How to Pick the Perfect Gas Lanterns to Light Up Your Front Porch

Gas lanterns are a popular way to add charm and ambiance to front porches. With their warm, flickering flames glowing through glass panes, they create an inviting mood that beckons visitors up to your home’s entryway. While aesthetics are a major reason homeowners opt for gas lanterns, functionality matters too. The right fixtures can provide just the right amount of light for your porch’s needs.

Picking the perfect gas lanterns for your specific porch requires some thought. The style should complement your home’s architecture. You’ll need to determine how much illumination you need. Safety and costs are other key considerations. But with so many design options now available – from traditional to modern – you’re sure to find the ideal lanterns to light up your space.

Choosing a Style for Your Porch

One of the first decisions to make is what overall style you want your gas lanterns to have. There are two main options:

  • Traditional: These gas lanterns have a classic, old-world look with quemous details. Materials like wrought iron, copper, and brass are common. Styles range from Colonial to European to New Orleans designs.
  • Contemporary: For a more modern feel, choose lanterns with clean lines and simplistic styling. Stainless steel, chrome, and other sleek materials create a minimalist look.

Consider your home’s architecture when deciding on traditional versus contemporary lanterns. The fixtures should complement the existing aesthetic. A historic home, for example, often pairs best with classic gas lanterns. More modern dwellings may look better with crisp, unfussy lantern silhouettes.

Gas lanterns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes too. Pick options sized in proportion to your porch – don’t overlook how a dainty lantern would get drowned out on a large covered area. Rectangular, oval, round, and square lanterns are among the most versatile choices.

gas lanterns front porch

Finally, think about what materials appeal to you. Metal is very common, but you’ll also find options utilizing glass, acrylic, and other materials. Wrought iron and copper have an elegant, old-world look. Stainless steel appears crisp and contemporary. Seek out well-made lanterns constructed from quality materials for longevity.

Matching Architectural Style

To choose gas lanterns with historic architectural harmony, brands like Bevolo offer designs aligned with specific home styles. Their New Orleans lanterns suit Creole cottage architecture, for example. The Brandywine lantern complements home styles like Federal, Colonial and Georgian. Your lantern finish should also coordinate with existing accents, like door hardware or gutter detailing.

Scale Matters

Proportion is important in lantern selection. Diminutive fixtures would look out of place mounted on soaring 12-foot ceilings. Conversely, oversized lanterns may feel oppressive on an intimate porch. Measure your ceiling height and overall porch square footage when selecting lantern sizes.

Premium Materials

Iron is valued for its durability and traditional styling. Copper develops an elegant patina over time. Other popular options include stainless steel for its luster and weather-resistance, and hammered aluminum for an artisanal look. Glass panels enclosing the flames should be sturdy and well-fitted in the frame.

Consider the Lighting Strength You Need

While gas lanterns lend beautiful ambiance, they don’t typically provide bright task lighting. Instead, the warm glow of the flames is ideal for setting a relaxing mood. Depending on your porch layout and activities, you may need to incorporate secondary lighting sources:

  • Size – A spacious porch may need additional illumination for navigating steps or reading.
  • Ceilings – High ceilings make a small lantern’s output seem even dimmer.
  • Tasks – If you want to read or need visibility for crafts, more light is key.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to supplement gas lantern glow:

  • LEDs – Many new gas lanterns integrate battery-powered LEDs into the fixture for extra brightness.
  • Secondary lighting – Well-placed porch sconces, post lanterns or recessed lighting provide task lighting.
  • Dimmers – Controls allow you to adjust LED or secondary lighting levels.

Take measurements and think about how your porch will be used before finalizing your lighting plan. The right combinations ensure your gas lanterns provide perfect ambiance without leaving you in the dark.

Small porchesGas lanterns alone may sufficiently light smaller porches. Place a pair at the top of entry stairs.
Covered areasCeiling-hung lanterns help eliminate shadows cast from a covering. Wall sconces also add DIRECTIONAL LIGHT.
High ceilingsLarge or multiple lanterns create pools of light and ambiance in large volumes of space.

Safety Considerations and Proper Installation

Gas lanterns involve open flames, so safety is paramount. Follow these tips for maximum security:

  • Hire a professional – Gas lantern installation is complex. Only use licensed plumbers or HVAC technicians.
  • Vent properly – Outdoor-rated lanterns require proper roof/ceiling venting to avoid gas buildup.
  • Meet codes – Adhere to all codes for gas fixtures and work permits. This is required by law.
  • Buy certified products – Reputable brands have fixtures tested for safety and reliability.
  • Position carefully – Mount out of reach of pets or small children.

In addition to physical safety, proper installation also safeguards your investment. Gas line connections, venting, wiring, and permits are best handled by licensed pros. Doing this work yourself could violate local regulations. Leave it to the experts for peace of mind.

