Keep Predators Away: How to Select the Strongest Electric Fence Charger

Installing an electric fence around your property is one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted predators out and protect your home, family, pets and livestock. The key to success lies in selecting the right fence charger – one powerful enough to deliver a strong jolt to deter any animal from attempting to breach your perimeter.

With many models on the market offering different voltage outputs and feature sets, choosing the strongest electric fence charger for your needs takes careful consideration.

strongest electric fence charger

How Electric Fence Charger Power is Measured

Electric fence chargers are designed to send pulses of electricity through fence wires to deliver shocks and deter animals from crossing the boundary line. There are two key measurements that indicate the power and effectiveness of a charger:

  • Output Energy Rating – This rating, expressed in joules, indicates the amount of stored power in each pulse. More joules means a stronger shock. Look for at least 1.5 joules.
  • Maximum Voltage – This measures the intensity of the shock and is expressed in volts. Higher voltage equals greater shock intensity. Aim for at least 6000 volts.

Combining high joules and volts ensures animals receive memorable shocks when touching an energized fence. This pairing is what makes a charger truly powerful enough to repel even determined predators.

Understanding Pulse Strength

While the joule rating indicates total stored energy, the pulses of electricity flowing through the fence are brief and small. However, they still pack a punch. Most chargers emit pulses lasting just 3/10,000ths of a second – but with several thousand volts behind them, the shocks get noticed by animals trying to breach the fence.

Wet Conditions Don’t Dilute Power

A common misconception is that rainfall or damp vegetation can ground out and weaken an electric fence. However, the pulses are so fast that the electricity isn’t easily conducted away by moisture. With a properly installed and grounded system, wet weather won’t significantly reduce shocking power.

Key Considerations When Choosing the Strongest Charger

To select a suitably high-powered electric fence charger for your needs, there are four main factors to consider:

Size of Property Being Protected

The greater the acreage enclosed by your perimeter fence, the more power you’ll need to cover the full distance. For small suburban backyards of 1/2 acre or less, a standard 1.5-2 joule charger can suffice. But for large rural properties of 5-50+ acres, you’ll need a heavy-duty option with at least 4-5 joules to maintain shocking intensity throughout the fence run.

Type of Perimeter Fencing

The more individual wires making up your fence, the more power required from your charger. A single wire fence up to a 5-wire high-tensile fence can work with a standard powered charger. But if you have an 8-10 wire wildlife-proof perimeter fence, you need extra joules and volts to put sufficient charge through all the strands.

Predators Trying to Deter

Consider the size of animal you aim to keep out, as thicker fur and skin need greater shocking power. Smaller nuisance animals like rabbits and geese can be effectively repelled with a standard 1.5-2 joule charger. However, to stop larger and more determined predators like wolves and bears, you should invest in a professional-grade charger with 5+ joule output.

Environmental Factors

If your property has dense vegetation growth along the fence line, this can divert some of the electrical pulse as it travels through the wires. Similarly, very dry and resistive soil can make proper grounding of the fence system more difficult. In both cases, select a charger with extra power to compensate and maintain full shocking intensity.

Reviews of the Strongest Electric Fence Chargers

After evaluating dozens of electric fence charger models comparing power output specs and real-world performance, we narrowed it down to the very toughest and most durable high voltage options able to stand up to large rural properties and formidable predators.

Zareba EAC50M-Z AC-Powered Charger

Our top overall pick for the strongest electric fence charger is the Zareba EAC50M-Z. This heavy-hitting unit packs a serious punch, delivering an industry-leading output energy rating of 4.9 joules and a maximum voltage of 8000 volts. It’s specially engineered for installing powerful and long-range electric fences up to 75 miles long.

We like that this Zareba model is AC-powered so you don’t have to worry about changing and maintaining batteries. It utilizes state-of-the-art Pulsed Width Modulation (PWM) technology to regulate power flow and deliver consistent shocking intensity no matter the conditions.

While it comes at a premium price, the unmatched performance of the Zareba EAC50M-Z makes it worth the investment for high-acreage properties looking to deter large, threatening predators like wolves or bears where human safety is also a concern. This beast of a charger has the power to stop them in their tracks.

Parmak Magnum – Solar or Battery-Powered

Another heavy-hitter built for maximum perimeter protection is the Parmak Magnum. Offering 4 full joules of output from either a 12V battery or small solar panel, it packs the punch needed for multi-wire fences spanning long distances and discouraging the largest varmints.

Despite being loaded with power components, the charger unit itself is compact and easily installed. We appreciate that it can be setup as either a solar or battery-powered system. This makes it ideal for remote properties off the grid. Just be sure to use a high-quality deep cycle battery and keep it charged if not using solar.

While not quite as powerful as the Zareba, the Parmak Magnum is a more versatile and budget-friendly option for those seeking robust animal deterrent power from a durable, weatherproof charger built to last.

Kencove Farm Fence Charger

Kencove offers a line of high-powered electric fence chargers designed specifically for securing large farm and ranch properties. Their Farm Fence model packs a solid punch with 4.5 joules of output energy and up to 8000 volts behind it.

This charger really excels at powering long perimeter fences evenly, even in rugged terrain. The grounding system ensures electricity flows consistently through the wires to deliver shocking pulses anywhere an animal touches. Rain or snow does not diminish performance.

Kencove sells matching solar panels and batteries to complete your full electric fence setup. Their charger warranty is also top-notch, providing 3 years of protection. Overall an excellent choice for large operations looking for robust and reliable animal control.

Key Considerations When Installing Your Charger

To ensure your high-powered electric fence charger performs optimally, pay close attention to proper installation:

Adequate Grounding System

Quality grounding rods spaced around the parameter help diffuse charge into the soil so it can return back to the charger and complete the circuit. Follow best practices for your grounding system to avoid issues.

Monitoring Power Flows

Use a handheld volt meter to periodically check that your fence is energized to at least 5000V all along its length. This ensures sufficient power is circulating to deliver strong shocks.

Troubleshooting Issues

No system is foolproof. Be prepared to troubleshoot and resolve any fence power failures, like tripped GFCI outlets or damaged wires. A quick response keeps your protection intact.

Safety Precautions

Exercise common sense safety around your electric fence. Keep non-target animals and people away from unintentional contact. Post warning signs if needed.

Choosing an electric fence charger with ample shocking power is key to repelling predators and securing your property perimeter. Consider the acreage, fence length, local wildlife threats and your personal protection needs. Investing in a robust joule and volt output gives you the high-powered deterrent you need, while quality construction ensures long-lasting performance. Your family, livestock and pets will rest easy with our recommended chargers on duty.

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