Gray Bathroom Paint Colors That Make Your Space Sparkle

Grays make a gorgeous choice when selecting paint colors for your bathroom. The versatility of shades that fall under the gray umbrella means you can easily find a hue that pairs perfectly with your existing decor and brings out the absolute best in your space. Grays set a stylish, relaxing mood while still feeling clean, classic and utterly timeless.

We’ll cover the different shades available and factors to keep in mind when choosing paint. We’ll share plenty of stunning examples and expert tips to help you land on the ideal gray that will elevate your bathroom.

Why Choose Gray Paint for Your Bathroom?

Gray may seem like an unexpected color choice for a room like the bathroom. But there are quite a few reasons this sophisticated neutral has become a top choice for modern bathrooms.

  • Grays pair well with almost any color scheme and decor style, from traditional to contemporary.
  • They create a peaceful, relaxing and spa-like atmosphere.
  • Different shades can make spaces feel open and airy or cozy and intimate.
  • Gray evokes a clean and fresh aesthetic, perfect for a room where hygiene is key.
  • It hides water spots and splatters, so walls maintain their pristine look.
  • Grays complement tilework, fixtures and accessories beautifully.

Whether you want your bathroom to feel light and bright or rich and moody, there’s a gorgeous gray shade for you. The key is choosing the right undertone and brightness level for your particular space.

Choosing the Best Gray Paint Color for Your Bathroom

One of the reasons gray is so popular for bathrooms is its incredible versatility. Grays come in every hue from the coolest blues to the warmest taupes. But with so many options, how do you choose?

gray bathroom paint colors

Here are some key factors to consider as you zero in on the perfect gray paint.

Take Natural and Artificial Lighting into Account

The way your bathroom is lit will impact how gray paint colors are perceived. Is your bathroom filled with abundant natural light, or does it rely more on artificial lighting? Here are some tips:

  • North-facing rooms with little natural light suit cool grays with hints of blue or green.
  • Bathrooms with lots of windows and sunlight can handle warmer grays with taupe, brown or red undertones.
  • Bright grays reflect both natural and artificial light well in any bathroom.
  • Dark charcoal grays are best avoided in bathrooms with minimal sunlight.

Consider the Undertones

The undertones present in any gray paint have a big effect on the overall look and feel it creates. For example:

  • Blues lend a relaxing, cool ambiance.
  • Tinges of green add vibrancy.
  • Browns and reds bring out warmth.
  • Taupes complement wood cabinetry.

Look at existing elements like tiles, cabinetry and fixtures and choose a gray with complementary undertones. Color swatches can help you see undertones accurately.

Factor in Brightness and Reflectivity

Some shades of gray absorb light, while others reflect it. Bright whites suit small spaces, as they make them look bigger and more open. Deep charcoal grays can overwhelm in a tiny bathroom. Consider brightness when selecting gray paint:

  • Soft, hazy grays add peaceful atmosphere.
  • Bold, crisp grays reflect light well and add vibrance.
  • Muted grays work well with lots of texture and warmth.
  • Intense blacks and dark grays can feel confining.

Popular Shades of Gray Paint for Bathrooms

Now that you know how to choose the right gray, here are some of the most popular shades for bathrooms:

Cool, Calming Grays

These relaxing grays with hints of blue and green are perfect for spa-like bathrooms.

  • Wickham Gray – A light gray with faint blue overtones. Benjamin Moore’s popular Wickham Gray reads as a soft, cool neutral.
  • Shoreline – Sherwin-Williams’ Shoreline is a muted, hazy blue-gray evoking soothing coastal vibes.
  • Stonington Gray – This gorgeous green-gray from Benjamin Moore lends a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Warm, Welcoming Grays

For a cozier bathroom feel, consider these earthy grays with hints of beige, brown, red or taupe.

  • Silverpoint – A warmer taupe-gray that pairs beautifully with wood cabinetry and fixtures.
  • Repose Gray – One of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular paint colors, this greige lends a sense of harmony with its earthy hints of brown, red and purple.
  • Greige – A perfect blend of gray and beige, greige adds a cozy and elegant feel to bathrooms.

Sophisticated and Bold Grays

Make a dramatic statement with these deep, intense gray paint colors.

  • Slate Gray – Think Dorian Gray! Benjamin Moore’s Slate Gray is sophisticated and bold, beautiful as an accent wall or vanity color.
  • Graphite Gray – Sherwin-Williams’ rich, dark Graphite Gray has a nearly black appearance that creates an exotic, glamorous mood.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Gray Paint

Ready to go gray with your bathroom paint? Here are some top tips for selecting the ideal shade:

  • Get physical paint swatches from the hardware store and view them in your space at different times of day.
  • Notice how the grays change appearance under natural versus artificial light.
  • Test out a few top contenders on a small part of the wall before fully committing.
  • Coordinate with tiles, flooring, cabinetry and accessories for a cohesive look.
  • Balance cool and warm grays – mix a deeper tone on the lower half of walls with a softer one on top.

Bathroom Paint Finishes That Work Well with Gray

Choosing the right paint finish is also integral to making your gray bathroom walls look their best. Here are some top options to consider:

  • Matte – Flat, matte paint subdues shine and reflections that high-humidity bathrooms are prone to.
  • Eggshell – Slightly glossy, eggshell finishes lend subtle luster while still hiding imperfections.
  • Satin – With a delicate sheen, satin offers the happy medium between durable eggshell and matte.

Ways to Make Your Gray Bathroom Shine

Gray paint provides the perfect neutral backdrop for your bathroom. Now it’s time to add interest, texture and pops of contrasting color. Here’s how to take your gray bathroom to the next level:

  • Add bright white on trims, built-ins and ceilings to contrast with gray walls.
  • Introduce other accent colors through towels, shower curtains, rugs and accessories.
  • Incorporate natural wood and greenery for organic texture and warmth.
  • Use wallpaper, tile and paneling to add visual intrigue.
  • Warm up cool grays with brass fixtures, copper or gold metal finishes.

With an elegant gray paint keeping things neutral yet interesting, it’s easy to weave in bolder prints, textures and colors. The gray foundation lets your personal style shine.

Gray truly does make a gorgeous, versatile choice for bathroom walls. The palette of grays available means you can easily find a shade that pairs seamlessly with your decor and brightens up your space.

Keep undertones, natural lighting and sheen in mind when selecting paint. Cool, earthy, light, bold – no matter your taste, there’s a sophisticated gray bathroom waiting for you. Use our tips to find a hue that sets the perfect mood. Then have fun accessorizing with pops of color, nature and texture.

We hope this overview of stunning gray bathroom paint colors has you newly inspired to add this timeless neutral into your home. With the right shade, you’re sure to fall in love with how a simple swath of gray makes your bathroom feel so fresh, inviting and serene.

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