Level 1 Granite Colors – Affordable, Durable and Easy to Maintain

When designing our dream home, we aspire to use high-end building materials that add beauty and value. However, exotic natural stones often stretch budgets due to their premium costs. This leaves many homeowners feeling forced to compromise between elegance and affordability in their designs.

Fortunately, level 1 granite offers a solution that defies compromise. These affordable granite colors retain the coveted properties of natural stone – durability, easy maintenance, and elegance. Their lower cost comes not from inferior quality but rather from greater color consistency throughout each slab, increasing usable pieces. For homeowners, this translates to designer stone surfaces at non-designer prices.

## What is Level 1 Granite?

Granite slabs are tiered by price levels according to their veining, movement, and rarity. The most affordable tier is level 1. By definition, level 1 granites exhibit minimal veining and movement within their slabs. This consistency enables reliable color patterns with less waste compared to more exotic stones.

Popular Level 1 Granite Colors

While available in many stunning shades, three ever-popular white granites at this entry tier are Alaska White, New River White, and Moon White.

  • Alaska White granite boasts an elegant palette ranging from frosty gray-white backgrounds to smoky gray shades and bold black speckles.
  • New River White granite tempers its bright white base with eye-catching ruby red garnet streaks that create dimension and interest.
  • Moon White granite dazzles with its range of white and gray backgrounds marked by intricate black veining in varied patterns.

These three whites complement both modern and traditional spaces alike. Their aesthetic flexibility empowers stress-free planning for homeowners tackling any design style.

popular level 1 granite colors

## Benefits of Choosing Level 1 Granite

While visual allure plays a role when selecting surfaces, practical factors matter greatly in living spaces. Fortunately, level 1 granite also shines through daily use thanks to exceptional affordability, durability, and easy maintenance.


Cost naturally weighs heavily on material decisions for home projects. As the lowest price tier among natural stone options, level 1 granite averts painful budget blows.

Average per square foot installed prices fall between:

  • $40-70 for level 1 granite
  • $70-150 for mid-tier exotic granites
  • $150+ for premium exotic granites

For price-conscious buyers, opting for level 1 granite sacrifices none of natural stone’s beauty while unlocking major savings. Consistent color patterns also minimize wasted unusable slabs, further maximizing cost efficiency.


Granite earns its reputation as one of the most durable natural stones. From the entry tier to the exotic tiers, all granite withstands heavy use over time. Level 1 granite endures up to decades of daily wear and tear through its strength and non-porous composition.

Under proper care and maintenance, level 1 granite retains its just-installed luster no matter the traffic. For homeowners, choosing this afforable stone alleviates worries over cracks, stains, or other damage resulting from busy households.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping surfaces pristine with hassle-free upkeep is particularly attractive to time-strapped homeowners. Level 1 granite obliges thanks to a non-porous, highly stain-resistant surface.

Avoiding porous materials like marble eliminates battling stubborn oil and liquid stains. Level 1 granite needs only mild soap, water, and sealant to maintain its factory-finish shine.

While sealing 2-4 times yearly provides optimal protection, level 1 granite endures periods of neglect as well. Simply redistributing sealant when needed restores this low-maintenance stone’s resistance to etching or dulling over years of use.

## Using Level 1 Granite In Your Home

Now that we’ve dispelled notions on affordability equating less desirable materials, let’s explore integrating level 1 granite into home designs.

Suitable Rooms and Surfaces

Level 1 granite suits a wide array of spaces and applications throughout homes and businesses, including:

  • Kitchens – Countertops, backsplashes, islands
  • Bathrooms – Vanities, tub/shower surrounds
  • Flooring and Walls – Level 1 granite tile expands options
  • Outdoors – Excellent frost and heat resistance for patios, pool areas
  • Fireplaces – Granite surrounds and hearths

The combination of affordability and resilience accommodates high-traffic spaces like kitchens as well as living spaces exposed to elemental conditions outdoors.

Design Ideas

Beyond room suitability, level 1 granite empowers stunning implementations into any design theme or style:

  • Timeless white granite colors complement transitional styles gracefully blending modern and traditional elements.
  • Contrast cool white granite with darker wood tones on perimeter cabinetry or kitchen islands.
  • Alternate countertop and backsplash or island patterns using different level 1 granite colorways.
  • Gray shades in many level 1 whites pair elegantly with stainless steel and chrome metals.

With endless pairing possibilities, homeowners gain flexibility in executing their vision whether contemporary, coastal, or retro.

## Cost Breakdown of Level 1 Granite

Delving deeper into cost factors provides greater context around level 1 granite’s affordable advantages for homeowners.

Purchase Price Points

Level 1 granite prices typically fall between $40-70 per square foot installed. In comparison, premium exotic natural stones often exceed $100-150 per square foot installed – over twice that of level 1 granite.

Homeowners stand to save $1,000+ outfitting kitchens, $500+ on bathroom vanities, and upwards of $5,000+ on whole home floors.

Long Term Value

The true cost efficiency of level 1 granite emerges over decades rather than years. Properly sealed and maintained, level 1 granite withstones heavy use for 20-30 years or longer.

The same cannot be said for materials like quartz requiring replacement every 15-20 years on average. This avoids regular future investments in renovations or replacements.

Minimal upkeep needs also contribute cost savings over years. Easy soap and water cleaning keeps maintenance costs close to zero outside of periodic sealants.

## FAQs About Level 1 Granite

For those still uncertain whether level 1 granite fits their home needs and budget, some frequently asked questions may help tip decisions.

What makes level 1 granite affordable?

Consistency in patterning lowers waste resulting in lower cost per slab. Greater access to abundant level 1 granite quarries worldwide also enables competitive market prices.

Is level 1 granite good quality?

Absolutely. Level 1 granite possesses the same coveted durability, strength, and stain resistance as exotic granites – only the veining patterns differ.

What’s better about level 1 granite vs tile or quartz?

Granite authentically retains the elegance, durability, and easy maintenance of natural stone. Tile and quartz offer more limited options. Quartz also lacks granite’s heat resistance.

Industry standards recommend sealing granite 2-4 times per year. However level 1 granite holds up reasonably well to periods of neglect before requiring fresh sealant.

For homeowners seeking to elevate living spaces with natural stone beauty without ravaging budgets, level 1 granite delivers on all accounts. With informed understanding of differences between granite tiers, the option narrow drastically to this clear frontrunner.

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