Illuminate Your Nights and Recharge Devices with Headboards Featuring Built-In Lighting and USB Ports

Are you looking to add some style and functionality to your bedroom? Consider getting a headboard with integrated lighting and USB charging ports. These multi-purpose headboards provide mood lighting for cozy nights in, hands-free illumination while reading or working in bed, and convenient charging stations to power up your devices.

With styles ranging from rustic wood to sleek upholstered designs, you can find the perfect headboard lighting fixture to match your existing room decor. Read on to learn all about the benefits these headboards offer and tips for choosing the best model for your needs.

headboard with lights and usb

Enjoy Adjustable Ambient Lighting and Reading Lamps

Unlike a traditional headboard, lighted headboards feature built-in lighting elements like dimmable LED strip lights or reading lamps. This provides you with an adjustable ambient glow or directed task lighting perfect for setting the mood or seeing the pages of your book.

Options include:

  • Reading lights or sconces mounted on both sides of the headboard to illuminate books without disturbing your partner.
  • Center mounted lamps or downward facing lights that splash the wall with accent lighting.
  • Perimeter uplights along the top or sides of the headboard to bathe the whole area around the bed in a soft glow.

The positioning and intensity of the lighting can be customized based on your size bed and desired utility whether it’s primarily for atmosphere or clear visibility while reading in bed. Dimmable options allow you to easily control the exact brightness.

Compare Different Headboard Shapes and Layouts

Along with the lighting design, styles of headboards with integrated lights vary dramatically when it comes to shape, material, and additional features.

Some popular options include:

  • Wood headboards with side mounted swing arm lamps or sconces for a rustic look.
  • Upholstered tufted headboards with subtle lighting built into the sides or top border.
  • Metal and wood headboards with a center light fixture for an industrial modern feel.
  • Headboards with storage like open shelves or hidden compartments with lighting inside.

Consider the size of your mattress and bedroom walls to choose a headboard shape and scale that fits perfectly. The lighting elements can serve both functional needs like reading light while harmonizing beautifully with your existing decor.

Strategically Place USB Ports for Charging Devices

In addition to ambience lighting, many headboards designed for modern tech needs also integrate USB ports for keeping devices powered up. Look for multiple ports placed conveniently within arm’s reach so nightstand space isn’t sacrificed.

Typical USB placements include:

  • Along the sides of the headboard for easy access from a seated position in bed.
  • Incubby shelves and compartments to reduce cord clutter.
  • On the top back edge of the headboard within reach when reclining.

The quantity of ports can range from 2 up to 6 or more so you can charge multiple devices at once. Look for updated USB-C or fast charging ports to power up phones and tablets quicker.

Perfect the Placement in Your Bedroom

Installing a headboard as part of your bedroom suite takes a bit more planning and effort than a lean-against headboard. However, the work is well worth it for a custom built-in look.

Measure Carefully and Account for Flooring

First, carefully measure the wall space above your mattress accounting for potential future flooring changes that may alter the height. Leave room for bedside tables or other furnishings you don’t want the headboard infringing upon.

Note the placement of electrical outlets which will be necessary to power the integrated lighting. Having an outlet centrally located behind the headboard is ideal so wiring stays neatly concealed.

Securely Mount to the Wall

Headboards with lights and USB ports have extra weight from electrical components so securely mounting them is critical. Many styles have centered metal braces on the back or additional legs that firmly attach to the studs in your wall for sturdy support.

For heavy upholstered headboards, consider supplemental side brackets for preventing pullout over time. Or choose a style with legs that extends all the way to the ground for maximal stability. Have a second set of hands help install wider designs.

Compliment Your Decor Style

While the integrated lighting and USB ports serve important functions, the style of headboard you select should also enhance your existing bedroom aesthetics.

Lighted headboards nicely complement:

  • Rustic bedrooms with wood beams, plaid blankets, and distressed metal accents.
  • Contemporary spaces with gray tones, clean lines, and subtle patterns.
  • Eclectic rooms in need of a showstopper focal point with unique character.

Look for finishes like wood stain, painted metal, or fabric upholstery that works with your color scheme and textures. The headboard shape can also reinforce the layout like a long horizontal plank for a tranquil look or an arched top for drama.

Utilize Light to Expand Small Bedrooms

Don’t rule out a sizable statement making lighted headboard for modest bedrooms. The strategic uplighting can give the perception of a larger area while drawing eyes towards the focal point bed. Go for lighter, brighter colors that naturally expand space.

If wall space is truly limited, consider a wall-mounted headboard or compact floating shelf design that provides both decor and utility without dominating the room. Mini reading lights and USB ports maximize functionality in tight quarters.

Daily Benefits to Enjoy

Beyond the initial style considerations, a headboard packed with lighting and charging stations also enriches your everyday relaxation and productivity.

Set the Mood with Customized Ambience

After a stressful day, customize an ambient glow from integrated sconces or perimeter lights to relax before settling into bed. Dim the brightness down to comfort levels perfect for lounging or sleeping.

Programmable white and color changing LED strip lights built into some headboards takes mood lighting to the next level. Save custom scenes for reading mode, date nights, or restful sleep.

Illuminate Reading Material Hands-Free

Fellow book lovers rejoice! Bid cluttered nightstand lamps farewell thanks to directional lighting elements angled perfectly for reading. Bring your pages close and adjust arms as needed for optimal illumination without disruptive cords.

Partners can even control just their side’s lighting level to avoid unwanted brightness when one’s reading and the other sleeping. No more fumbling for stray book lights in the middle of an engrossing chapter!

Tidy Things Up by Reducing Cord Clutter

Modern connected life means our nightstands accumulate cords for lamps, phone chargers, e-reader cables, and more leading to quite the tangled mess!

With USB ports cleanly built into the headboard itself, wires now stay neatly tucked away powering devices overhangs. No more following a cord halfway across the room trying to locate the exact outlet something’s plugged into.

Utilize Extra Storage Space

Headboards designed with open shelves, hidden compartments, and storage drawers give you expanded real estate for bedside necessities. Keep books, devices, remotes, journals, and reading glasses neatly stowed but still within arm’s reach.

Concealed storage also helps maintain a tidy appearance for the room. Close the doors on clutter when it accumulates but still have essentials readily accessible thanks to shelves outfitted with personal lamps or LED strips.

With personalized lighting capabilities, USB charging ports, and stylish designs available, few bedroom upgrades deliver more daily value than a headboard with built-in lights. You’ll enjoy hands-free illumination for late night reading and tidy cable management while setting the perfect relaxing ambience.

Just be sure to measure carefully before installing your chosen headboard with integrated lighting and USB ports. Carefully planning the placement and wiring during setup ensures you’ll reap the benefits in mood, function, and style for years to come.

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