Grab Tools & Go! Getting Cheap Parts at Louisiana’s Self-Service Salvage Store

Tucked away just off I-20 in Shreveport sits an auto enthusiast’s paradise–Pipes U-Pull-It. As Louisiana’s premier self-service salvage yard, Pipes U-Pull-It offers DIYers incredible savings on used auto parts. Whether you’re wrenching in the garage as a hobby or own a repair shop, this unique pull-your-own-parts facility has everything you need and more.

At Pipes U-Pull-It’s sprawling 10-acre facility, you’ll gain access to an ever-changing inventory of over 800 vehicles available for picking. From everyday commuters to classic American muscle, both foreign and domestic models fill the neatly organized rows. And the best part? You can pull any part you want or need while paying just a small fraction of typical retail prices.

Main Benefits of Visiting Pipes U-Pull-It

Pulling used parts at Pipes U-Pull-It offers DIYers some major perks:

  • Save 80% or more on parts compared to buying new
  • Huge selection with inventory from 800+ vehicles
  • No employees – you remove and take home your own parts
  • Pay only for the specific parts you take, nothing more
  • Fun, hands-on pick-your-part experience

How Pipes U-Pull-It’s Self-Service Process Works

Pipes U-Pull-It makes finding the used auto parts you need a breeze. Here’s a quick rundown of how their self-service parts pulling process works:

  1. Grab a toolbox and go hunt for parts among the rows of vehicles
  2. Inventory organized neatly by make, model, and type
  3. Remove parts yourself using your own hand tools
  4. Pay for parts at self check-out based on weight

Bring Your Own Tools or Rent Ours

While DIYers must provide their own basic hand tools, Pipes U-Pull-It also offers engine hoists, jacks, and other specialty tools for rent. For pick-your-part pros, however, coming prepared with your own arsenal is key to an efficient parts pulling adventure.

Common Tools to BringSpecialty Tools Available to Rent
– Wrenches – Sockets – Pry bars – Screwdrivers– Engine hoists – Transmission jacks – Axle/suspension tools – ECU readers

Inventory Highlights

So what exactly will you find when browsing Pipes U-Pull-It’s inventory? Here’s a quick peek:

pipes you pull it
  • Hundreds of trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans to choose from
  • Wide variety domestic and import makes including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, VW, etc.
  • Both mainstream and specialty models well represented
  • New inventory added regularly as vehicles are donated, sold to yard

Parts Availability Varies

While availability fluctuates weekly, common high-demand parts like engines, transmissions, alternators, starters, and electronics go fast. For the best selection, regular visits are a good idea!

Steps to Locate Needed Parts

Finding that perfect OEM replacement doesn’t have to be tough if you know where to look! Here are some tips for locating parts at Pipes U-Pull-It:

  1. Search the categorized rows of vehicles for your target make and model
  2. Use provided yard maps if struggling to spot a certain car
  3. Confirm the parts you need are still with the vehicle before removing
  4. Carefully detach desired parts from the vehicle using proper tools
  5. Light cleaning/degreasing of parts may be required before use

Verify Part Numbers

To ensure you’ve scored the correct part, double check any factory part numbers or other identifiers against your vehicle’s own components.

Guidance for Choosing Parts

When evaluating parts condition and viability, remember these key points:

  • Thoroughly inspect components before removing
  • Check part numbers to verify intended application
  • Consider overall condition and remaining usable life
  • High-demand items often sell out quickest

When in Doubt, Ask

For any questions on part selection or fitment, Pipes U-Pull-It’s experienced staff is ready and willing to assist. Don’t hesitate to ask for help choosing the right components before you pull or purchase them.

Getting Help Along the Way

While self-service salvage yards let you source and pull parts solo, assistance is also available. Here’s guidance on getting help when you need it from Pipes U-Pull-It’s team:

  • Ask roaming inventory staff to assist locating specific rows/vehicles
  • Inquire at the front office about tool rental options
  • Request aid removing heavy, stubborn, or hard-to-reach parts from vehicles

Staff Ready to Lend a Hand

Whether you can’t find a certain make or model, need a specialty tool, or struggle removing that pesky transmission, Pipes U-Pull-It’s staffers offer an extra set of hands when necessary.

Additional Services Provided

Beyond affordable self-service parts pulling, Pipes U-Pull-It offers a few other handy services including:

  • Cash-for-junk-car removal & towing
  • Purchase of pre-checked fully-tested used parts
  • Battery and used motor oil recycling programs

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