How to Choose the Perfect 60 Inch Accent Cabinet for Your Space

Accent cabinets are versatile furniture pieces that add stylish storage and display space to any room. With a width of 60 inches, they provide ample room for organizing while making a bold decor statement.

Choosing the ideal 60 inch accent cabinet requires some planning to ensure it fits your space and storage needs perfectly. Consider factors like intended use, dimensions, style, quality and price when selecting your perfect cabinet.

Determine How You’ll Use the Cabinet

Before shopping, think about how you want to use your 60 inch accent cabinet. This helps narrow down the ideal features and design.

Assess your storage needs. Will you use it for clothing, linens, accessories, display pieces? The contents will impact the interior configuration. For clothes, more hanging space and shelves work well. For linens, deeper drawers are ideal.

Consider how much you need to store. Having an idea of the number and dimensions of shelves and drawers needed ensures adequate storage capacity. A cabinet with adjustable shelves and removable partitions adds flexibility.

60 inch accent cabinet

Built-ins like pull-out trays, hooks, and adjustable shelving also increase functionality. Pull-outs and trays make contents accessible. Hooks are great for bags and belts. Adjustable shelves let you customize as needs change.

Evaluate Size and Dimensions

While you want a 60 inch width, check that the interior depth and height accommodate what you’ll store. Measure items like sweaters or bins to ensure fit.

Also confirm the 60 inch width properly fits the intended space. Measure the area and create a floor plan with measurements to visualize placement. Be sure to account for necessary door clearance.

If standard cabinet sizes won’t work for your space, consider customized dimensions. Some companies offer made-to-order sizing.

Choose Cabinet Design and Style

Match the accent cabinet to your existing room decor. For modern spaces, clean lines and metallic finishes work well. Traditional rooms suit simple wooden cabinets. Rustic spaces call for distressed wood with metal accents.

Door style impacts the look as well. Cabinet doors create a streamlined appearance. Open shelves show off contents while partitioned cubbies add visual interest.

Select a finish color that enhances your decor. Popular options like white, black, and wood tones complement most aesthetics. For a pop of color, choose vibrant or pastel painted cabinets.

The material also affects the look and durability. Wood exudes warmth while steel has an industrial vibe. Glass-front cabinets elegantly display contents.

Personalize with hardware like knobs or pulls and decorative accents like trim or carvings for a custom built-in look.

Assess Quality and Durability

High-quality materials and construction are key for longevity. Research brands and read reviews to gauge real-world durability.

Inspect cabinet doors, joints, hardware and finishes in person when possible. Check that doors open smoothly and shelves feel sturdy.

Opt for durable finishes that will withstand daily wear and tear. Scratch-resistant surfaces like laminate and durable paint finishes are ideal.

Quality craftsmanship also impacts longevity. Look for details like strong joints, full-extension drawers, and reinforced shelves.

Compare Different Retailers and Prices

Shop around before deciding where to purchase your 60 inch accent cabinet. Check big box stores, online retailers, and specialty furniture shops for selection and prices.

Watch for sales, promotions, and coupons to save on your cabinet. Registering for store reward programs can also yield discounts.

Be sure to calculate the total costs – don’t forget tax, shipping, and installation or assembly fees. Setting a budget helps narrow options to the best value.

Prepare the Space for the Cabinet

To make room for your new 60 inch accent cabinet, declutter the area and do some deep cleaning. Also evaluate if the space needs painting or other updates.

Install additional lighting inside the cabinet or above it to see contents better. Task lighting on top provides ambiance.

Use floor protection like drop cloths during installation to avoid scuffs and scratches.

Consider Additional Features

To make your accent cabinet even more functional, consider smart storage systems. Pull-out trays, tracks and racks make contents accessible.

Integrating a charging station, lighting, Bluetooth speakers, or other electronics lets the cabinet pull double duty.

Eco-friendly and customizable options like recycled materials, energy saving LEDs, and made-to-order sizing appeal to many buyers.

Delivery, assembly, and professional installation services ensure your new cabinet is set up properly.

Choosing the perfect 60 inch accent cabinet requires assessing your needs, space, and style preferences. Measure carefully to ensure the ideal fit.

Quality construction and materials withstand daily use. Customized storage features maximize functionality. With some savvy shopping, you can find the ideal cabinet to add storage and style to your space.

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