Give Your Country Kitchen Charm With An Old Fashioned Wood Trash Bin

A country kitchen is all about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that feels like home. From distressed wood countertops to cast iron accents, every element comes together to evoke cozy charm. An often overlooked detail that can add to the old-fashioned style is your choice of garbage can.

Rather than using a basic plastic trash bin, consider an Amish handcrafted wood garbage can. These beautiful yet functional trash bins are made by skilled woodworkers to complement your country kitchen decor perfectly. Keep reading to learn all about old fashioned wood trash cans and why they need to be your next decor investment!

Amish Craftsmanship Results in Quality

Amish communities are well known for their high-quality wood products, with craftsmen who have generations of woodworking expertise. They pay close attention to detail, carefully constructing each trash bin by hand. The result is a solid and sturdy garbage can built to last for years of daily use.

The Amish build a variety of furniture and decor items, so they have experience making kitchen products. You can trust their skills and commitment to flawless workmanship. When you choose an Amish crafted wood trash bin, you know you’re getting a top-notch product.

Made From Beautiful and Durable Oak Wood

Typically, these old fashioned kitchen garbage cans are constructed using strong oak wood. Oak has an attractive grain and hue that fits perfectly with country decor aesthetics. It also holds up well to the demands of heavy usage in a busy kitchen.

You can select from a variety of different oak wood stain options to match your specific kitchen color scheme. Popular choices include golden oak, dark walnut, rich espresso, and colonial maple. The wood is then finished with a clear satin or polyurethane coating to protect and seal the beautiful stain.

country kitchen old fashioned wood garbage can

The lid of the garbage can also coordinates, as it is made of stained oak wood as well. This gives the entire piece a cohesive and seamless look when matched with your other country kitchen elements.

Size Options To Fit Your Space

When selecting your Amish made wood kitchen garbage can, you’ll first want to measure the space where you plan to place it. Country kitchens come in many sizes, so it’s important to choose the right capacity.

Standard sizes range from 20 gallon capacity up to 50+ gallons. The dimensions vary based on the volume. A 30-gallon wood trash bin is a popular choice for many country kitchen layouts and family sizes.

If you have a larger country kitchen, you may want to consider an oversized wooden garbage can. Or if your space is more limited, a slim 20-gallon option would be ideal. There are also smaller 12-15 gallon mini versions perfect for secondary spaces like mud rooms.

Decorative Touches for Style

While the main purpose is waste management, a wood trash bin also serves as a decorative element. It becomes a beautiful focal point rather than just blending in.

The visual appeal stems from the charming wood construction. You also have the option to request custom details to make it truly one-of-a-kind. For example, consider adding subtle carvings along the outside or a contrasting wood accent stripe.

Displaying your garbage can proudly adds striking visual interest. It elevates the overall country kitchen aesthetic beyond just standard plastic bins tucked under the sink.

Convenient Storage for More Than Just Trash

The removable lid allows you to use the inside of your Amish crafted wood trash bin for storing other kitchen items as well. When not filled with garbage, it provides handy storage for pet food, soiled laundry, recycling, or spare blankets.

The interior is fully lined to keep stored items tidy. Turning your traditional trash can into multipurpose storage is much more pleasing than plastic totes or laundry baskets.

Benefits of Choosing a Wood Kitchen Garbage Can

There are many advantages to selecting an old fashioned wooden trash bin versus a metal or plastic option:

  • Handcrafted quality construction made to last
  • Matches the rustic country kitchen decor aesthetic
  • Made in America by talented Amish woodworkers
  • Opportunity to customize with stain, size, or details
  • Provides additional storage for blankets or pet food
  • Serves as an artistic focal point in the kitchen

The benefits span both form and function. You get a useful kitchen necessity while also enhancing the cozy style of your country kitchen.

Potential Drawbacks to Weigh

While wood trash bins have many advantages, there are some potential drawbacks to consider as well:

  • Typically more expensive than plastic or metal cans
  • Not ideal for outdoor use as wood can warp
  • Handwash recommended to preserve the wood finish
  • Limited color and size options compared to mass retailers
  • Open top allows odors to escape more easily

The higher cost comes from the handmade construction and quality materials. Adding an odor controlling charcoal filter can help contain smells. Overall the pros generally outweigh the cons for most country kitchen needs.

Distinct Characteristics

What sets Amish crafted wood garbage cans apart is their uniqueness and craftsmanship:

  • Considered works of art rather than mass produced
  • Not available through big box stores
  • Opportunities for customization
  • Conversation starter in your country kitchen
  • Made specially to order

The woodtrash bin will likely become a talking point and focal piece in your country kitchen. Guests will be intrigued by the beautiful craftsmanship.

Choosing the Perfect Wood Stain

One of the best parts of ordering an Amish made wood garbage can is selecting the ideal stain. The stain you choose impacts the look and feel of your entire kitchen.

Golden oak has reddish undertones that provide traditional warmth. Dark walnut evokes a cozier ambiance with chocolate hues. Espresso makes a bold statement with nearly black tones. Colonial maple offers a lighter wood look.

Consider your cabinet style, countertops, floors, and other decor elements. Sample stain swatches on wood can help you visualize the vibe. You want your garbage can to integrate seamlessly into your country kitchen style.

Design a Custom Wood Trash Bin

Standard Amish wood garbage cans come in set sizes and with basic detailing. For a more tailored option, you can request customization.

Some possibilities include:

  • Carved initials or family name
  • Contrasting wood stripe or inlay
  • Varying wood types and combination stains
  • Wrought iron handles or hinges
  • Interior compartments

Add your personal touch or optimized features to make it uniquely yours. For example, install wastebasket compartments inside to separate recycling or trash. The options are nearly endless.

Tips for Integrating Your Wood Trash Bin

To make the most of your new wood garbage can, keep these tips in mind:

  • Place near food prep areas for convenient use
  • Allow proper clearance to easily open the lid
  • Use liner bags to simplify emptying trash
  • Empty regularly to control odors
  • Consider mounting on the wall to save floor space

Take measurements to find the ideal kitchen spot accessible to the whole family while still looking visually appealing. Maintain your wood trash bin properly so it retains its beauty.

An Amish handcrafted wood trash bin can instantly elevate your country kitchen style. The handsomely stained oak construction and precise craftsmanship are sure to impress your guests.

Choose the perfect size, stain color, and custom options to complement your decor seamlessly. This functional focal point will provide waste management solutions for years while contributing retro appeal. Give your country kitchen the character it deserves with a unique wood garbage can!

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