Landscaping Ideas to Discreetly Hide Pool Equipment

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a dream come true. But the filtration systems, heaters, pumps and other necessary equipment are often unsightly additions that detract from your backyard oasis.

Luckily, there are many creative landscaping solutions to discreetly conceal pool equipment. With strategic plantings, fences or decorative screens, you can effectively hide the pool machinery while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Use Natural Barriers for Discreet Concealment

One of the best ways to obscure pool equipment is by using natural barriers. Carefully positioned trees, shrubs and vines can provide year-round coverage. This strategy also complements the lush, tropical feel that works well in backyard pool settings.

Plant Tall Shrubs or Hedges

For an instant privacy screen, consider planting tall evergreen shrubs or hedges. Some great options include:

landscaping ideas to hide pool equipment
  • Boxwood – A classic choice, boxwood can be clipped into formal hedges or allowed to grow naturally.
  • Holly – With dense growth and shiny green foliage, holly makes an attractive screen.
  • Arborvitae – Fast growing with a conical shape, arborvitaes quickly provide coverage.
  • Leyland Cypress – A fast grower that can reach up to 20 feet tall at maturity.
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae – Maintains rich color and fullness year-round.

Space plants close enough to form a continuous screen as they reach maturity. But be sure to leave enough space for easy access and proper airflow around the pool equipment.

Install a Living Fence

For a more structured look, install a living fence using tightly spaced evergreen trees. Some top choices include:

  • Arborvitae
  • Juniper
  • Italian cypress

Plant the trees just a few feet apart so they merge into a solid hedge as they grow. Be sure to allow room for mature growth, pruning and equipment access when positioning your living fence.

Position Equipment Near Existing Fences or Walls

If your yard already has fences, walls or other structures in place, position the pool equipment right alongside them. You can easily mask equipment by:

  • Planting vining plants like ivy, virginia creeper or trumpet vines along the structures to cover the equipment.
  • Installing espaliered trees or trellises to provide an instant screen.

This allows you to supplement existing boundaries with additional greenery for discreet concealment.

Screen with Decorative Elements

In addition to plantings, decorative screens are an effective way to conceal pool equipment. Choose options that complement your yard’s style and allow airflow.

Bamboo Screens

Bamboo screens provide an attractive, natural-looking barrier. These can be purchased in panels or as rollable fencing to fully enclose equipment areas. Consider:

  • Different weave densities affect privacy levels.
  • Bamboo can be left natural or painted/stained to match decor.
  • Allows air circulation to prevent humidity and moisture damage.

Wooden Screens or Panels

For a customized look, wooden screens can be constructed to fit your exact space. Other tips include:

  • Use naturally rot-resistant cedar or redwood.
  • Stain or paint to coordinate with deck, fence or other yard elements.
  • Add small gaps for ventilation if fully surrounding equipment.
  • Install hinged panels for easy access.

Metal Screens or Mesh

Metal screens and mesh panels are very versatile and available in innumerable colors and patterns. Benefits include:

  • Lightweight yet durable and long lasting.
  • Allows maximum air circulation.
  • Easy to match with any style from contemporary to vintage.

Use Structures to Conceal Equipment

Small structures like pergolas and trellises add architectural detail while discreetly hiding pool equipment. They also provide shade and visually break up the large flat planes of fences or walls.

Install a Pergola

A pergola placed around the pool equipment creates both shade and privacy. Add even more concealment by:

  • Covering the pergola with climbing vines or hanging container plants.
  • Using lattice panels between the posts as a screen.
  • Hanging curtains from the perimeter for full coverage.

Pergolas are the perfect way to block views and make equipment vanish.

Build a Trellis

Construct a simple trellis up against the fence or wall where equipment is located. For screening, consider:

  • Instantly covering the trellis with artificial vines or foliage.
  • Planting fast-growing annual vines like morning glories.
  • Adding permanent foliage plants like jasmine or wisteria.

The vertical lines of a trellis also help draw the eye upwards and away from the pool machinery area.

Strategically Place Shed or Storage Box

Free standing sheds or storage boxes can double as both equipment screening and extra pool storage. Tips for placing structures:

  • Match the style and colors to your home’s architecture.
  • Position doors so equipment is easy to access.
  • Add plantings around the structure to blend into the landscape.

Consider Maintenance Needs

When planning and planting, be sure to incorporate maintenance access into your design. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Allow enough room to clear debris like leaves from the equipment area.
  • Prune and trim plantings regularly so they don’t obstruct the equipment.
  • Provide pathways to easily reach all sides of equipment.
  • Check heating systems, pumps, chlorinators, etc. frequently for proper functioning.

With careful placement and routine care, your concealment strategies can provide lasting screening without impeding equipment access and maintenance.

There are countless creative ways to make pool equipment virtually disappear in your yard. Whether using natural plantings, fences, decorative screens or standalone structures, the goal is to discreetly integrate the equipment area into your overall landscape design.

With a bit of creativity and strategic planning, you can transform an eyesore into a seamless part of a lush backyard oasis. The end result is a welcoming pool area where family and friends can relax and enjoy, with no unsightly machinery in sight.

So explore the many landscaping options available and start concealing that pool equipment. Soon you’ll have a backyard paradise perfect for swimming, entertaining or simply lounging poolside in blissful ignorance of all the machinery it takes to keep it pristine.

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