Give Your Bedroom a Storage Glow Up with Cube Nightstand Drawers

Are you looking to elevate your bedroom’s style and storage capabilities? Introducing the cube nightstand with drawer – the perfect solution for creating a polished, organized bedside setup. With their geometric shape and built-in storage, cube nightstands seamlessly blend form and function. Keep reading to learn all about these space-saving storage stars and why they deserve a spot beside your bed.

Cube Nightstands 101: Your Compact Bedside Buddy

Cube nightstands represent a smart, modern twist on the traditional oval or round night table. True to their name, they feature a distinct cubic shape with 90 degree angles. This gives them a clean, contemporary look that pairs well with a variety of decor styles. Cube nightstands typically measure between 18-24 inches wide on each side, with a height around 24-34 inches. This makes them a great option for small bedrooms or spaces where you want to conserve floor space.

cube nightstand with drawer

The defining feature of a cube nightstand is its incorporation of at least one drawer built seamlessly into the front, side or top. This integrated drawer provides discreet, easily accessible storage to help organize your bedside items. No more rummaging around in a messy pile for your glasses, book or remote control! The drawer slides open to reveal a compartment for storing these nighttime essentials and more. Some larger models include two or three drawers for even more storage capacity.

Cube nightstands come in a spectrum of materials like wood, metal, glass, acrylic or lacquered finishes. This allows you to select a style tailored to your existing decor. Place your cube nightstand right within arm’s reach alongside your bed, and suddenly you have a built-in home for everything you need close at hand while sleeping or lounging.

The Benefits of Cube Nightstands’ Space-Saving Design

Compared to bulkier, rounded nightstand silhouettes, the cubed shape provides some excellent advantages. Here are some of the top benefits of cube nightstand storage:

  • Space-saving footprint: The compact cubic shape lets you maximize every inch. Cube nightstands neatly tuck against the bed so you can still have room for additional furniture like a dresser or chair.
  • Storage drawer: No more cluttered tabletops! The integrated drawer neatly corrals books, gadgets and personal items.
  • Contemporary style: The sleek, geometric shape brings an elevated, modern look to your bedroom.

If you’re working with a small bedroom, a cube nightstand is a great pick to save space. Their slim shape consumes less area than a round nightstand, leaving you more room to maneuver. And you still get the same great surface area on top thanks to the cubic design. For studio apartments, kids’ rooms, guest bedrooms and more, the cube nightstand delivers space-saving style.

But the cube nightstand isn’t just about conserving space. It also adds storage space right where you need it most. The integrated drawer built into its front facade provides the perfect compact hideaway. Stash books, tablets, chargers, glasses and anything else you want access to but out of sight. No more cluttered tops or piles of stuff on the floor. Just slide open the discreet drawer to reveal your items in an organized space.

Plus, cube nightstands simply look sleek and contemporary. Their pared-down geometric shape and streamlined facades lend an airy, modern feel. Materials like wood, glossy lacquers, chrome and glass add polish. Tuck one beside your bed for an instant style upgrade.

Material Options: Wood, Metal, Lacquer and More

Cube nightstands come in a diverse range of material options to suit your personal style. Consider the overall look you want to achieve, along with practical factors like durability and price. Here are some top materials to choose from:

  • Wood: Walnut, oak and teak wood nightstands have a natural, organic look. Rich wood grain patterns add warmth.
  • Metal: Sleek chrome, silver or bronze stainless steel, and brass lend an ultra-modern vibe.
  • Lacquers: Glossy lacquered finishes in colors like white, black, navy and red create a slick, seamless look.
  • Glass: Nightstands with frosted, etched or colored glass drawer fronts add subtle texture.
  • Combinations: Many designs incorporate two materials, like wood with brass accents or chrome finished metal frames with glass drawers.

Wood options like oak, walnut and teak have a timeless appeal and warmth, but require more maintenance than metal or lacquer. Metals like sleek chrome and stainless steel make a thoroughly modern statement, but can show fingerprints. Lacquered finishes are super slick and wipeable, but prone to chipping over time.

For the drawer front, frosted or colored glass adds an extra design detail while still letting light through. Opt for wood or metal drawer fronts if you’ll need more privacy. Combining two materials, like wood with metal trim, meshes both textures in one coordinated look.

