Let Your House Flaunt Its Address with Spanish Style House Numbers

Looking for a way to make your home stand out while adding a touch of elegant Spanish flair? Consider installing custom handmade Spanish style house numbers. These colorful ceramic tiles crafted by artisans are the perfect accent to broadcast your address to visitors and passersby.

Read on to learn how to let your house proudly flaunt its unique address.

What Are Spanish Style House Numbers?

Spanish style house numbers refer to decorative address tiles or plaques designed in a traditional Spanish aesthetic. They are often brightly colored with intricate patterns and designs featuring your house number in a bold font.

Unlike plain plastic or metal digits, these specialized tiles are handmade by artisans in places like Spain using centuries-old ceramic techniques. This artisanal craftsmanship lends them a sense of quality and permanence perfect for displaying your home’s address for years to come.

Design Styles and Materials

There are a few common design elements that exemplify the Spanish house number aesthetic:

  • Terracotta tiles with raised relief numbers
  • Wrought iron numbers with calligraphy-style fonts
  • Ceramic tiles featuring bold colors like crimson red, sunny yellow, or ocean blue contrasted with white
  • Intricate floral patterns and motifs surrounding the address numerals

Beyond the visual style, Spanish artisans also use high-quality fade, crack, and wear-resistant materials like ceramic and wrought iron to ensure durability. The tiles often come with a lifetime replacement warranty – a testament to their resilience.

Placement Guidelines

To fully realize that eye-catching Spanish allure, strategic house number placement is key. According to tradition, tiles should be:

spanish style house numbers
  • Mounted right above the main door or entryway
  • Positioned at eye level for prime visibility
  • Displayed on the facade of the building, either on the gate or exterior wall
  • Color-contrasted from the background wall for added emphasis

This positioning grabs attention even from a distance, proudly announcing your house’s unique identifier to all who pass by.

Buying Considerations

When shopping for Spanish style house numbers, you’ll find the best selection from specialty vendors like SpanishPlates.com . Pricing averages $10-$30 per ceramic tile but can vary based on:

  • Tile size – Opt for dimensions that suit your entryway’s scale
  • Customization – Choose background patterns and numeric styles
  • Add-ons like decorative scrollwork or individuals’ name tiles

Be sure to buy from makers that use fade, crack, and warp-resistant ceramic or wrought iron so your tiles last lifetimes without losing their luster.

Tile MaterialAverage CostDurability
Ceramic$15 per tileExtremely durable, long-lasting
Wrought Iron$25+ per tileResilient against weathering
Terracotta$10 per tileProne to cracking

Installation Tips

While professional installation is recommended for longevity, handy DIYers can tackle installing Spanish house numbers with proper preparation:

  1. Clean surface thoroughly and remove old house numbers if present
  2. Use strong adhesive glue or mortar to affix tiles to surface
  3. Ensure tiles are mounted straight and secure with no edge lifting
  4. Consider adding decorative accents around the tiles to frame them

Hanging the tiles is made simpler by the built-in hangers on their rear side. But take care to evenly apply adhesive across the full backside so they stay firmly planted.

Incorporating Other Spanish Style Elements

To complement your new Spanish entryway house placards, infuse other Spanish decor touches like:

  • Wrought iron light fixtures with scrolling metalwork
  • Decorative ceramic tiles as exterior cladding
  • Arched entryways lined with mosaic tilework
  • Ornately carved solid wood doorframes

This enhances the enveloping Spanish ambiance while playing up the vibrancy of your new address tiles.

Maintaining Your Tiles

Follow proper care and maintenance best practices to keep your Spanish house numbers looking pristine:

  • Gently clean dirt and debris buildup with mild soap and water as needed
  • Reapply protective sealants annually to shield from weathering
  • Check for damage like cracks or loose tile edges
  • Touch up paint as it begins fading over time

A yearly maintenance inspection ensures your tiles withstand the test of time while wowing visitors with their enduring beauty.

Swapping out mundane metal or plastic digits for colorful handcrafted Spanish ceramic tiles instantly livens up your home’s exterior. Their bright hues, elegant scrollwork, and prominent visibility give visitors a charming first impression.

So whether you want to subtly nod to your Spanish heritage or just add eye-catching curb appeal, consider installing ornate address tiles for a unique accent piece. With the proper placement and care, you’ll enjoy these markers for decades as your very own Spanish stamp.

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