Industrial Kitchen Faucets Bring Commercial Power Into Your Home

The days of kitchen faucets being purely functional are long gone. Today, faucets play a starring role in kitchen design, with unique styles setting the aesthetic tone of the entire room. If you aim to make a bold statement in your kitchen, few options shine brighter than an industrial-style faucet.

Outfitting your home with an industrial kitchen faucet is an eye-catching way to fuse style and utility. These faucets blend sophisticated minimalism with rugged, straightforward construction. Utilizing the power of commercial-grade components, they deliver incredible durability and performance perfect for home use.

industrial kitchen faucet for home

Industrial Kitchen Faucet Materials

The fundamental aspect of any industrial design is the use of raw, utilitarian materials. Industrial kitchen faucets commonly feature exposed stainless steel or iron piping paired with metal accent finishes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel reigns supreme in commercial kitchens for good reason. The high chromium content of stainless steel alloys makes them extremely hard-wearing and corrosion resistant. This strength and durability translates well for home use, ensuring a long-lasting, low maintenance faucet.

Other Metal Alloys

Beyond stainless steel, popular alloys used for industrial faucet finishes include:

  • Brushed Nickel – Warm, gray appearance
  • Polished Copper – Warm, gently patinating finish
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze – Dark brown color, living finish

These metals complement stainless steel beautifully while showcasing the piping and joints. Their rich textures add visual interest and required little maintenance compared to chrome or polished finishes.

Key Features and Benefits

While captivating good looks may provide the initial draw to industrial kitchen faucets, their performance and features go far beyond aesthetic appeal. The commercial-grade components of these faucets translate into incredible power and functionality ideal for home use.

Powerful Water Flow

Industrial kitchen faucets harness serious water pressure for fast, effective cleaning. Commercial spray valves and pull-down spray heads distributed robust pressure across multiple functions:

  • High-flow setting – Blast away stubborn debris
  • Stream setting – Concentrated rinse
  • Rain shower setting – Wide coverage for filling pots

This variety caters to diverse kitchen tasks, from gentle produce rinsing to unclogging a particularly messy casserole dish.

Temperature Controls

Precise handles paired with thermostatic valve technology allow exact temperature control. Adjust from a steady stream to a forceful blade spray pattern as needed:

  • Hot and cold water handles – Mix to optimal temperature
  • LED light indicators – Show water temp for safety

For further convenience, many industrial kitchen faucets also include a separate filtered water mode for an instant chilled drinking source.

Full Range Adjustability

Customizable positioning adds flexibility and ergonomic benefits:

  • Height and reach – Adjust within a wide range to suit users of all heights
  • 360deg rotation – Swivel for convenience accessing both sinks

This adjustability prevents strain while accommodating diverse workflows. Installation versatility also allows deck, wall, or custom mounting configurations.

Easy Maintenance

Commercial durability meets convenient home upkeep:

  • Removable parts – Aerator, handles, spout detach for cleaning or repair
  • Spot-resist coatings – Prevent mineral buildup and corrosion

Straightforward construction enables easy DIY upkeep and part replacements down the road. By following the manufacturer’s care guidelines, your industrial faucet will deliver reliable service for years on end.

Styles and Configuration Options

Industrial kitchen faucets encompass a range of styles to integrate seamlessly into your existing decor. Setup preferences and kitchen layout play a role in selecting the right configuration.

Wall-Mounted Installations

  • Conserve counter space
  • Easy to clean underneath


  • Drill through existing sink/counter
  • Decorative optional covering plates

Handle Configurations

  • Single-handle controls both water flow rate and temperature
  • Two-handle versions control cold and hot water separately

Pull-Down Faucets

  • Flexible hose spouts reach all areas of sink
  • Powerful spray or stream modes

Take measurements of your existing setup into account, and look for dimensions provided in faucet specifications to ensure the right fit.

Trending Looks and Finishes

While industrial style evokes images of stark stainless steel, modern interpretations reveal an artistic side through accent finishes and mixed metals. This blending of materials creates dimensional, visually appealing faucets.

Matte Black

  • Iconic industrial look, more subtle than gloss finishes
  • Show fewer smudges/fingerprints than steel

Stainless Steel

  • Timeless, versatile industrial aesthetic
  • Easy to clean, withstands wear

Mixed Metallic Accents

  • Contrasting metals create visual interest
  • Custom combinations, e.g. black & copper

Beyond primary steels and irons, combining metallic accents elicits an artistic, almost hand-crafted effect.

When selecting an industrial kitchen faucet, consider physical dimensions, holes required, preferred mounting method, and visual style. Compare product specs like water pressure ratings, spout heights, and hose lengths to your existing setup. Additionally, read customer reviews to learn from real-world use before purchasing.

Industrial kitchen faucets are built to last and unlock commercial power. Their cutting-edge functionality fuses flawlessly with gorgeous industrial inspired aesthetics. If you seek a fixture with standout visual impact backed by hardcore performance, industrial sink faucets check all the boxes.

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