Give Your Bedroom A Makeover For Under $100 With These Queen Headboards

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to give your bedroom a stylish makeover? Installing a new headboard is one of the simplest upgrades you can make, with the potential to completely transform the look and feel of your space. With so many attractive options available for under $100, you can give your queen-size bed a cohesive, polished look that appears far more expensive than it actually is.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best queen headboards that won’t break the bank. From tufted upholstered designs to woven rattan and reclaimed wood, there are diverse styles to match any decor. We’ll look at popular materials and colors for budget-friendly headboards, get to know some top affordable brands, and share tips for choosing the perfect piece for your bedroom. Read on to discover how refreshing your bedroom with a new headboard can be a stylish and satisfying upgrade within reach.

Affordable Queen Headboard Styles and Materials

When shopping for an inexpensive headboard, focus first on finding a style you love. Many pleasing design options are available in lower-cost materials that still look great in any bedroom.

queen headboard under $100

Tufted Upholstered Headboards

Tufted upholstered headboards provide plush, sophisticated style. Look for faux leather or linen upholstery with deep button tufting for dramatic focal point without the high price tag. Nailhead trim adds visual interest and a classic vibe.

Slipcovered Headboards

For a relaxed, casual feel, consider a slipcovered headboard. Soft, textured fabrics like chambray or cotton create an unfussy, approachable look. Details like nailheads or ruffles inject personality.

Woven Rattan Headboards

The natural texture of woven rattan makes it an intriguing headboard material for a warm, organic style. From sleek arch shapes to intricate weaves, rattan brings artisanal flair.

Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Reclaimed or salvaged wood offers rustic beauty on a budget. Variations in grain and distressing create charmingly imperfect, vintage-inspired headboards.

Faux Leather Headboards

Faux leather, aka vinyl, crafts headboards with the look of real leather at a fraction of the cost. Often tufted or with metallic nailhead accents, faux leather adds elegance without feeling stuffy.

UpholsteredPlush, soft, elegantProne to wrinkles
RattanNatural texture, lightweightDelicate over time
Faux leatherDramatic look, easy careLess breathable

Notable Brands for Queen Headboards Under $100

Trusted brands help ensure you get attractive styling and reliable construction, even on a limited budget. Here are some of our top picks for quality queen headboards under $100.


With elegant designs like the tufted Region Upholstered Headboard, Modway is a go-to for affordable, contemporary pieces. Their faux leather and fabric headboards start around $95.

Baxton Studio

This budget-friendly brand carries versatile modern, traditional and industrial-inspired headboards. The tufted Aldo Upholstered Headboard costs just $99.


Known for inexpensive, trendy furniture, DHP offers several chic faux leather headboards for under $100 like the Emily Tufted Headboard in black for $99.

No Nails

No Nails headboards are customizable and start around $79. Their tailored slipcovers come in fabrics like chambray, perfect for a cozy cottage vibe.

Arch Tower

Boho lovers will appreciate Arch Tower’s woven rattan headboards, including their arched queen for a steal at $72.

Decor Therapy

Rustic reclaimed wood headboards like Decor Therapy’s Athens model craft a welcoming, vintage look for just under $100.

Factors to Consider When Shopping

With many pleasing styles under $100, choose your new headboard based on your preferences, room size and decor. Consider these factors:


Standard queen headboards are 60 inches wide. Measure to ensure the size works with your frame and wall space.

Design Elements

Do you prefer tufting? Nailheads? Distressing? Choose features that fit your overall aesthetic.


Look for headboards in hues or patterns that coordinate with your bedding, furniture and accents.


Evaluate options for durability and longevity. Faux leather and wood tend to wear well.

Added Features

Some headboards incorporate lighting, power outlets or storage. Decide if any extra features are worth the cost.

Design Ideas and Styling Tips

A headboard forms the foundation of your bed’s look. Tie everything together beautifully with these design ideas:

Coordinate Colors

Pull out a color from the headboard for pillows, art and accessories. Contrasting colors can also pop nicely.

Incorporate Similar Textures

If your headboard is faux leather, echo the texture in bedding or area rugs. Wood headboards pair well with natural fibers.

Add Layers of Lighting

Use table lamps, wall sconces and string lights to create a cozy glow around your new headboard.

Hang Artwork Above

Draw the eye upwards with large wall art, tapestry or macrame pieces over the headboard.

Include Special Touches

Personalize with photos, meaningful keepsakes, greenery and other decorative details.

Installation Tips

Installing a headboard securely is important for safety and stability. Here are some key steps:

Choose Wall Mounts

Wall-mounted headboards are easiest for renters. Look for mounts compatible with your headboard weight and wall material.

Locate Studs

Use a stud finder to identify wood studs in the wall to anchor heavy-duty screws into.

Mark Height and Position

Measure and mark where the top of your headboard will hang. Center it on the wall over your bed frame.

Pre-Drill Holes

Predrill holes into the studs slightly smaller than your screws to prevent splitting wood.

Securely Screw Into Studs

Following package directions, securely screw wall mounts into at least two studs for stability.

Hang Headboard

With a friend’s help, lift and hang the headboard onto the mounted hardware.

Finding a stylish yet affordable headboard makes it possible to upgrade your queen bed and refresh your entire bedroom on a budget. The key is focusing on designs you love over price alone. From there, look to quality brands and materials that offer beauty and longevity. Mounting your headboard properly ensures it stays securely in place for years of enjoyment.

With a little planning and smart shopping, you can change your life. Install one of the queen headboards spotlighted here for under $100, and watch as your space is transformed into a bedroom you feel happy and relaxed to spend time in. Sweet dreams on your fresh, fashionable new look!

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