Corner Window? Conquer Tricky Angles With These Curtain Rod Tips

If you have corner windows in your home, you know how challenging it can be to hang curtains that actually fit the space properly. With those angled walls and uneven corners, finding the right curtain rods and hardware to get a polished look can feel next to impossible. But transforming your awkward corner windows is simpler than you think. By using the right specialty curtain rods and expert installation tricks, you can conquer those tricky angles once and for all.

Read on to finally solve your corner curtain woes and enjoy windows that complement your space beautifully.

Assess Your Unique Corner Window

Not all corner windows are created equal, so before shopping for rods and curtains, take time to carefully measure and assess your specific corner space. Note the precise angle between the two walls, and pay attention to any irregularities or uneven surfaces. Your measurements will determine the length and type of rod and curtains needed to achieve that flawless drape.

Some key things to measure include:

  • The length of each wall section
  • The angle between the two walls
  • The height from floor to ceiling

Knowing the exact dimensions of your corner will allow you to select a curtain rod and curtains that are sized just right. Accounting for irregular angles or uneven walls will help you find the best mounting method and hardware for your unique space.

curtain rods for corners

Consider Window Size and Lighting Needs

In addition to precise measurements, think about how you use the corner space when determining the best treatments. If the windows are large, you likely want the option for full light blocking. For smaller accent windows, sheer curtains may suffice. Your lighting needs should inform the curtain style, material and layering strategy.

Choose the Right Corner Curtain Rod

Specialized corner rods are designed to solve two primary challenges – the angled walls and the weight of curtains hanging in a corner. The right rod type and size depends on your window measurements and configuration.

Extendable Corner Rods

For adjustable length, look for telescoping corner rods that extend to fit the two walls of your corner. The adjustable length allows a custom fit for your space.

Bendable Bay Window Rods

If your corners have irregular angles, a flexible bay window rod can bend and conform to fit. The hardware mounting the rod will keep the shape once positioned in your unique corners.

Dual Corner Rods

For extra large window spaces, a dual rod system allows you to hang two separate curtains. This provides privacy and light control. Opt for two rods with a single center support for stability.

Use Proper Mounting Hardware

Specialized brackets designed for corners are necessary to keep your rod firmly anchored. Corner rods require rigidity where two walls meet to prevent sagging. Some top hardware options include:

  • Corner mounting brackets – L-shaped to grip both walls
  • Ceiling mount – attaches a rod to the ceiling in high corners
  • Tension pole mounts – rental friendly, no drilling required

Follow all manufacturer instructions for properly securing rods in corners. For bay windows, space multiple brackets evenly across the window for optimal support.

Measure and Hang the Curtains

With your specialty rod installed, it’s time to complete the look with perfectly tailored curtains. Make sure to precisely measure the length for each wall section, accounting for the angle between them. When estimating length:

  • Allow extra so curtains extend 3-4 inches past the window frame
  • Factor in clearance for decorations like finials if using a decorative rod
  • Purchase extra length and hem to exact size for custom fit

Carefully measured curtains will prevent uneven tiers and gaps in the corners. Complete the polished look by hanging your curtains on each section of rod using quality rings or grommets.

Finish With Decorative Touches

Finally, finish off your perfectly hung corner window curtains with some stylish design details:

  • Add tiebacks to hold curtains in place
  • Layer sheer and blackout panels for light control
  • Highlight windows with scarves, swags and valances

You can also remove finials from decorative rods to slide on swags and tails for extra elegance. EmbellishTreatment your hardware and curtains to complement the room’s decor and highlight the beautiful new corner windows.

Follow this step-by-step guide for conquering the tricky angles of corner windows once and for all. With the right specialty curtain rods, hardware and precise measurements, you can avoid gaps, sagging and light leaks. Your windows will finally have a refined, cohesive look tailored beautifully to your unique corner space.

No more fussing with irregular rods and makeshift mounting solutions. Proper floor-to-ceiling curtains not only look flawless, they complete your room by showcasing your style and providing privacy. Get ready to enjoy perfectly dressed corner windows that add both beauty and function to your home.

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