Kitchen Remodel Taking Forever? How to Get It Done Faster

If your kitchen renovation feels like it’s dragging on without end, you’re not alone. Many homeowners find their dream kitchen project moves at a snail’s pace despite their best efforts to keep things on track.

With the average kitchen overhaul spanning 6-9 weeks, even a small hiccup can turn into a major schedule blowout. Yet a delayed, over-budget kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Why Kitchen Remodels Take So Long

Before strategizing how to accelerate your renovation, it helps to understand the key factors that tend to bog these projects down in the first place:

Demolition and Preparation

Gutting a kitchen properly takes time, including removing cabinets, floors, walls, and appliances. Electrical, plumbing, gas and ventilation systems need disconnecting before rebuild. Structural modifications like moving walls or adding a window also hold things up.

Customizations and Personalizations

Unique or customized kitchen components look amazing but entail a longer design and production timeline. This includes made-to-order cabinetry, rare stone surfaces, or handcrafted tile backsplashes. Finding these specialty items also slows the purchasing phase.

Material Shortages and Delays

Today’s unpredictable supply chain issues lead to cabinets, sinks, lighting, and other kitchen gear being backordered, discontinued or out of stock for months. This leaves jobs stalled while waiting on essential materials.

Permits and Inspections

Depending on your local building codes, kitchen renovations may require various permits, inspections and sign-offs before continuing each stage. This regulatory process can drag on if inspectors discover issues needing rework.

Discovering Unanticipated Issues

It’s common to uncover unsafe wiring, pest infestations, water damage or mold during demo – problems adding days or weeks to the schedule. The older the home, the more likely you’ll run into these nasty surprises.

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Contractor Availability and Coordination Issues

From subs showing up late to contractors dropping the ball, construction snafus happen. Miscommunication and inadequate project management are notorious causes of delays.

Tips to Expedite Your Kitchen Remodel

Now let’s explore some key strategies for getting your kitchen renovation completed faster:

Start With a Realistic Timeline

Understand industry averages for kitchen rehabs based on size and scope before setting expectations. Buffering 20% extra time for contingencies into quotes helps you plan for mishaps.

Get Detailed Quotes Upfront

Thoroughly vetting contractor bids prevents major work being left out of scope. Confirm exact appliances, materials and time estimates rather than assuming anything. Budgeting extra for unknowns helps too.

Use Ready-Made Components

Skip custom cabinetry and design elements in favor of ready-to-assemble sets and off-the-shelf countertops/backsplashes. While less unique, these cookie-cutter kitchen components accelerate install.

Stage Preparation Work

Get started on demo, framing changes and rough electrical/plumbing before cabinetry arrives. This parallel workflow prevents wasted downtime waiting for deliveries.

Overcommunicate with Contractors

Discuss potential delays frequently so problems get troubleshot immediately, not after they’ve already blown deadlines. Update subs and vendors too.

Make Quick Decisions

Consult designers upfront to lock in appliance and finish choices ASAP. Rapidly approve any change orders rather than letting things pile up for later.

Ask for Faster Lead Times

See if appliance brands offer expedited shipping for a small upcharge. Be open to substitute items with quicker delivery over your first choice.

Add More Crews/Work Simultaneously

Extra workers may increase labor costs but allow parallel construction on tasks like cabinet install and countertop fabrication to prevent cascading delays.

Incentivize Expedited Timelines

Consider offering contractors bonuses for beating original time quotes or assess penalties for missed deadlines to light a fire.

Eliminate Any Scope Creep

Avoid expanding the project mid-stream, even slightly. Lock in ALL details like backsplash patterns and hardware finishes before signing contracts.

With careful planning, realistic timelines, streamlined decision-making and contingencies for the unknown, completing your kitchen overhaul on-time and on-budget is very achievable.

Just stay flexible, overcommunicate with contractors, make product choices rapidly, and be cautious of scope creep. Follow these tips and you’ll be cooking in your fresh new dream kitchen ASAP!

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