Don’t Redecorate Without Valance Curtains – Here’s Why They’re a Must-Have

When it comes to elevating a room’s style, most people think of statement lighting, stylish furniture or eye-catching wall art. But one often overlooked detail that can truly pull a space together? Valance curtains. These charming and versatile window treatments deserve a spot in any well-designed home.

Valances may seem like a simple extra touch, but they offer some surprisingly practical benefits too. Keep reading to discover what valance curtains are, why they complete a room, and how to incorporate them into your home decor.

What Are Valance Curtains?

A valance curtain is a decorative window treatment that hangs at the top of a window. Typically made of fabric, a valance consists of soft folds and layered drapes that elegantly frame a window.

Valances can be used on their own or combined with other window coverings. They create a beautiful header to anchor full curtains, act as an accent above blinds or shades, and even stand alone as a minimalist treatment.

Types of Valances

There are many styles of valance curtains to choose from. Some popular options include:

what is a valance curtain
  • Swag valances with swooping scallops
  • Ascot valances with pleated corners
  • Balloon valances that puff out at the bottom
  • Scarf valances with free-flowing pointed ends
  • Scalloped valances with decorative curved edges

Valances can also have tiers, a rod pocket, be straight and tailored, or have other unique shapes. The style possibilities are endless!

Fabrics and Materials

Valances can be crafted from all sorts of fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, velvet, or polyester. Solid colors make a subtle statement, while patterns, textures, or embellishments create a bolder look.

The material not only affects appearance, but factors like drape, insulation, and durability. For instance, silk valances impart an elegant vibe, while thick velvet valances absorb sound better.

Benefits of Valance Curtains

Why add valance curtains when you could just opt for regular drapes? Here are some of the top reasons to incorporate this charming window treatment.

Decorative Element

The main role of a valance is to serve as a decorative focal point. They draw the eye up to the tops of windows for an accent most spaces lack. A valance provides beautiful draped visual interest and elegantly frames the view beyond the glass.

Privacy and Light Control

Although sheer, a layered valance curtain provides some privacy screening. The fabric softens and filters incoming sunlight as well. For even more light blocking benefits, a valance can be combined with blackout shades or drapes.

Noise Reduction

Valances absorb sound thanks to their fabric material and overlapping layers. This helps muffle any noise from outside, providing a subtle buffer.

Affordable Option

Unlike intricate draperies, valances are relatively simple and don’t require much fabric. This makes them one of the more budget-friendly choices to elevate windows. With just a valance, you can update a room’s look without a major investment.

Styling with Valance Curtains

What’s the best way to incorporate valances into your home? Here are some top tips for styling valance curtains:

Standalone Treatment

A valance can make a bold statement on its own as the sole window dressing. This creates a clean, tailored look when paired with bare windows or shades.

Combined with Other Window Treatments

Or layer curtains, roman shades or blinds beneath a valance for a more luxe feel. Mixing and matching valances, drapes and shades lets you customize your windows.

Curtain Rod Position

Typically valances are mounted high, about 6-12 inches above the window frame. But you can also hang a short valance lower as an inset panel within the frame. Valances can even be ceiling mounted.

Design Styles

Valances complement a wide range of interior design aesthetics. Try a bold balloon valance for a glam or romantic room, an ascot valance for traditional flair, or a simple rod pocket style for contemporary spaces.

Valances also work in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these versatile window accents!

Shopping for Valance Curtains

Ready to shop for the perfect valance? Keep these tips in mind:

Measure Properly

To ensure a proper fit, carefully measure the height and width of your windows including trim and depth. Know the dimensions before ordering or making valances.

Choose Material

Select a fabric and style that achieves your desired look – such as breezy linen for a beach house or rich velvet for glamour. Coordinate the color and pattern with the rest of the room.

Buy Readymade or Custom

For standard sizes, readymade valances offer convenience. But for a tailored fit, custom-made valances are worth the extra cost. Some companies also let you customize readymade styles.

Designing with Valances

Follow these guidelines when installing valances for a cohesive look:

  • Anchor the valance about 6-12 inches above the window frame as the visual header
  • Size the valance so it extends wider than the window itself by 3-5 inches on each side
  • Layer the valance with other window treatments and textures for depth
  • Tie everything together by coordinating the valance with curtains, walls, and accessories
  • Frame the window with matching side panels or extending the valance around the sides
  • Repeat the same valance design throughout a room for continuity

Why Valances are a Must-Have

Convinced it’s time to incorporate valances into your home? Here’s a recap of why this stylish window treatment is a must-have element:

Affordable Luxury

Valances add an upscale elegant feel to windows for very little money. The luxurious look of drapes without the high price tag.

Instantly Updates Windows

Swap out tired blinds or shades for a valance to give windows a quick mini-makeover. Crispens up a room fast.

Pulls Together Disparate Decor

The cohesive style and color of a valance helps tie a room together. Unitizes different patterns, textures and colors.

Finishing Touch

Valances put the perfect final layer on window treatments. Beautifully frames the window and layers nicely with drapes.

Don’t overlook the power of valance curtains. These charming window accents can completely transform ordinary windows into covetable features. With their stylish draped fabric and range of designs, valances add a decorative yet functional finishing touch. For affordability, ease of installation and the ability to unify a room’s look, valances are indeed a must-have for any home!

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