Kitchen Window Covering Ideas to Make Your Space Shine

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s where we gather to cook, eat, and spend time with loved ones. Kitchen windows play an important role by allowing natural light to fill the space. The right window treatments can take your kitchen decor from drab to dramatic.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to select the perfect coverings to complement your cabinets, counters, and overall design aesthetic.

Key Factors to Consider For Your Kitchen Windows

Before shopping for window coverings, take stock of your kitchen windows. Carefully measure the width, height, and number of windows. Note details like whether the window is near your sink or appliances. This will help you choose the right styles and materials.

Natural Lighting Needs

Do you want to maximize sunshine or block it out completely? Sheer curtain panels allow light to filter through while still providing a soft, elegant look. For adjustable light control, consider roll-up shades, roman shades, or blinds in materials like bamboo, vinyl, or aluminum.

For movie nights or daytime privacy, blackout curtains or shades are a great solution to darken the kitchen. They also help insulate against noise and temperature fluctuations.

kitchen window covering ideas

Style and Overall Decor

Aim for window treatments that integrate seamlessly with your cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and kitchen flooring. For contemporary kitchens with a minimalist look, faux wood blinds maintain the clean lines. Soft cafe curtains complement vintage-inspired cottage kitchens.

Also determine the overall look you want. Do you prefer billowy and soft, or sleek and streamlined? The colors and patterns of your window treatments should coordinate with the wall paint, furnishings, and decor accents throughout the kitchen.

Privacy and Insulation Needs

Kitchen curtains and blinds give you privacy while also helping insulate. Blackout cellular shades are an excellent choice for insulation against cold in winter and heat in summer. For maximum privacy and light blocking, install opaque curtains over existing shades.

Moisture and Durability Considerations

If your windows are near the sink, moisture resistance is key. Look for water-repellent woven woods or washable vinyls. Also check the durability ratings and opt for heavy-duty materials built to withstand wear and tear in busy kitchen environments.

Budget for Window Coverings

Measure your windows and calculate the total area to cover. This will help estimate costs. Custom options like made-to-order curtains and installed shades may be more expensive than DIY alternatives. Remember to budget extra for decorative hardware and professional installation if needed.

Popular Standard Window Treatment Options

These tried-and-true kitchen window covering styles never go out of fashion.


A timeless choice, curtains come in rod pocket, tab top, and grommet styles. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are attractive and help filter light. Consider details like decorative trims and thermal or blackout linings.

Sheer panels give just a hint of privacy while allowing light through. Layer sheer and opaque curtains to customize privacy and sunlight filtering.


Available in vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, and other materials, you can choose horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, or roll-up shades. Adjust the angle of slats to control incoming light.

Cordless blinds operate smoothly and eliminate dangling cords, an important safety consideration for kitchens. Blinds stack neatly out of sight when opened fully.


Classics like roller shades and roman shades lend a clean, streamlined look. Woven woods and bamboo shades complement natural kitchen aesthetics. Cellular shades help insulate and prevent heat loss.

Shades are available in manual and remote-control operation. Remote options are very convenient, especially if windows are out of reach.

Creative Alternatives for Stylish Kitchen Windows

Beyond the basics, explore unique kitchen window covering ideas to make your space extraordinary. These creative alternatives add intrigue, functionality, and one-of-a-kind style.

Valances, Swags, and Cornices

Valances are decorative window treatments mounted directly above curtains or shades. They come in varied styles and help conceal hardware and tracks.

For a romantic vibe, try swag valances with gracefully draped fabric. Or create crisp, tailored lines with pleated or shaped valances. For a lightweight budget option,attach a rod with ribbon valances.

Shutters and Shades

Interior shutters instantly provide a polished look, as well as adjustable privacy. Try shutters alone or pair them with curtains or shades. Opt for traditional louvre shutters or arrange rectangles and squares for a geometric pattern.

Exterior shutters also filter light beautifully. Cafe shutters only cover the lower portion of the window – perfect for allowing light while maintaining privacy in a cozy kitchen.

Cafe-Style Curtains

Also called tier curtains, cafe styles just cover the lower half of the window. They create intimacy while still letting light filter in from above. Cafe curtains work well with small kitchen windows placed higher on the wall or above the sink.

Shelving and Lighting

Try floating wall shelves mounted near or above the windows to display cookbooks, plants, or decorative items. Also consider sconce or pendant lights on either side of the window for gorgeous accent lighting.

Wreaths, Garlands, and Trim

For natural character, hang a grapevine wreath on the window itself or incorporate garlands on the surrounding walls. You can also frame the window area with natural elements like reclaimed wood beams or decorative corbels.

Design and Treatment Ideas for Kitchen Zones

Tailor your window treatments to match the specific purpose of each kitchen zone.

Sink and Backsplash Area

Moisture-resistant woven woods or vinyls are best near the sink. Display herbs, fruits, or wreaths in this high visibility prep zone. Opt for a simple roller shade or cafe curtain to allow ample light.

Appliance and Food Prep Zone

Choose streamlined blinds that won’t interfere with appliances or prep areas. Allow maximum visibility for chopping, baking, and cooking. Add pendant or under cabinet lights if the area lacks sufficient natural light.

Breakfast Nook

Create a cozy dining area with billowy curtains in cheerful colors and patterns. Roman shades soften the light beautifully. Floating shelves are perfect for cookbooks, plants and decor.

Kitchen windows present the perfect opportunity to add beauty, functionality, and your unique style to the space. Carefully consider the size, placement, and purpose of each window when selecting treatments. Layer curtains, shades, and blinds to control privacy, light, and insulation.

Incorporate your tastes – choose warm textures or sleek lines, muted solids or bold patterns. And take inspiration from creative alternatives like shutter panels, shelving, and natural accents. With the right window coverings, your kitchen is sure to shine as the heart of your home.

Motorized Shades

For modern kitchens, motorized shades are becoming increasingly popular. They offer the convenience of being able to open and close your shades without the need for a cord or manual operation. This is particularly useful for high or hard-to-reach windows, as well as for those with mobility issues.

Frosted Glass

For kitchens with plenty of natural light, frosted glass can be a great alternative to traditional window coverings. It allows for privacy while still allowing light to filter through, creating a soft and diffused light in the space.

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds offer a sleek and modern look while also providing privacy and light control. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose one that complements your kitchen decor.

Skylight Shades

For kitchens with skylights, skylight shades are a great option. They provide light filtering and privacy while also allowing for natural light to enter the space. They come in a variety of styles, including roller shades and roman shades.

For those who want to add privacy but don’t want to block all the light, decorative window films can be a great solution. These translucent films come in various tints and patterns to soften incoming light while still allowing visibility.

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