Get the Lowdown on Wrought Iron King Headboards and How to Use Them

A stunning wrought iron king size headboard can transform the look and feel of any bedroom. From Industrial Chic to French Provincial, wrought iron headboards make a bold stylistic statement and deliver an array of practical benefits. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on these eye-catching bedroom accessories.

What is a Wrought Iron Headboard?

A headboard is a decorative panel that sits at the head of a bed, usually attached to the bed frame. Wrought iron headboards are constructed from solid iron that is heated and hammered into shape by a blacksmith or other metal worker. The intricate ironwork designs range from minimalist contemporary to elaborate Victorian.

While technically wrought iron is pure iron, many headboards are made from mild steel or other alloys. These metals are also worked into flowing shapes but offer slightly different looks and properties. The main draw of wrought iron and other forged metal headboards lies in their resilience and flexible handcrafted design.

wrought iron king size headboards

Styles and Designs

From Ancient Egyptian to Art Deco, wrought iron headboards encompass a wealth of stylistic influences. Ornately scrolled French filigree, Gothic arches, floral motifs, and sleekly polished stainless steel all showcase the versatility of metal work.

Common design features include:

  • Intricate scrollwork and filigree
  • Arched or rectangular tops
  • Vertical bars or spindles
  • Inset panels of wood, leather, or upholstery
  • Polished, textured, or patina finishes

Wrought iron allows for flowing, sinuous shapes ranging from antique to modern. The material lends itself well to creatingfocal points through artful handcraftsmanship.


Wrought iron headboards come in all standard bed sizes, from twin and full to queen and king. King size headboards typically measure approximately 76 inches wide by 4 to 6 feet tall. However, custom sizes can be fabricated as well.

Benefits of a Wrought Iron King Headboard

Beyond just looking gorgeous, wrought iron king headboards offer many advantages:

Visual Appeal and Decor

A metal headboard brings drama, texture, and interest to bedroom decor. The striking silhouette makes it a true focal point. Wrought iron complements both vintage and contemporary design aesthetics. Its fluid versatility allows it to suit bedrooms from shabby chic to Industrial loft and everything between.


Expertly forged iron withstands the rigors of daily use without dents, scratches, or other damage. The thick metal construction provides stability and reinforcement for king size mattresses. Wrought iron outlasts wood, plaster, and other more delicate materials.


Wrought iron king headboards transition seamlessly between bedrooms, homes, and alternate uses. Reconfiguring rooms or moving doesn’t require disassembling the headboard. Repurpose your iron headboard as a room divider, entryway accent, or bench seating.


As handcrafted pieces, wrought iron headboards represent an investment in quality. Time-honored blacksmithing techniques yield exquisite, one-of-a-kind beds. Passed down through generations, wrought beds become cherished family heirlooms.

How to Incorporate a Wrought Iron Headboard

Using a king size wrought iron headboard requires a bit of planning. Follow these tips for successfully integrating it into your bedroom.

Bedroom Style and Theme

Select a headboard shape and design that aligns with your existing decor. For example, an ornately scrolled French Provincial headboard would look out of place in a contemporary bedroom. Take measurements to ensure the headboard complements your bed frame as well.

Size and Wall Space

King size headboards stand quite tall, so make sure you have ample wall space. Position the head of the bed 2-4 inches out from the wall to allow the headboard to sit flush against the surface. Installing additional support legs or a base beneath the headboard can help close gaps between the bed and wall.

Bedding and Colors

Coordinate bed linens and patterns with your headboard’s finish. For example, pair vibrant paisley prints with a black wrought iron frame. Tufted linen upholstery on the headboard provides a neutral backdrop for an array of bedding colors and textures.

Additional Decor

Incorporate lighting, wall art, and accessories that tie into the metal tones of the headboard. Iron sconces, metallic throws, and ironwork sculpture accentuate the headboard’s style. Mixing other metal finishes like brass, copper, and chrome creates depth and visual interest.

How to Care for a Wrought Iron Headboard

Wrought iron stands up to heavy use, but still requires occasional maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your headboard looking its best.

Regular Cleaning

Over time dust collects on iron headboards. Wipe down regularly with a soft damp cloth to remove buildup. For more stubborn dirt or grime, use a mild soap and water solution. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbing that could scratch the finish.

Polishing and Protecting

To maintain sheen on polished metal finishes, apply a specialty metal polish every few months. This clears away tarnish and oxidation. For antique iron, applying wax helps protect the cherished patina. Re-coat painted finishes whenever the paint becomes chipped or scratched to prevent rust.

Upholstery Care

For tufted or padded headboards, use a soft brush attachment to vacuum dust and debris from the upholstered surface. Spot clean stains immediately with a mild upholstery cleaner. Refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions for proper maintenance guidelines.

Prevent Damage

Since wrought iron can be scratched, take precautions when moving the headboard or rearranging furniture. Pad the iron using moving blankets or furniture pads. Periodically check fittings to make sure bars and legs remain securely attached. Tighten loose connections as needed.

Where to Shop for Wrought Iron King Headboards

Several excellent options exist for sourcing a wrought iron king size headboard:

Online Retailers

Major home furnishing sites like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock carry wrought iron headboards in various sizes and budgets. Etsy features one-of-a-kind vintage and handcrafted iron headboards.

Local Stores

Check furniture stores, bedding showrooms, and home decor boutiques. Many offer a selection of iron headboards. Shop antique stores and flea markets to discover unique retro finds.

Direct from Artisans

Custom fabricated headboards allow you to specify the exact size, metal, and designs. Commission metalworking artisans and blacksmiths to create bespoke forged iron headboards through sites like CustomMade.

With its intricate Old World craftsmanship, wrought iron imparts antique elegance and character. Or, the material takes on a sleek modern sensibility when forged into clean contemporary forms. This versatility suits wrought iron king size headboards to many decorating aesthetics.

Beyond design flexibility, wrought iron delivers substance and resilience. Expertly worked metal stands the test of time, outlasting trends. Pass down your investment headboard for generations. With the proper care, a hand forged wrought iron headboard becomes a cherished heirloom-quality furnishing.

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