Reputable Brands

Well-known gas lantern companies include Bevolo, Feiss, Kichler and Murray Feiss. Their fixtures meet the highest standards for materials, performance and safety. Bevolo lanterns survive hurricane-force wind testing, for example. Buy from manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Code Considerations

Building codes include requirements like:

  • – Minimum distances to combustibles
  • – Types of materials for vent pipes
  • – Wiring and connections
  • – Compliant framing if mounted to walls
  • – Permits needed for installation

Review your local building codes before installing any gas fixture. Permitted work also protects against liability issues down the road.

Costs – Purchase Price, Operation, and Maintenance

What will gas lanterns cost you upfront and over time? Key factors include:

  • Fixture prices – From $200 up to $2000+ depending on materials and detailing.
  • Installation – Ranges from $500 to $2000+ per lantern depending on complexity.
  • Gas usage – Comparable to a gas fireplace pilot light. Depends on flame size.
  • Maintenance – Glass cleaning, mantle replacement every 2-3 years.

Operational costs are quite low, especially compared to electric bills. Simple mantles replacement keeps gas lanterns glowing for years. Avoid sticker shock by budgeting for all costs before installing your fixtures.

Size and Materials

What influences lantern prices?

  • Size – Larger fixtures and custom sizes cost more.
  • Materials – Copper and brass are more expensive than aluminum or steel.
  • Detailing – Intricate metalwork and hammered finishes add cost.
  • Brand – Premium brands like Bevolo fetch higher prices.

Prioritize quality materials for durability, not the lowest cost.

Professional Installation

Installation fees vary based on:

  • – Number of lanterns
  • – Mounting location/height
  • – Gas line access
  • – Venting needs
  • – Required electrical work
  • – Local permit fees

Get quotes from several licensed professionals before committing.

Top Gas Lantern Brands and Models

These leading gas lantern manufacturers offer excellent quality, variety, and safety:


This New Orleans company is renowned for exceptionally crafted, ornate gas lanterns in traditional styles. Their fixtures grace celebrated historic homes and hotels.

Murray Feiss

Offering a vast array of traditional to contemporary gas lanterns at various price points. Their Huntington and Briarwood collections are very popular.


A sister brand to Murray Feiss, Feiss focuses more on modern and transitional styles. Their Inca collection features minimalist, linear lanterns.


Kichler is a leader in stylish contemporary fixtures, including rectangular lanterns with metal and rattan detailing.

Browse the product ranges from reputable brands to discover your perfect style, size and budget match.

Customization Options Available

Today’s gas lanterns offer ample room for personalization. From sizes to finishes, you can create lighting that perfectly suits your home’s style.

  • Sizes – Many brands offer custom sizing for a perfect fit.
  • Materials – Select metal types and colored glass to suit your aesthetic.
  • Finishes – Choose from polished, rust, oil-rubbed bronze, etc.
  • Shapes – Rounded, rectangular, or square frames to match architectural style.
  • Smart Options – WiFi lanterns allow app-based control and automation.
  • Historical Styles – Brands offer designs that align with preservation standards.

Today’s vast range of options makes it easy to put your own stamp on timeless gas lantern style.

Custom Sizing

Companies like Bevolo will tailor lantern sizing to fit your space perfectly. Provide porch measurements and mounting height and they will craft lanterns to specification.


From polished copper to verdigris and bronze patinas, finishes let you match existing detailing or create an entirely new look. Some finishes change over time for added character.

Energy Efficient LED Gas Lantern Options

For maximum cost and energy savings, look for gas lanterns that incorporate LED lighting. The LEDs provide most of the illumination, while the flames remain as ambiance. Benefits include:

  • – Lower gas usage – Less fuel needed with supplemental LEDs.
  • – Reduced costs – Up to $100/year savings in gas bills.
  • – Brighter light – LEDs provide 60W equivalency standard bulbs can’t match.
  • – Long life – LEDs last over a decade with no maintenance.

Bevolo, Feiss, and Murray Feiss all offer LED lighting integrated into many gas lantern models. The technology amplifies traditional style with modern efficiency.


Some LED gas lanterns offer dimmable controls via a smartphone app. This allows you to set the perfect illumination level for any mood or activity.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing LED gas lanterns means consuming less fuel. This saves money while also reducing your home’s overall carbon footprint.

As you shop for the perfect gas lanterns, keep these key tips in mind:

  • – Match your home’s architecture and style for cohesive design.
  • – Determine how much light you need for your porch’s specific functions.
  • – Review all costs – purchase price, professional installation, gas usage.
  • – Prioritize safety through proper venting, professional installs, and codes.
  • – Consider smart and customization features to personalize your lighting.

You’re sure to find the ideal gas lanterns to light up your front porch with a timeless vibe.

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