Clever Ways Horizontal Decor Transforms Your Bedroom: Macrame, Geometric Prints & More

Decorating the walls of your bedroom can completely transform the feel of your personal sanctuary. Given that many bedrooms have at least one longer, empty wall space, horizontal wall decor is an excellent design option to creatively fill this area. Not only does horizontal wall art, tapestries, mirrors or shelving make bedrooms appear wider, but these eye-catching focal points also complement the natural placement of beds and other furniture along the walls.

From breezy woven wall hangings to modern geometric prints, horizontal wall accents allow you to infuse various textures, colors and themes into your bedroom’s style. Read on to explore comprehensive yet digestible horizontal wall decor concepts guaranteed to make your bedroom pop.

Why Horizontal Wall Decor Works Well in Bedrooms

Horizontal wall decor is highly fitting for bedrooms due to several practical reasons. For starters, many bedrooms have at least one large, vacant wall space spanning horizontally across part of the room. This provides the ideal positioning and sizing to hang arresting horizontal artwork or tapestries as a focal point.

Additionally, typical bedroom layouts feature the bed and side tables lined up against one of the walls. Horizontal wall decor positioned neatly above the headboard or behind the bed draws attention and complements this conventional furniture placement.

Finally, horizontal wall art and accents also create the illusion of making narrow, small bedrooms appear more open and expansive. Visually widening rooms helps prevent confined, cramped feelings many strive to avoid in their relaxing bedrooms.

horizontal wall decor for bedroom

Describes Long Bedroom Walls Needing Decor

Whether in a studio apartment or sprawling master suite, most bedrooms have at least one large wall space that spans horizontally with plenty of empty area begging to be decorated. These lengthy blank canvases provide the ideal positioning and scale for installing horizontal artwork or wall decor to infuse visual brilliance.

Makes Narrow Rooms Appear Wider

Hanging eye-catching horizontal wall art or decor helps small, narrow bedrooms instantaneously look more open and expansive. The illusion of wider walls prevents confined feelings many want to avoid in the one room meant for relaxation and unwinding.

Fits with Typical Bed Placement Along Walls

Since most bedrooms position beds, side tables and dressers neatly arranged against the walls, horizontal wall decor perfectly complements this conventional layout. Hanging artwork precisely above the headboard or placing tapestries behind beds draws attention while working seamlessly with standard furniture placement.

Best Spots for Horizontal Wall Decor in Bedrooms

Now that it’s clear why horizontal artwork assists in bedroom design, where exactly should you install these visual stunners for optimal enhancement? While blank, lengthy walls begging for decor accents present obvious positioning, also creatively consider other handy spots to hang horizontal pieces.

Above Headboards

Hanging a printed canvas, soothing tapestry or wall sculpture directly above bedroom headboards frames beds elegantly. This eye-catching spot also enables falling asleep to peaceful artwork instead of a boring blank wall.

Behind Beds

For studio apartments, dorm rooms or bedrooms where the bed cannot shift from the wall, hanging artwork on the space behind beds smartly utilizes this often ignored area. Choose horizontal pieces with calming colors or themes to relax before sleep.

On Long Empty Walls

Any lengthy blank bedrooms walls spanning horizontally beg for decor attention. Use wall space between windows artfully by mounting printed canvases, mirrors or open storage shelves as handy horizontal focal points.

Over Desks or Dressers

Creative spots like the wall area above a tucked-away work desk or even horizontally over a dresser provide interesting horizontal wall decor positioning possibilities worth utilizing.

Fabrics for Bedroom Horizontal Wall Decor

From breezy bohemian tapestries to textured cotton macrame, fabric-based horizontal wall hangings infuse an inviting sense of texture into bedrooms. Explore two of the most popular woven wall decor options sure to complement your bedroom’s theme.

Cozy Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame refers to a form of textile crafted from intricate knotting techniques using natural fibers like cotton, wool or jute. These fibers twist together forming unique patterns with holes, often in horizontal panel designs ideal for bedroom walls. Organic textures paired with the handmade allure carry cozy, eco-friendly appeal into living spaces.

Knotted Cotton, Jute or Wool

Macrame artists intricately knot 100% natural fibers like cotton, jute twine or wool yarn using varying techniques to create mesmerizing wall tapestries. Different fibers and knot patterns yield diverse holes, shapes and sizes for custom allure.

Bring Natural Texture Into Space

Unlike flat canvas prints, macrame’s knotted fibers cast gentle shadows with dreamy dimension that literally brings alluring texture into a previously flat space. These calming natural hues and touches invigorate minds while inviting peace.

Dreamy Woven Tapestries

Transport your bedroom’s blank walls into an exotic locale with a globally inspired woven tapestry spanning horizontally as enchanting decor. Choose from abstract prints or culturally significant patterns originally crafted using centuries-old techniques still employed today.

Visually Expand Small Rooms

These heavier wall hanging fabrics unfurl across walls with eye-catching designs and vibrant colors that instantly make cramped bedrooms appear expanded. A brightly-hued Turkish kilim or Bhutanese weave delights senses while cleverly enlarging space.