Most Popular Styles and Eras for Cube Nightstands

Cube nightstands gracefully straddle both vintage and contemporary styles. Here are some of the most prevalent design eras and aesthetics you’ll see:

Mid-Century Modern Cube Nightstands

The Mid-Century Modern style of the 1950s and 60s perfectly aligns with the minimalist cube nightstand. Look for:

  • Simple, clean lines and geometric forms
  • Wood finished in light stains to enhance natural grain
  • Organic shapes and tapered legs
  • Pops of bright, solid colors like turquoise or sunny yellow

Overall, Mid-Century Modern cube nightstands have an airy, relaxed vibe that lightens up a bedroom. Their fuss-free silhouette and light woodgrain suit both retro inspired and contemporary rooms.

Hollywood Regency Glam

For a splash of glamour, Hollywood Regency cube nightstands dazzle with:

  • Glossy lacquered finishes in bold colors like emerald, sapphire and ruby red
  • Ornate hardware like crystal knobs or gilded trim
  • Luxe materials like brass, faux shagreen, mirrored surfaces
  • A round or curved drawer front softens the cube shape

These indulgent details inject drama into the sleek cube nightstand. The overall effect is polished yet playful – ideal for bedrooms seeking a whimsical yet refined look.

Industrial Edge

Rough-hewn materials give these cube nightstands rugged personality:

  • Galvanized metal, sheet steel, iron and chrome
  • Unfinished wood planks
  • Concrete or wood tops
  • Black powder coated, matte metal finishes

The industrial cube nightstand’s raw, muted palette balances well with brightly colored bedding or furniture. A great fit for urban lofts or bedrooms seeking an earthy, weathered look.

Modern and Contemporary

For crisp, up-to-the-minute style, contemporary cube nightstands feature:

  • A mash-up of wood, lacquer, glass, and metal
  • A mixture of matte and glossy finishes
  • Neutral, muted color schemes
  • Minimalist hardware and trim

These sleek, versatile cube nightstands work in both traditional and ultramodern spaces. Their muted palette lets bolder bedding and furniture take center stage.

Key Considerations for Purchasing Your Cube Nightstand

Ready to shop for the perfect cube nightstand? Here are some tips to ensure you select the right size, style and features:

Measure Your Bedroom Dimensions

Pull out the measuring tape before shopping to determine the ideal cube nightstand size for your space. Measure the length and width of your bedroom as well as the clearance around your bed. Make sure there’s sufficient space to open drawers and access each side and front of the nightstand. An average queen bed leaves about 30 inches of space per side for a nightstand. But measure your specific setup.

Match Existing Decor

Choose a finish and style that complements your existing bed frame, furniture and color scheme. A white lacquer or light wood nightstand pairs well with painted furniture in soft hues. Boldly colored nightstands pop against neutral bedding. Just be sure your new cube nightstand doesn’t clash with the overall look you’ve already established.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Assess how much bedside storage space you need. Do you want to stow books, devices, skincare products or clothing? Count the number of items you’ll need to contain. Also measure the drawer dimensions to ensure your essentials will fit. Some cube nightstands feature one deeper drawer while others have stacked double drawers for more capacity.

Set Your Budget

Cube nightstand prices span the range from budget finds to luxury investments. Basic particleboard models from mass retailers like IKEA start around $50-$150. Mid-range options from places like Article and Crate & Barrel run $200-$600. For high end designer pieces, expect to invest $1,000+. Set realistic expectations based on your overall budget.

Shop Online and In Stores

Browse both online and brick-and-mortar retailers for the best selection. Sites like Wayfair and Lumens offer a huge assortment. Check your local furniture stores for styles to see in person. And don’t forget to scope consignment shops for potential vintage scores!

With their space-saving shape and built-in drawer, cube nightstands are the modern solution for streamlined bedroom organization. They maximize style and storage within a compact footprint. The integrated drawer keeps bedside essentials neatly stashed but within easy reach. And their minimalist form factors perfectly suit small spaces.

Cube nightstands also come in a diverse array of on-trend materials and styles ideal for any aesthetic. Whether you crave the warmth of wood or sleek lacquered edges, there’s a cube nightstand for you. Place one bedside to enjoy an expanded surface and hidden storage. For the ultimate polished look, use a pair of identical cube nightstands on both sides of the bed.

So give your bedroom a stylish storage upgrade with the cube nightstand drawer. You’ll unlock expanded style and organization possibilities in an ultra-modern, compact package.

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