vanity? Here are some helpful tips to make the process seamless:

Quality Brands

Stick with bath brands known for luxury designs and quality construction. Top options include:

  • Water Creation
  • Virtu USA
  • Wyndham Collection
  • Empava
  • Design Element
  • Ronbow

Set a Budget

Linen tower vanities span a wide range of prices. Smaller towers start around $250, while larger solid wood vanity/tower sets can cost $2,000+. Set a realistic budget and look for quality materials that will justify the investment.


As mentioned earlier, carefully measure your bathroom space first. Then browse options within those maximum dimensions. Narrow 24-30 inch towers work for tight spaces. For ample shared storage, some towers are over 40 inches wide.


Look at your current bathroom finishes and style when selecting a tower finish. White, black, espresso, oak, and grey tones are safe choices that coordinate well. Distressed woods or painted finishes add farmhouse charm.


Compare features like adjustable shelves, hampers, drawer dividers, soft-close hardware, and lighting. Look for well-designed organizational elements to maximize the space.


For safety, it’s wise to have professionals install your linen tower vanity. Ensure it is properly secured to studs in the wall. Pros can also make any needed plumbing and electrical connections.

The linen tower bath vanities are a smart solution. They provide ample vertical storage to neatly organize towels and toiletries in style. From freestanding cabinets to vanities with attached towers, there are many configurations to suit your space. Choose a linen tower style that complements your bathroom’s decor for a cohesive custom look. Invest in quality construction and storage-friendly features. Consider sizing and placement carefully during planning. With the right linen tower vanity, you can enjoy optimized storage and a beautifully coordinated bathroom space.

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