Tribal or Boho Print Options

Select horizontally shaped tapestries showcasing traditional African mudcloth patterns, Native American geometric shapes or free-spirited bohemian paisley prints. Feature cultural allure and socially-responsible craftsmanship.

Modern Geometric Bedroom Wall Decor

Transitioning from the comforts of fabric into horizontally shapedwall decor with more structured allure? Geometric bedroom accents spanning leanly across walls with orderly prints, edgy photographic collages or smart illumination infuse modern vibrance.

Geometric Canvas Prints

Spanning powerful horizontal canvas prints showcasing geometric prints above a bed neatly frames the space with mathematical allure. Triangles, circles, squares and lines arranged in eye-catching formats reflect orderly designs.

Graphic Triangles, Circles, Squares

From isosceles to equilateral triangular prints to polka dot circles, select favorite geometric shapes aligned neatly across canvas prints. Square patterns also refresh with hip mathematical edge.

Complement Contemporary Style

Geometric’s structured designs heighten modern or contemporary-styled bedrooms. Emphasize clean visual symmetry and orderly allure by opting for black and white or muted color palettes on prints.

Horizontal Photo Collages

For DIY bedroom decor spanning horizontally across walls with a personalized touch, creatively arrange an eye-catching photo collage. Overlap images featuring varying geometric shapes and sizes for eclectic modern artistry.

Varying Graphic Shapes

Cut triangular, circular and rectangular prints from magazines or old photos. Adhere images of different proportions across Canvas boards or directly onto walls using decoupage medium to craft casually-chic collages.

Abstract Images Also An Option

Beyond geometric layouts, consider incorporating visually intriguing images with architecture, nature or water elements unified across horizontal spaces for artsy ambiance.

Functional Horizontal Bedroom Accents

Infuse horizontally aligned bedroom focal points pulling practical double duty with lighting, storage or spatial illusion besides pure aesthetic enhancement. Explore creative ideas like wall sconces or mirror arrangements to illuminate and open up rooms.

Mirrors Reflect to Expand Space

Strategically hanging mirrors on horizontal bedroom walls visually doubles spatial dimensions seamlessly. The reflective glass bounces images from windows or artwork to cleverly make cramped quarters appear doubled.

Frameless or Decorative Options

While giant frameless mirrors spanning walls dramatically reflect to expand tight spaces, smaller individual mirrors with decorative frames arranged across a wall collage-style casts unique illusion while showing off intricate frames..

Place Across From Windows

For optimal reflective light and the illusion of a larger outside view, position horizontal mirror decor precisely across from any existing windows. The glass bounces and expands the outdoor perspective delightfully.

Wall Sconces Add Ambient Lighting

Horizontally aligning interesting wall sconces across bedroom walls adds handy illumination while infusing unique artistry into the space. Save tabletop real estate by utilizing this creative lighting and decor duo solution.

Save Floor and Table Space

Unlike freestanding table or floor lamps occupying already limited bedroom square footage, sleek wall sconces align neatly across walls providing sufficient reading light without hogging space below.

Double as Artistic Wall Decor

Look beyond boring builder-grade fixtures by selecting horizontally aligned wall sconces making artistic statements with materials like glass, crystal or seashells. Light up space with jewel-tone shades or nature-inspired silhouettes.

Display Collections on Open Shelves

Open shelving spanning accent walls also completes horizontal bedroom decor goals with clever display storage to show off favorite items with ease. Paint shelving the wall color for a seamless built-in bookcase feel showing beautiful belongings.

Collections Become Focal Point

Display meaningful memorabilia collected from travels including sculptures, ceramics or mini painted landscapes across open shelves make for intriguing horizontal focal points oozing personalized panache.

Books, Photos, Travel Souvenirs

Showcase hardcover favorites with gorgeous book jacketing facing outward in rainbow color order. Overlap photo frames of different shapes and sizes for eclectic shelving collages. Feature locally crafted travel trinkets from global adventures.

Paint Shelves to Match Wall Color

For open bookcases or shelving to appear like built-in architectural elements, carefully paint the framework the exact wall hue using the same paint can. Visually fools the eye with clever cohesion.

Bedside Horizontal Wall Art

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom by adding bedside horizontal wall art. This will not only add visual interest but also serve as a calming focal point near the bed. Choose calming and soothing colors such as soft pastels, blues, and greens to promote relaxation.

Gallery Wall of Horizontal Pieces

Create a gallery wall of horizontal pieces, either all of the same size or a mix of sizes, for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing display. This is an excellent way to incorporate a variety of styles and themes into your bedroom decor.

Horizontal Wall Decor with LED Lights

Add LED lights to your horizontal wall decor to create a soft and romantic ambiance in the bedroom. This is perfect for couples or individuals who enjoy a moody and intimate atmosphere.

Horizontal Wall Art with Inspirational Quotes

Inspire yourself every morning by adding horizontal wall art with inspirational quotes to your bedroom. Choose quotes that resonate with you and motivate you to start the day on a positive note.

Maximize functionality and space savings with horizontal wall mounted decor that doubles as clever storage. For instance, wall-mounted cabinets with woven basket drawers provide concealed bedside storage while artfully displaying blankets.

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